Ryu > Beer Boys

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Ryu > Beer Boys

Ryu’s on the hill today

Say he’s gonna build his strength up

So he picked him up some beer boys

and threw ‘dem in a soapy tub


19 thoughts on “Ryu > Beer Boys

  1. I see Dre won’t be ready for the start of the season. So what did they get out of 5 years and $85M? One or two decent seasons? And against righties only.

    Looks like Wally was right in his assessment 5 years ago when they signed him to that contract.

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  2. Ethier has to be depressed, big time. Or is it big league…or bigly????? I feel sad for him. When the body starts breaking down with age in a professional athlete there really is no turning back the clock.


  3. I hope Toles, Thompson, and Puig play their asses off while Ethier is on the DL. Then when he comes back, his role will be: pine meat.


  4. It is so easy to be right about something after it happens. The Dodgers did not know Ethier would have all these physical issues or the lefty-righty issue when they signed him to that contract some years ago. And at the time, he was one of the more popular players. I think he has been a solid if not spectacular player and I for one will always be a fan of his. Could the Dodgers have done better by not signing him to that deal? No way to know. I feel bad for him but at least the Dodgers have alternatives if he is unable to play.


    • Agree, lbirk. When he batted in the two-hole in front of Manny he was a force. Time has a way of catching up with us all. He was/is a fiery Dodger when most of his teammates were rather vanilla.


  5. Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched a fine four innings today, giving up just one hit, no runs, and no walks, while striking out two. I don’t want to read too much into this, since I’m not sure the Brewers put up their best offensive team against him. However, Ryu is now on my short list of those competing for the #5 spot in the rotation.

    Plus, he got the only RBI in the first four innings with a single!


  6. Everyday Dre has been gone a long time. Herniated Disc , isnt that what kershaw had last year that kept on the shelf for months?, I was looking forward to see him play.
    Glad to hear Ryu pitched well, if our OF is toles, Joc and Thompson, Im good with that, the franklin guiteirez guy, not so much.


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