Early Season Stats


Here’s a review of the team’s players using the early season statistics.  Thirteen games is only 8% of the season, so credible indicators are lacking, but that won’t stop us.

Position Players

Justin Turner is great even though he has yet to hit a tater this year.  Yasiel Puig’s stats are lying to us; his OPS at 1.100 is great, yet he seems to commit at least one TOOTBLAN every game.  Okay, it’s only every other game.  Corey Seager is hitting well as usual.  Logan Forsythe started well, but now he is injured.  Yasmani Grandal is doing okay, because his power is making up for his below-average batting average.  But Adrian Gonzalez, Andrew Toles, and Joc Pederson are severely underperforming.

On the bench, Chase Utley’s only redeeming quality is that he can score from first base on a strikeout.  Otherwise, his .050 batting is horrifying.  Trayce Thompson did nothing for the Dodgers, and Scott Van Slyke has done only slightly better than nothing.  Kike Hernandez is starting to hit doubles, so there is some hope for him.  Austin Barnes has performed well in the few times he has been released from the dugout.

Starting Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw is great (other than that one time at Coors Field).  Brandon McCarthy has done very well – let’s hope he stays healthy.  The rest? No.  Rich Hill cannot stay off the DL.  Hyun-Jin Ryu perhaps should be on the DL.  Kenta Maeda is performing at a #5 or #6 starting slot, but somehow he is our #2 starting pitcher.


The bullpen has done an impressive job.  Let’s hope it continues.  Long men Ross Stripling and Alex Wood have really come in and shut down the opposition.  Lefties Grant Dayton and Luis Avilan are performing well.  Kenley Jansen has been himself (excellent).  Sergio Romo has been okay, but not great.  Chris Hatcher has been surprisingly sufficient.  Josh Fields and Pedro Baez have been pretty good.


38 thoughts on “Early Season Stats

  1. The comments about Pederson’s performance motivated this post (Thanks, JHallWally and The Beav).

    I don’t think I realized that Utley is hitting .050 until I looked at the team’s stats this morning.


  2. Segedin should’ve been the righty off the bench, not SVS and certainly not Thompson. Utley is totally superfluous to the team, but whatever. The starters are what I envisioned, save McCarthy who’s doing better than I thought. The biggest surprise to me has been the bully, which is better than my wildest expectations.

    Too bad they can’t score runs consistently.

    On the brighter side, Buehler K’d 8 in a row the other night, hitting 97, 98 & 99 (once.) I look forward to the day when the rotation is Kersh, Buehler, Urias, Alvarez and White. Beats the hell out of Kersh, crap, crap, crap and crap.

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  3. Wood

    Have backed up the front line, very well…without them the wins record would certainly reflect lower than it does.
    Imagine how effective they should become when the starters can muster more than 4-5 innings a game.

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  4. It’s a new year, with some new faces. Personally, I don’t think they’ve completely come together as a group yet?( Seager certainly hasn’t been sharp.) We need a good walk-off win or even better, Utley needs to hit for the cycle and rev things up a bit…


  5. Another lefty today – Robbie Ray. He’s a little better against lefties than against righties. Logan Forsythe is suppose-ta-be back in the lineup tonight. So the lineup will be something like…

    Forsythe 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    Puig rf
    Grandal c
    Gonzalez 1b
    Hernandez cf
    Van Slyke lf
    McCarthy p

    Regarding McCarthy’s bat – it’s brand new, ‘cuz he don’t like to swing it much. On his career, he hits .062 and has struck out 43 times in 97 at bats.


  6. More Ryan Braun rumors. Please, no lying 33-years-old PVL, okay FO? As for the team, AGon seems like he’s sliding slowly into the sunset. And with Hill’s chronic blister, and Ryu’s and McCarthy’s injury history, when the hell is Maeda going to step and quit being a 4-5-inning weak(ling) link? If he can’t handle the rigors the American schedule, then, whoops, another FO winner!!!! I posted this link just before the new thread. Speaks to the Dodgers in future trouble, aka young fans. No TV and the most expensive cheap Sunday seat in baseball at $21. Yep, a family of four can have a great time a Dodger stadium if they cash in their retirement IRA in hopes of at least a hot dog and a coke to go along with admission:


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  7. Hill back on DL with blister; Dodgers ‘baffled’

    What’s baffling is why they signed the guy. Evidently they weren’t aware the guy missed a month of starts after they got him last season because of blisters. This after missing half the season with the A’s for the same thing. Shocking. Who possibly could’ve predicted this? I think DrewCo better call up that psychic guy the McCourts had on the payroll to avoid these type things.


  8. The situation with Hill is disturbing. I have to assume the Dodgers took the risk of signing him because of a lack of viable options. Clearly tbey were optimistic.

    I saw the article in the paper about ticket prices. Interesting that Disneyland and Universal cost more for admission and I hear that those places are packed. So perhaps it is just a question of value.

    Not sure if the pace of Dodger batters striking out is similar to last season but it does seem as if they strike out a lot. Also, last season the Dodgers hit a lot of homers. The fact Turner still has not hit one surprised me.

    Seems to me Goldschmidt is up every inning.

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  9. So McCarthy gives us Five innings, and our BP is to take on the rest of the game, sounds familiar, redundant, perhaps the dodgers are built to big scoring, well lets see that then? NO that ddint happen , so Im thinkking Urias may come in June

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  10. Another short start and the Hatcher we’ve come to know and love. But it doesn’t matter very much what the pitchers do if we can’t score. Being a mediocre team really isn’t acceptable.

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    • I feel you’re pain Wally – There hasn’t been much fight in this years squad –

      Did you see the energy Doc exemplified through the hand slap exchange between him and Kike after the latter went yard.

      The United States Marines are Yes Men Wally…

      Doc can only control so much…Although, my guess is he will take responsibility for the loss.

      This front office isn’t slow to interchange parts in an attempt to spur production…Honeycutt should be busy trying to find another valued arm.

      I turned the game off before we came to the plate in the 9th. I awoke this morning to find out there wasn’t any walk-off magic and my choice was correct…

      No walk-off magic…flat-lined at home in warm weather

      Hatchers spot on the roster should be filled by someone other than Hatcher…


      Hatchers pitch last night

      Flew off `da bat like a jet.





  11. I’m finally getting concerned about the pitching and the FO’s philosophy of quantity over quality. Right now it looks like
    1. Kershaw
    2. meat
    3. meat
    4. meat
    5. meat
    with Wood and Stripling to plug in, a couple of decent relievers, more meat and hope like hell you can get the ball to Jansen.

    This philosophy has worked to a degree and I suppose you really can’t blame the FO seeing as more than a few of their signings have not worked out at all. Maybe the quality just isn’t out there, at least not enough to go around. Least ways, our management hasn’t come up with enough quality arms. Or maybe I’m just behind the times, but these 4-5 innings starts are pretty disappointing.


    • The last time McCarthy consistently pitched 6+ innings was 2014. Therefore, I agree with your characterization of “Kershaw, meat, meat, meat, meat” until proven otherwise.

      I don’t know why the freakin’ FO doesn’t just cut bait and bring Urias up now. What are they waiting for?


    • Unfortunately Griz, Kazmir, McCarthy and Hill should’ve been as easy to predict as Schmidt (once we knew Ned signed an injured pitcher.) Kazmir & McCarthy have a long history of injuries (and/or sucking), and Hill had this same problem all last season and there was no reason to think it wouldn’t continue.

      You can’t fix stupid.


  12. Just the other day I didn’t think that Fan Rag article was accurate concerning out starters, but it seems to be coming true pretty quickly.


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