All Hand Ho!!

A sound Ryu push Wood into th’ pen.

Thar fore makin’ th’ crew stronger


1:05 pm PT

Camelback Ranch- Glendale


31 thoughts on “All Hand Ho!!

  1. Last night on “the news”, Doc Roberts said Kazmir wasn’t ready to be on the starting rotation. Duh! I think we already knew that!

    Leave ‘im in de hold, mateys!

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  2. Hernandez never ceases to amaze me – for his consistent incompetence.
    How this guy can survive on a major league club for an entire season while batting only around .200 only our Front Office can explain. Now he’s managing that same offensive feat in Spring Training. Does the Front Office think he’ll do any better in the 2017 season?
    Get the guy OUT OF HERE!
    And why is that guy Gutierrez still hanging around a week away from season opener?
    Get him OUT OF HERE!

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    • Aarr!!

      Blimey! When I copy and paste messagebears comment, into thee Pirate translator. It just grunts!! Then thee same lingo shows up in thee Pirate box.


    • Gutierrez is on the 40-man and owed $2.6 million, plus his 400PA-450PA incentive bonus’s are each $100,000. $200,000 for 500PA.

      Gutierrez base salary was $1.5 million with Seattle last season.

      More doo-dah than zippity so far…I agree!


  3. Looks as if Ryu passed the test. The rotation is starting to shape up but we all know things could change quickly and often. No need to beat up on Kazmir. It is not his fault the Dodgers offered him so much money. I will say the Dodgers seem to give players every opportunity to redeem themselves but it does look as if Kaz needs more than just extended spring training. He may need a sports shrink.

    Are the Dodgers telling us the truth about Seager? He has missed so many games and the opportunity to work with Forsythe. Will he be ready on opening day?

    I wonder how Angel fans think about the Pujols deal. I believe this is the 5th year of a 10 year deal. While Pujols is still a great hitter and seems to overcome the injuries, the team needed to win in the early part of the deal for it to make sense. While no fault of Pujols, the team has not won since he came while the team he left continued to play at a high level and make deep runs into the playoffs. I don’t follow the Angels that close but it does not look to me as if they will be much better this season. Perhaps that is what happens when a team that does not play in Los Angeles tries to pretend that it does.

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  4. Time to turn the lights off…

    At the Reds tomorrow. I’ll be sitting in my Doctors office at gametime…Her and her grandmother are Reds girls…


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