Lefty vs. Lefty



Tonight’s game features two lefty starting pitchers.  Rookie Kyle Freeland will pitch for the Colorado Rockies, while Hyun-Jin Ryu will start for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Freeland handled the Dodgers easily at Coors Field, but had a rough start against the San Diego Padres at Coors Field in his only other major league game.

Hyun-Jin Ryu is still trying to get on track in 2017.  His first two starts were almost mirror images.  In each start, he had 77 pitches over 4 2/3 innings and gave up six hits while striking out five batters.  The second start was worse than the first in that he doubled the number of walks to two and doubled the number of gopher balls to two.  Ryu will need a better outing this time around to stay in the starting rotation.  Julio Urias is knocking on the door.


53 thoughts on “Lefty vs. Lefty

  1. By sweeping this weird short two game series, we could pull even with the Rockies. But then the D-Backs may still be in first place, depending on how they do against the 5-9 Puds.


  2. Well, one thing we know for certain – our team will sit at least two of its best players.

    What are they against LH starters this season so far – 1-4? 1-5? with that crap RH line-up? DrewCo’s metrics may say they’re right, but at what point do the results speak louder than metrics? A 16-20% successful outcome rate speaks to me quite plainly.

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  3. “The last time Ryu spent significant time on the mound, in ’14, he averaged nearly 91 mph with his four-seam fastball. Through two starts this year, it’s down to 89.3 mph, which is the fifth-lowest mark among those with at least 50 four-seamers thrown. Meanwhile, opponents are 11-for-19 (.579) with three homers and a 1.105 slugging percentage in at-bats ending with that pitch.”



  4. When spring training began, the Dodgers did not expect Ryu to be ready by opening day. However, he did well enough to make the starting rotation, pushing Woods to the minors and allowing the Dodgers to keep Urias off the 25 man roster. With Hill’s inability to stay off the DL and Ryu’s limitations, how much longer can the Dodgers hold on without bringing in reinforcements?

    Of course, if the Dodgers could win the close, low scoring games the pitching problems would not be as much of a problem.

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  5. Call Me Crazy!!

    I thought Ryu looked decent.

    I go by what I see…not the stats so much though.

    He knows how to pitch and when he is as talented as anyone not named Kershaw, that goes a ways with me.

    The dilemma is replacing Wood in the bullpen. He may have more value there…unless they switch roles with him and The Blister Flicker…


  6. Because I can only see this team every eclipse, I will say it’s a very boring team. Mattingly always sat on his hands, but I see it’s really the FO who prefers such a Neanderthal approach. No speed, no hit-and-run, little base stealing (hey, at least Puig tries to swipe a base). And they continue to go cheap with pitching. This team will unseat the Cubs? Um….over-rated.

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  7. Ryu gave up 3 homeruns today…he also saved the bullpen a tad by going 6.

    Story and Arenado gonna go deep on a lot of guys…


  8. I don’t think management put together a boring team on purpose and at times last season this team was fun to watch. I do agree at times this team looks overmatched and that just should not happen.

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  9. And Kahli, you don’t have to watch the games to know what is happening with this team. The Dodgers are not tearing it up on the radio either.


    • True enough…but to WATCH the futility with men on base is frightening…radio words can not do it justice!!! 🙂 The Dodgers don’t have boring players, per se, but their style of baseball is, to me, anyway. I mean, so far, the aggressive highlight of the year has been Utley scoring from first on a strikeout?!??!??!?! And I have to believe that Roberts’ DNA would like to play aggressive, put-pressure-on-the-defense baseball. Not sure why Friedman is such a stick in the mud.


  10. Frankly, it’d probably do this team some good not to make the playoffs. I think they started believing their own press and think all they have to do is show up.

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  11. A losing team 7-8. Now can they let the kids play and rebuild? If they start Ryu again, will he fulfill the pattern and give up 4 gopher balls? Can they bring up Eibner and send away SVS?

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    • Don’t you think it is a bit early to bust this team apart? They were 8-6 this far into the season last year. I am as frustrated as anyone else but not willing to throw in the towel this early in the season.
      We knew going into this season that other than the Padres, the division would offer tougher competition. So far, that has been the case.

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      • SVS was ineffective last year and shows no sign of a comeback this year. I might give Ryu one or two more starts to see if he’s got anything left.


    • It’s hard to say with the weather conditions so far this Spring. Denver was beyond cold and Chicago was even worse. Plus they’ve seen a parade of lefty’s. Hershiser said that Puigs ball in the 9th tonight, probably gets out in the day-time?


  12. Still incredibly early to worry about this team. But, over the long haul, I wonder if Friedman’s philosophy is a sure fit. Sure would like to see the Dodgers take the reins off Roberts. There are, after all, other methods that work besides sabermetrics.

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  13. Pitching wasn’t great, but it was not horrible… Our offense with RISP was horrible…..

    There were plenty of chances and our core guys whiffed… Seager, Gonzales, et al, all failed with RISP…

    This team has major issues.. They just ain’t very good…….

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  14. Losing record and all, but it’s way too early to blow up the team and throw the kids into the fire. The risp issue seems to plague us year after year but I think they’ll eventually start to score. I’m not to hot on our starters, after #1, but they haven’t been blown out either. They are not playoff quality, but they should have gotten a few more wins with run support.

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