Game 3 vs. Padres


Yesterday’s game was a complete failure.  The issue of hitting against lefties has not been fixed, if we use yesterday’s 4-0 shellacking as a measuring stick.  Maeda did not perform to the standards as a #2 starting pitcher, as he gave up three runs in five innings.  I suppose the only good news yesterday was that the bullpen gave up just one run in four innings.

Rich Hill will be taking the blister test – I mean, he will take the mound – tonight at 7:10 pm.  You can watch the game in Los Angeles today on Channel 5 KTLA.


44 thoughts on “Game 3 vs. Padres

  1. Tonight’s Lineup (Game 3 of 4 games against Padres) [gasp]

    Andrew Toles (L) LF
    Corey Seager (L) SS
    Justin Turner (R) 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    Joc Pederson (L) CF
    Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    Rich Hill (L) P


  2. With the exception of having to give Grandal a rest once in awhile, why not trot this line-up out there every night even against lefties? Its their best one.

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    • A couple of guys, I forget who, tried to pull a pitch outside with the shift on.

      Seager and Gonzo both drove an outside pitch the other way with line drive conviction. Which was impressive hitting, if you ask me.

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  3. I’m sitting here this morning smoking a biscotti brisket, over an open fire, as the java brews – Ah, the pleasures of early Spring!!

    I’m thinking about Yasiels offensive genius last night…

    You heard me right…

    He was quite the baseball intellectual in the presence of all them Padres…It was define intersection in it’s most pure form…

    You heard me right…

    Deeeeeeee-fine Intersection – is the point at which Yasiel made contact with that outside fastball in order to blister it’s hide and propel it into the left field section just beyond the old remnants of MannyWood.

    The genius part of this, is that Yasiel, recognized that his adversary would try and get ahead of him with a first pitch strike..

    You heard me right…


    How many pitchers try to get ahead with a pitch on the outside, that is eventually gonna end up in the dirt?

    Puig really struggles when he is behind in the count. He swings at a lot of first pitch strikes. He’s not gonna get deep in the count all that often, I’m assuming, so pitch recognition is essential. Hitting that outside pitch early, and well enough, to put it out towards the Three Sisters was the big pay-off. I’d of been satisfied if Yasiel just put that ball in play and produced a single though.

    The 7 step admiration after one said, “Deeeeeeee-fine Intersection”…well, the Spirit must of grabbed a-hold of him as he blindly stepped on down the line…

    The boy was transfixed!! He was a believer baby!!



  4. Now we just need to draw up that chart. The one that shows how after 3 games…

    “The Wild Horse”

    Has been resurrected!


  5. Im pretty traditional regarding my Baseball, I dont like the DH, etc, and now seeing the “no pitch, Intentional walk” rule, yes that speeds up the game, but I usually reserved that time to refresh the beer or other such essentials, I guess I will have to wait for pitching changes now.
    So I would like to see Utley get in the game more, I think his bat is on fire and just a smart player to get it done. Understand the Logan is 2nd base, but Utley is fresh now, come July his age may show, just trending things from last year.
    Now if this team cant match up to left handed pitching this goes back up the ladder to the think tank, and perhaps more BP vs Lefties.
    Lets win this series today, game time coming.

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    • You get your wish today. Turner is taking the day off, Forsyth slides over to third, and Utley plays second. Meanwhile , Barnes is in for Grandal at catcher.

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  6. Yea How about that, and Utley gets a hit. Mc Carthy pitched out of that lead off double, at least, they didnt get anymore hits, thanks Gonzo


  7. Am I looking at gameday correctly? Weaver tossed a 84.9 mph “fastball”?

    If they can’t wail on this guy, they need to hang their heads in shame.

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