Happy Easter

Righty versus lefty.  Only this time it’s our lefty against their righty.  Hope it works out and we get our third win of this series against the Diamondbacks.


43 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Utley in for Forsythe today. Logan strained his hamstring yesterday and came out of the game early. Hopefully it’s not a bad injury.


  2. Happy Easter Y’all.

    I haven’t been watching much the past few days. I decided to keep busy and just listen to Joey D and the Bulldog.

    Today we’re being schooled on how to factor the equator into your delivery…


  3. Is Rich Hill getting blistery again? I’m really glad he’s getting paid so much money per pitches thrown in a season, which looks like will be very few – the Guggenheims can afford it, and they deserve to lose as much money as they can because of the stupid Front Office they employ.

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  4. Unbelievable. I’m not really familiar with the guy before he came to LA. Is this a problem he’s had throughout his career or is it something that only happens with him on the Dodgers. I know he came to LA with one, but what about before.


  5. Hill throws a lot of exceptional off-speed pitches. His stuff has really good movement. Wear and tear on soft skin.
    I read they have been using stuff to try and assist the skin…can’t remember what it was though?


  6. Watch Grandals glove when Baez pitches…

    His heater isn’t always accurate…On a good day he only misses by a foot or so.


  7. Hope everyone is having a good day. I share the frustration about Hill. He relies heavily on a curve ball that he grips on such a way or gives him blisters. I have no idea if this has been constant throughout his career or not; it is hurting the Dodgers now. Seems like a simple thing to fix: hanged the grip. But no doubt doing so changes the effectiveness of the pitch. So here we are, stuck with a guy with thin skin.

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  8. The pitching was decent. Not great, but we were in the game. The offense failed miserably…. Again…..



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