Game #2 vs Colorado



17 thoughts on “Game #2 vs Colorado

  1. I’m entertaining an 18 month old slugger…

    I felt bad. I had to take his plastic golf clubs away. He swings to hard and reckless inside the house. He can nail the ball though. So Bubba found a plastic spatula and invented spatula ball, which is really similar to indoor golf. Earlier we watched the Masters and we have baseball on now…#RainyWindyDay

    Here’s a shorter thread…enjoy 🙂

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    • I cannot stand or excuse mental errors. Even Little Leaguers know not to try to steal third base with two outs down by three. Runners at 2nd base will score on a base hit. A fly ball ends the inning. There is no advantage moving to 3rd base.
      Don’t they teach this stuff in Spring Training?

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  2. CK threw two horrible pitches for those back to back jacks. Straight fastballs belt high right in the middle of the plate. I hope he regains his command.


  3. Two years ago I went to AZ for Kershaw’s second start of the season and the results were the same as last night. CK did not have his best stuff, his night ended with a Goldschmidt dinger, and the bats did little or nothing to pick him up. Kershaw is the best and we’ve grown to expect positive results from him, but we are going to get what happened last night once in a while. Mostly this happens early in the season.

    I’m hoping for a better game today. I’d hate to go into Chicago after being swept at Coors Field and have to face the leftys The Cubs will bring out.

    I’ve been hearing about these good, young arms the Rocks have. They could be a team to watch out for.


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