On the verge of the final Spring Training games. Doc calls for rest.

As we await the first ESPN game of the year for the Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.



Let us begin with a bit of speculation, shall we?

Even know I was once advised never to speculate!
It goes hand in hand with baseball.
Try and hit a pitch or field a ground ball with out first speculating it’s intended path…


After playing 27 games this Spring. The Dodgers have 8 remaining. 6 more in Arizona, plus the two-game freeway series.

We’ve already heard from a few that the pitching staff is weaker then some would care to see. Both the front-line and the bullpen. Kershaw should be able to amass quality innings and keep his arsenal lively deep into games. Something Maeda struggled to achieve in 2017, emphasis on the 2nd half where he seemed to wear down a bit? Rich Hill when healthy, can achieve the task of getting past 5/6 innings. Again though, this has been a struggle in the past. Julio Urias has shown potential to be another guy who can get past 6 innings, but he’s still too young they say, to throw 200+ innings just yet. The Dodgers are being cautiously smart with Julio and in the meantime will slap a governor on his young arm. I’ve read 180 or so innings might be the target area? It’s a bit harder to speculate how the remaining front-line guys will fare…Guys like McCarthy, who some say has the inside track to fill the 4th spot, as well as Wood who seemingly looks like the 5th guy? Ryu has shown nothing but promise this Spring and if this continues, could vault his way up the front-line ladder fairly quickly, as his demeanor upon the mound in games past has been strong and steady. Again though, good health is something Ryu will have to display in order for him to change the intended pecking order. Beav has mentioned guys in the minors such as Buehler, who we’ve heard has good enough stuff to become an Ace should he be fortunate enough to progress adequately.

The bullpen was propelled last season by some players who may have been on the front office guru’s radar, but who among us speculated Josh Fields and Grant Dayton would become anchors in 2016? With Howell basically having a down year, this was paramount. They’ve added Romo who has plenty of pitching knowledge and is a native from the Southland, so chalk that up for whatever its worth? Anyone who watched the Dutch team, trot Kenley to the mound the other evening against Puerto Rico witnessed pitching mastery in it’s most dominant form. So there’s that.

I’m just gonna say, that in seasons past…the bullpen has looked worrisome out of Arizona. Going as far as to come out of the gate underperforming and sluggish, but so far, Honeycutt and crew have come up with the answers to solve this dilemma.

Whether somewhat by design…or actual cases…the injury bug has crept up on some of our key veterans, such as Hershiser, Agon, Ethier, Kazmir, Seager and possibly Puig?
I’m gonna slow my thought process down a bit and let y’all pick up where I left off…

Don’t be shy…
Give us your thoughts so far…
By the end of the week you should have a better idea what the 25-man squad will be on Opening Day, as well as have a better understanding upon where to place this years squad in the standings after 162.

Personally, I’m gonna speculate they win 100 damn games, but y’all probably had the wisdom and foresight to predict I’d say that.

Winning all 162 isn’t realistic, is it?


7 thoughts on “On the verge of the final Spring Training games. Doc calls for rest.

  1. At least the FAZ FO does not trade youth away for PVL’s. That seemed to be Ned’s MO. Throughout the regular season, there will be plenty of opportunity for the kids to come up and play in the majors while the old veterans recover from whatever injuries occur. First among those will likely be Andrew Toles, who will fill the gap caused by Ethier’s herniated disc.

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  2. Many pundits are picking the Dodgers to win it all. Excuse me while I yawn. Until this team proves it can hit top-quality, play-off caliber starting pitching…and that any bullpen arm not named Kenley can get a must-needed out in a key post-season situation, I’m not buying any confetti just yet.

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  3. Looks like I’m going to have to start to take this Spring stuff seriously. To tell the truth, I have not paid real close attention to who’s hot and who’s not. Just the injuries. Soon we’ll see the 25 man to start the season.

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