No Prey – No Pay!!

Cap’n Kerkikeshaw, eyes forth…to th’ promised land!


No Quarter!

I spy wit’ ye eye

‘Da Rin’!!

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Victory be wit’ ‘da Blue-Henchmen

Pirate Speak


40 thoughts on “No Prey – No Pay!!

  1. Ahoy Matey’s!!

    Deefore ‘n I caught wind ‘o th’ natives ‘n their bounty, then beautified da ship a tad last nightfall


  2. All summer long, I expect to get feelin’s ‘o nostalgia, wistfulness, whatever th’ word may be, but no, I be comfortable, I do be knowin’ in me heart ‘n soul I be whar I be, ‘n that really be all i be needin’,” he said.

    Sure, after 67 years, ye’ll bet I’ll comely wench it,” he added. “But heck, I comely wench th’ guys I hung out wit’ when I was in sword fightin’ academy.”



    • Like

    • I think you’re right Brooklyn. I think Wood has a better suited arm for the bully than McCarthy does and has done it before whereas McCarthy hasn’t.


      • My bad.

        I assumed Wood pitched his way out of the running to become one of the front 5.

        I’m glad you have full confidence this guy can effectively miss bats in this league.


  3. I shall set the sails on ’tis later…me eyes be buggin’ out. I did figure out how to rewrite th’ font color on me page, but apparently in order to customize th’ title on th’ whole crew’s page fer free…I now have to figure out how to bildge th’ motherships directives.



  4. Here’s a plus.

    There’s zero cholesterol. I also found some more nutritional stats on peanuts

    Peanuts are 11% carbs, 16% protein, and 73% fat. One cup of peanuts is 828 calories.


  5. In case any of you don’t read Gurnick on the home page, he did a Q&A. I usually don’t put much stock in what Gurnick says, but I have to agree on this one:

    Am I wrong for being semi-excited about a possible Puig breakout?
    — Carl T., @motorotohead

    Probably. I can’t argue with manager Dave Roberts when he says that Puig came to camp in excellent condition, he’s toned down his act and has worked hard with the hitting coaches. But at this point, Puig isn’t anywhere near the Puig that the game fell in love with his first two seasons. Although he still has raw power, his swing is rigid and nothing like the game-changer when he arrived. It doesn’t seem that he’s learned pitch recognition, and he just might be a natural talent who isn’t able to take coaching and adjust his game. He sure hasn’t so far.

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    • I’ve watched Puig a little closer this Spring. To me, his swing only looks rigid because he cant hit that outside and going away pitch. Which essentially, when he’s behind in the count is all he sees. He also rotates his hips as a golfer does to build rhythm or momentum…before propelling foward which moves his intended projectory point back in the zone…even if he does recognize the pitch he ain’t gonna hit it. Its done spun out of the zone by then. Just what I thought I saw…

      The umps aren’t gonna give him any breaks…


    • This is a make or break year for Puig… Unfortunately, I am not very optimistic about his ability to adapt to major league pitching… I hope I am wrong and he does well. I also hope that our management knows when to move on if he isn’t getting it done..

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  6. So I have this buddy from here in town, who went to Nashville and found work playing the steel-guitar for an up an coming singer…

    Today, on FB he puts up this video and claims…they do indeed try and sing this on the bus…unsuccessfully..


  7. I’m not wild about Hatcher being on the team either, and I’m concerned about Ryu’s and McCarthy’s abilities to pitch deep into games and last all season. We do have “depth”, however, and some good young arms waiting their turn.
    I’d hoped Segedin would have stayed with the big club, but he’ll probably have his shot on down the line.


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