Game #4 with the Padres – Get away day

Just a Puig-un’ goes yard again…

and again…


24 thoughts on “Game #4 with the Padres – Get away day

  1. Am I looking at gameday correctly? Weaver tossed a 84.9 mph “fastball”?

    If they can’t wail on this guy, they need to hang their heads in shame.

    Following up on Beavs comment earlier…

    Hershiser was talking about how Weaver was using good control to further his career at some point this Spring.. Lets see how his endurance is though…

    McCarthy, is cruising right along, TruMom.


  2. This game has some outragous stuff going on, seems like these Dodgers want to play ball, and that is great if don’t play one and next your in and you like steal home, or hit 2 HRs or even a single. Lets see what this Bullpen is made of.

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  3. I see the boys were running a bit this afternoon. I also see the Pads staff was just a bit outside today. You’d better score 10 runs when you receive 11 walks.

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