Road Trip to Lefty’s

The Dodgers begin a 3 game series with the Rockies today at Coors Field.

First pitch is scheduled for 1:10 PST

LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (0.00) vs LHP Kyle Freeland (0.00)


It’s expected that the Dodgers will face two lefty’s here in Colorado (Kyle Freeman – Tyler Anderson), plus another two in Chicago (John Lester – Brett. Anderson).

San Diego Game 4  Recap





43 thoughts on “Road Trip to Lefty’s

  1. Livin’ on the road my friends…

    Hello Denver, we wanna-gonna get high

    Puig gonna flip his bat and smack ‘da ball, to the sky…
    Bad-boy Ryu’s ‘da mighty blue-gun Korean
    Oh no, you say
    Just’a Puigun rollin’ eyes & flip’n bats a mile high

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  2. Would you know my newspaper listed Freeland as a right handed pitcher. Needless to say it was real letdown reading on the Dodger web page that he’s a lefty.
    We got to get out of this fearing all the left handed starters.

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  3. Well, at least I’ll be able to watch on the Rockies feed. Just about always an adventure in Colorado. Great fans at a great ballpark. I’ve seen where the Rocks could do something this year if the pitchers stay healthy. That part sounds familiar.


  4. The Sager/Hernandez part is a puzzle.
    Supposed to be this kids first big league game. The Dodgers have had problems with guys making their debut in the past. Maybe not today.


  5. I see Hill’s on the DL with blisters.

    That didn’t take long.

    Any other injury prone pitchers we can sign to $48M contracts?


  6. When are these assholes ever going to learn to quit pissing around with this RH line-up crap? It doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked. And it never will work.

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  7. Great bunch of hitters.

    I’m not even going to bother to follow these dildos anymore when they have a right handed line up. I don’t need the aggravation.


  8. How many years have they tried this bullshit lineup against lefties? I don’t care what their metrics say, how many times do they need to see it fail before they just play their best 8 guys?

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  9. Well they didn’t hit the right handers either and WTF is right concerning Hill. Seriously? Pretty blah game, all told. The Rox announcers, who are knowledgable and usually good to listen to, sounded like a couple of high school cheer leaders, which didn’t make the game any better. They were jacked up for their home opener, and their rookie starter, a home grown Colorado kid, was getting it done.

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  10. Same old shit with lefty’s. It is ridiculous.
    At least the bullpen looked good and Ryu didn’t suck.
    We’ll whip’em tomorrow.


  11. Had a good time yesterday at Dodger Stadium when everything worked out well for the Dodgers. Not so much today. Does it seem the Dodgers make it easy on guys making debuts? Maybe this happens with other teams as well. After all, the Rockies have all sorts of information on Dodger hitters but the Dodgers have almost nothing on a guy making his debut. And he is a lefty. It does not seem to make any difference who is in the lineup. It should be noted the Dodgers did not hit the righties today either. Is hitting lefties in Dodger hitter’s heads? Can that be a thing?

    At the game yesterday I did take notice of the clock that besides timing between innings but also visits to the mound. I think these ideas to speed up the game could be helpful but all of this depends on the willingness of the umpires to enforce the rules. The time between innings and for relief pitchers has never been a big deal with play usually ready by the time the clock reaches zero. Still, games today seem to average 3+ hours. I did think that one reason for longer games is the inability of so many pitchers to challenge hitters. Too many walks, too many balls, too many “nibbles”. Perhaps hitters are adept at hitting foul balls when trying to protect the strike zone. Yesterday’s game flowed until the seventh inning when the wheels came off for the Padres. I do believe multiple pitching changes in an inning definitely adds to the length of game and affects the flow but unless we want to limit how many pitching changes or regulate the number of batters a pitcher must face before being removed (two things I doubt anyone would favor), I am no longer sure what to do about cutting down game times. I see a similar trend in football games with so many media time outs and lengthy reviews. In baseball, it is difficult to enforce getting a batter in the box and at the same time get the pitcher to throw a pitch. Each situation is different. I still believe better pitching would help.

    Also, today’s game begs the question: how do we tell good pitching from bad hitting? When the Dodgers don’t hit well we tend to believe it is because the hitters did a bad job. I am sure often that may be true. Hitters have to adjust and sometimes the pitchers just do not make mistakes. The pitcher does have the advantage. If hitting were all that easy, there would be more .300 hitters.


  12. I also noticed the Padres and Dodgers put on defensive shifts on many hitters, even at times with runners on base. The Padres utilized the more common short right fielder, who threw out a couple of Dodger hitters. The Dodgers do use this shift but also moved the second baseman near second base, sort of up the middle which proved to be a good move as well on a couple of hitters. Defensive shifts are not new but more and more teams are utilizing them these past few seasons. These shifts also affect the flow of the game by recording outs on balls that would be safe base hits if the fielders were in more traditional formations.

    The inability of most hitters to adjust to these shifts proves how difficult hitting a baseball is if we even needed more proof. Often when we read or hear about a particular at bat, the observer acts as if the hitter placed the hit. While I am sure some hitters can do this, and I know they work on it in batting practice, I wonder how often this really happens. When a hitter smashes a ball down the opposite line, was he really trying to do that? Some hits just look lucky, such as the flair that drops in front of or between fielders. No way any hitter would admit he was trying to do that. Same with the swinging bunt. And how often does a hitter crush the ball only to have it hit right at the fielder for an out. Or, the fielder makes an outstanding difficult play on a ball that otherwise goes for a double. No doubt, the shifts are going to affect a hitters batting average.

    I have read some articles that talk about limiting the shifts and I can see how this could be up for discussion if in fact there is proof the game has been adversely affected by allowing the shift. Once again, writing rules that make sense on where fielders can be positioned might be challenging.


  13. Pretty sure a hitter knows, when the ball is released, if he is going to pull or hit the “other way.” Beyond that, it’s just a roll of the dice, fate, or what heave you, as to exactly where the ball will end up…as in, near the line or in the alley. I do remember Ron Cey stating that all a batter can do is hit the ball as hard as he can; after that, it’s in the hands of the baseball gods as to whether the ball will be a hit or not. Great defensive plays happen, as do hump-back, seeing-eye, bloopers.

    As for platooning hitters, I’m old school. Play your best. Dodgers will never know if Pedersen, Toles, hell, even Ethier (remember him?) can hit lefties if they never get a chance. Left-handed pitchers seem to have natural movement away from righties for some mysterious reason; I even saw it when I coached 13-14-year-olds. But a mediocre right-handed hitter sent up to hit a lefty is still a mediocre hitter, regardless of the pitcher.

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  14. I also want to know why Seager and AGon needed a “rest” after 4 games. Seager played less than a handful of ST games and could still use ABs to get a groove, not that he wasn’t already hitting well. AGon has been swinging the bat well. Lefty or not, why in the hell do you sit two of your best hitters?

    That old man they picked up to hit lefties shouldn’t even be on the team. Hernandez plain sucks on both O & D.

    Its asinine.

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  15. It’s good to know we have Kershaw on the mound facing a right handed pitcher. Seems like everything pointing in the right direction, tonight.

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  16. My guess is Roberts has a plan in place to give Agon and Turner scheduled days off in an attempt to get the most out of these two valuable but injury vulnerable players. Sometimes this will occur on day games following night games and sometimes it might depend on pitching matchups. Seager is another story but maybe the club has downplayed the effects of missing so much playing time during spring training. In any event, this road trip will be a big test for the Dodgers against lefties as it does not seem to matter who is in the lineup.


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