The Freeway Series


Does it really mean that much anymore with Interleague play????


46 thoughts on “The Freeway Series

  1. The freeway series has lost most of its appeal with interleague play. And it does not look as if the TV deal will ever be fixed.


      • Didn’t mean to. It just seems as more time goes by with no resolution, and the fact that Spectrum does not seem to care much since it was not their deal does not help. And I do not expect the Dodgers to do anything either as there is no incentive for them as well. I still do not understand how the numbers work for Spectrum/Charter unless there was something in the deal for Time Warner that took the buyer off the hook for what has to be a huge money hemorrhage. Just curious: if you had the choice and could add it to your TV/Cable package at a price, how much would you be willing to pay? As it is, we are all paying a lot of money for channels we don’t watch and I suspect if you could pick and choose, many of those channels would not get enough interest. In addition, pay TV subscribers pay for sports whether they watch or not. Is that fair?

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        • They talk $5/month. I’d pay that in heartbeat. I can’t understand why they just don’t stream it for a regular customer at, say, 25 cents per game. That would still be close to $7.50 per month. They are all idiots!!!


  2. Every player with options got sent down. They aren’t worried about performance.. They are going to take a look at all the players out of options first. If they don’t get it done, I would hope the powers that be will make the necessary changes…. JMO

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  3. No surprises with the opening day roster rounding into shape. Those fellows sent down will have their chances in the bigs soon enough, though probably not fast enough to suit Wilson. Did I see he packed up and left?
    The tv situation is pathetic, to say the least. WTF, can nobody step up and deal with this?


  4. I called it an early night, last night, and I’m glad to read that Rich Hill had terrific outing, Now we’ll see about Brandon McCarthy.


  5. It was the final game of Spring yesterday and after evaluating my team. I’m not sure we’re ready…

    The Dodgers are ready! They’re as ready as ever. Most everyone is healthy. The replacement level guys are off the charts.

    I’m talking Bubba.
    After the long snow covered winter. We finally ventured outside.

    No matter how many times I showed him the proper grip and swing with a golf club…Somehow? I think his mind envisions “Hagar the Horrible. He chops, and chops, and chops the club at the ball, like an ax/sword.

    He was a little more interested in playing catch…sorta, he can’t catch yet…he can chase fairly well and boy howdy can he hum the ball back. In fact he can throw with both hands about equally well. He mimics his dad with the left hand

    And Grandpa with the right hand.

    I think he has a tad bit better velocity right handed.

    Although, someone has been teaching him how (I suspect Mexican Grandpa) to play soccer, ’cause he started dribbling the ball with his feet at one point.

    Too much red…you say…

    Grandpa and the blue Ring-Pop agree…

    I had so much fun…I am also really sore!

    We both probably need extended Spring Training…

    Our Dodgers look pretty darn good…
    Pretty darn good!!!

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    • He figured out how to swing better after watching the Dodger game… He started swinging everything like a seasoned pro…from the right side of the plate.

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  6. With a Healthy kershaw all season, My prediction is 96 wins. Lets do this. Gnats start the season with where they left off, cant close a game out, I watched that game from the 7th on, I was grinning, couldnt laugh out loud, cause my gnats loving friends were in the room. Should of heard that silence.


  7. Looks like Bubba’s going to be a righty.

    I don’t care what day it is; first day of the season; last day of the season – I always like seeing the Gnats let one get away in the 9th. It just never gets old.

    Prediction. The first homer of the season will be hit by none other than…



  8. So far so good. The Dodgers will play a lot of 3+ hour games this season as will most other teams. With most starters limited to 5-6 innings, bullpens will log a lot of innings. Nothing all of you didn’t already know. I say 94 wins.


  9. I’m gonna go with 91 wins. It’s gonna be tougher than it looks today because of our hospital squad that the FO calls the starting rotation.


  10. I like Toles in the leadoff slot.

    Everybody hits today, including Kershaw. That’s the way to start the season. And it’s great to see Joc, Grandal, and Seager all hitting bombs.


  11. I wonder how many times we have to see Hatcher before he gets DFA’d or put on the phantom DL list. I’ll say five appearances including today’s game.

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  12. wow not even a opening day thread?Good Game all the way around, maybe Hatcher has to do two innings, to get it done? Kershaw great, Joc rocked Good all the way


  13. Nice win, but the Pads aren’t much more than a AAA team are they? Didn’t they even lose their last exhibition game to their Lake Elsinore (Advanced A) team?

    Pads are looking at 100 loses this year.


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