‘Da Boy’s Be Swinging

Dodgers & Athletics

1:05 pm PT

Camelback Ranch-Glendale

LHP Rich Hill faces RHP Jessie Hahn


Puiggy’s body turns, his swing is no good

Bat Clinician Turner Ward, say’s, you no spin like ya’ should

Pitcher can see your rear, you be dancing out the zone

Doc called up ‘Da Press Box, said, I think we aught play another song


42 thoughts on “‘Da Boy’s Be Swinging

  1. Overall the offense has been kicking ass!!

    Rich Hill has been added to the side-bar for today’s contest.

    Honestly though, I think Beav and the Bullfrog have this blistering thing under control…

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  2. John Hartung and Jerry Hairston Jr. will be bringing us the action today. I’ve never heard either of them break down a game.


  3. 0-2

    a) lay off the next 3 pitches…they will be outside and off of the plate…all the umpires love me…I’ll work this count back to full

    b) Swing at something I know can’t pulverize…


  4. That kid had quick enough hands to hit a good pitch from Jansen and hit it deep too.

    It was low and inside…

    Had to be hummin…


  5. Hill sucks. Fardrew took a page right out of Ned’s playbook – one good month the season before parlays into a nice cushy 3 year contract we’ll all just be waiting for to expire. Next is a half season of futility followed by a mystery ailment sidelining him the rest of the year.

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    • He definitely needs to clean up his delivery. He was all over the place if you ask me. The ball was moving though. I missed the four puffs of smoke he issued though.


    • Puig has to make an early assessment on those outside and sinking pitches. We seen him try and check his swing today. He also needs to hit that ball before it gets too deep in the zone.

      #notime2tango #offense


  6. I haven’t seen much of Morrow. Today he showed good poise. He looked to be hitting his spots, kept the ball down with good velo.


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