Dodgers and Indians

March 20/1:10 pm

Goodyear Ballpark

Dodgers and Indians



We Love L.A.

RHP Brandon McCarthy (1-1, 5.19) vs RHTrevor Bauer(1-0, 4.30)

Clubhouse Open Tomorrow: 8:00 am-8:45 am

 Team Meeting: 8:45-9:15 am


84 thoughts on “Dodgers and Indians

  1. Who am I?

    • On Disabled List, April 8-May 31, 2013 (right forearm strain).
    • On Disabled List, June 15-July 4, 2014 (right forearm soreness).
    • On Disabled List, March 27-April 24, 2015 (right groin strain).


  2. Ethier said if this were the regular season he’d be able to play. No sense pushing it now when you don’t have to & games don’t count

    Per – Eric Stephen @ TBLA


  3. Sentimentality plays a big role with me. I can see Ethier’s best games are probably behind him but I kind of dread the day he’ll be leaving the team. I got his autograph on a few occasions in N.Y., LA, Chicago and Camelback Ranch. Get well Andre’.

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    • Andre has reportedly already made his wishes not to be traded known to the front office. He has 10 and 5 rights and can deny any transaction.

      We Love Andre…

      I want to see him win a championship in Dodger Blue!


  4. Today’s Lineup

    CF Pederson
    2b Utley
    3b Turner
    C Grandal
    1b Davis
    LF Thompson
    RF PuigDickson
    DH Toles
    SS Culberson
    P McCarthy


  5. Utley doubles, then scores on a Turner sac fly.

    I’m not sure what happened, other than Utley scored when the ball was cut off.

    1-0 Dodgers

    McCarthy’s turn to become King of the Hill.

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  6. I’m sure as hell not thrilled with our starting pitching. Seems I may have mentioned that prior to ST along with the relief pitching.

    Looking forward to Urias and Buehler joining the rotation in July. Hopefully we’re not 20 out by that time.

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  7. It has to be tough for these guys to go out to the mound and pitch, knowing their arm is spent for the most part.

    It has to be really tough on the guys on the cusp of making the ballclub.


  8. I’m officially out of fake biscotti’s!!

    It’s been a long winter.

    I’ve checked my entire dorm room here at fake Bulldog U and were definitely a dry campus now!


  9. This week is not starting well, injury, injury, tendonitis, groin, elbow, lower back, get well Gonzo, puig, Dre, seager, kazmir, and anybody else thinking of going on the DL, just forget about it.

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  10. I realize that none of these assholes will make the bullpen out of ST, but I haven’t noticed anyone that was doing much better.

    Great job done on the pitching staff this offseason.

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  11. Things are starting to shape up but in what shape? Seager, Gonzo, Ethier, now Puig (I am sure I have left someone out) with nagging little injuries but of course, no one is concerned. Urias has a some sort of minor illness that keeps him off the field and just makes it so much easier to leave him back in extended spring training. What to do with him: limit his innings so he can help later in the season but get him enough meaningful innings so he can stay sharp and be ready. How do they do that without giving him some minor league starts? And if they do that, how do they limit his innings?

    Perhaps it is a good thing spring training this year has been extended.

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  12. Crash.

    Since you scripted the thread for Opening Day last season.

    I was thinking we should ask Kahli if he’d like to give it the old UCLA try this year?

    What does everyone think?

    You know, providing we aren’t all on the DL.


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