Kershaw the Stopper

When you’re down and losing, you throw your stopper.  Ours is Clayton Kershaw.  How convenient that today is his turn in the rotation.  How depressing it would be if we cannot win any games in which he does not start.  Well, that’s not the case, since the Dodgers have already won five of the twelve games in which Kershaw did not start.

Anyway, tonight’s game features Lefty vs. Lefty again.  The Dodgers offense will once again be put to the test to see if they can hit a lefty.  Tonight’s opposition lefty will be Tyler Anderson, who lost to the Dodgers 10-6 in Colorado on April 9th.

Update:  Note the lineup.  It just got worse.  When you lose Forsythe and Turner AND Segedin (jk) at the same time, the offense will definitely suffer.  That’s not good.


49 thoughts on “Kershaw the Stopper

  1. I had a sinking feeling that Kike would be lead-off, and here it is:

    Hernández 3B
    Seager SS
    Puig RF
    González 1B
    Grandal C
    Van Slyke LF
    Eibner CF
    Taylor 2B
    Kershaw P

    This has got to be the low point for the lineup over the past 13 months. Hope that Turner can avoid the DL.


      • Here’s one of those Joe Torre Sunday specials: Which is worse?

        Rafael Furcal ss
        Garrett Anderson lf
        Matt Kemp cf
        James Loney 1b
        Ronnie Belliard 3b
        Blake DeWitt 2b
        Reed Johnson rf
        AJ Ellis c
        Charlie Haeger p


        • Any line-up with Haeger the Horrible as the starter has got to be worse. At least tonight’s line-up can play D. Watching Garrett Anderson in the field was painful.

          Be that as it may, if Kersh doesn’t throw a shutout, there’s no way this line up scores more than a run.

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  2. I may need several of those Kershaw Ginger Beers just to survive this game. Kershaw will need to not only pitch a shutout, but he’ll have to keep on pitching until he hits a home run in the 15th inning.


  3. I almost purchased a Kershaw jersey last night.
    I’ve never owned a Dodger jersey.
    (I have the signed Gibson one, but I can’t wear it.)
    I’m gonna finish smoothing out the wall surface in the baseball room in the very near future, so I can hang #23.
    I’m gonna try and paint a mural too…how hard can it be? I mean it has to be easier than becoming self taught to play Piano Man, aye?

    That white Kershaw bottle is pretty phat…

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  4. Who scores the Dodgers first run tonight?


    Do You Feel Alright!!
    Do You Feel Alright!!
    ….I Feel Alright…


  5. Keep complaining about the lineups. As I recall the Dodgers won games with those “Sunday” lineups more often than they lost.

    Now the Dodgers start proving they have the depth they have touted.

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    • My short term memory ain’t all that good, but my long term memory is usually much better. It seems the team usually does the opposite of whatever we predict.

      Within reason…Garret Anderson was a gimmie…

      It’s the rare times that they don’t that we ride the wave…waves are fun, birk.


  6. I was reading some old ITD threads after the game last night.

    Just before I came along…It seems messagebear used to be a real, right like, friendly beast. He even kept track of where everyone lived. His list must of had about 60 people on it?

    I could only count about 4 or 5 that still remain…



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    Go, Dodgers!!! Just keep winning, and sooner rather than later, we’ll overtake the Snakes.

    I have forwarded this list to Animal Control…

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  8. Well they got away with another less than stellar hitting performance thanks to Kersh and Jansen.

    I hope that some of the outfielders they have in the minors have better hitting skills than the ones they have on the major league roster. I’m so done with Joc. I cringe every time he comes to the plate. Surely they could get a decent player back for him while he still has some value. There’s not one outfielder though I wouldn’t trade for a bucket of balls. I don’t think they could produce against a decent high school team.


  9. After all is said and done, these first 16 games were not much different than any other season start, in the last few years. I presently don’t feel any panic.

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