Diamonds and Rust – Off Day Edition

The Cubs won a hundred and three baseball games in 2016.

That means we should want to win 104 in 2017. If you don’t want to best them in every damn aspect of this thing we call “Our National Pastime.” Get the Fuck – Off  of Our Field…

I’m telling you right now that Doc Roberts can manage his way to 104 wins.

He can do it!

So if Doc has the ability to get the team over the proverbial hump. What’s stopping ’em…

Ain’t nothing but a thing…


18 thoughts on “Diamonds and Rust – Off Day Edition

    • Apparently MLB often schedules like this around a home opener. Just in case the original home opener date gets rained out, then they can reschedule to the open date.

      Probably the Dodgers don’t need to worry about this for our home openers, because:

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  1. Last Night bothered me, The dodgers put up a good fight, yeah the cubs were not in character with the russell error, but The dodgers could of done some damage with bases loaded and no outs, but… and then Jansen has a game winning hit off of him, that .1 inning in the 9th by Romo kills me. Was there no other choice? wood pitched well for the short time he was in, that’s encouraging

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  2. Maybe they should switch the roles of Wood and Hill if Hill cannot pitch six innings without getting a blister. Maybe he’s a one inning at a time guy.


  3. Stupid Cubs will be receiving their WS rings before the game tomorrow. That’s fine, I don’t care, because Brandon McCarthy and the Dodgers will beat John Lackey and the Cubbies during the game.

    I’ve got a good feeling about McCarthy this year. I hope I’m not jinxing him.


  4. Some curious injury notes on (bb-ref):

    The Dodgers have been saying that Rich Hill may be available to start in the Easter Sunday game on April 16. But bb-ref says “Hill has been placed on the 10-day disabled list due to a blister on the middle finger of his left hand and is expected to be sidelined until the end of April.”

    That’s an interesting inconsistency and I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe Hill needs to sit out a couple more starts to figure out that dang blister hoo-haw. But if he sits out much longer, he’ll need a rehab start in the minors. Not sure that I believe bb-ref, but not sure that I believe the Dodgers either. Now on to the next one.

    Franklin Gutierrez – The Dodgers say “Gutierrez was diagnosed with a left hamstring strain after he was caught stealing second as Yasiel Puig struck out against Chicago left-hander Jon Lester in the second inning. Gutierrez was replaced by Scott Van Slyke when the Dodgers took the field in the bottom of the inning, and he’s considered day to day.”

    Day to Day – Aren’t we all – as Vin Scully likes to say. But check out bb-ref: “Gutierrez departed Monday’s game due to a left hamstring injury and will not return.”

    Oh. My. God. He will never ever ever return! Oh noooo!

    Okay, I’m calling bullshit on that one.


  5. Walker Buehler pitched three innings for A+ Rancho Cucamonga yesterday. The results? One hit, one unearned run, no walks, four K’s. How? His fastball was clocked from 94 to 98 mph and he has some good offspeed stuff.


  6. I was just informed that my check for tickets to the Dodgers/Mets series Aug 4-6, with the ThinkBLueLA group was received. We’ll meet at Citi Field, as we do annually.

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