Maeda’s Latest

at Dodger Stadium on September 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Kenta Maeda is pitching against the White Sox today at Camelback Ranch. Interestingly (or not), this is considered a road game for the Dodgers and a home game for the White Sox.

Yesterday, Clayton Kershaw gave up four runs including three home runs.  He took the rough outing in stride, as it was just a Spring Training game.  The Dodgers lost that game 5-2 to the Seattle Mariners.  No big deal.

Meanwhile, the other half (or Split Squad) of the Dodgers lost 3-2 to the San Diego Padres.  Alex Wood put up a rather good start, giving up 2 hits, one run, no walks, and five strikeouts in four and a third innings pitched.


29 thoughts on “Maeda’s Latest

      • It appears that they’re doing their best to end today’s game quickly…

        The youngster Oaks is throwing strikes, that’s always a plus.

        Peace Out!

        Nutrition class is about to begin…


        • The nutrition class taught by Professor Davis is apparently all full this semester.

          So, I’ve grabbed some utensils and have decided to walk you folks through a typical day for our incoming underclassmen.

          After the kids are brought here to Bulldog University via the BoneMobile. They trot ’em through the grassy section on all fours, in order to bypass the Administration Building altogether. Those whom are successful in tracking their way past (what we call the Human Society) are then issued baseball gear, but in a non-traditional sense. You see, at Bulldog University, you don’t just learn to play ball. You learn every innovative aspect of the pitching position. This years class will be using a newly designed glove. One that is solid blue with the exception of a round white spot on the inside of the webbed section.

          Our Engineering Dept. is certain that by using this newly designed mitt they can improve statistics on a [baseball missing the bat.] Not only that, the newly designed mitt is over-sized, so it can be used as a wind plow, opened, (kind of like a blocker in football) to assist the throwing arm in encountering less drag as you gracefully glide down the hill.

          By the new recruits sophomore season, we believe they will have mastered this new delivery and will be able to branch out into using the lead arm as a deceptive shenanigan (over-here-over-here), that will undoubtedly fool quite a few hitters.

          Think of it as a knuckle-ball that can actually be caught.

          Bulldog University Alumni will not only become productive ballplayers, but increase the longevity of their careers as well.


          • By the time the new recruits reach their Junior year. They should have obtained enough pitching knowledge to have earned the opportunity of enrolling into Instructor Nomahs Hittable Hounddogs Class.

            Which is just a short ride across campus in the BoneMobile.

            Instructor Nomah teaches 5 steps to tracking a baseball.

            During the process of learning how to properly track a baseball. Instructor Nomah will have his pupils dress in K9 protective gear then step into the batters box. After stepping into the batters box they will be instructed to shut their eyes until a horn sounds.

            When the horn sounds and they open their eyes, they should see a 100 mph fastball quickly approaching, (again, sort of like football/basketball and the no-look pass). They will repeat this process until they can identify where and when the incoming pitch will end up…with precise accuracy.


            • I’m not trying to pick on Orel and the Boy’s…Well, maybe a little.

              I enjoy listening to them give their two cents. Although the amount of knowledge they reveal would far surpass the two cent price tag. I learn something every time they speak. I don’t know how the young kids listening couldn’t as well.

              Joe Davis is going to do just fine…


    • I’ve seen film of him…or video, whatever. He looks quite promising.

      So out of all the depth this team has lined-up. How many of them can pitch past the 5th inning consistantly?


  1. well the starting pitching seems to be gelling, kershaw of course, based on $$$ or ability, here is rounding out SP 2,3,4,5:: Rich hill yeah new contract, Kenta Meada, he was the only one last year not to go on DL, Scott Kazmir, if hip heals, if not, alex wood or ross stripling should be considered, Hin jen Ryu rounds it out. I thinks it is awesome if they live up to their ability. Urias will be coming in July.

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    • I think Woods will be the #5. McCarthy will be the #4. I think Ryu gets put on the DL at least until he builds up innings, but I’ll be interested in seeing how he does as rosters get cut down and he’s facing better hitters.

      I won’t be surprised if we see Buehler by mid season either should McCarthy, Woods and Ryu not work out. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the rotation drop McC and Woods by end of July and Urias and Buehler in.

      BPs a mess though as far as I’m concerned.

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  2. Smokey is hanging on to his last biscotti…

    Gonna become Fat-Free Smokey soon…

    For a while anyhow…time 4 a cleanse!


  3. The Dodgers have struck out 209 Cactus
    League hitters this spring, fanning more batters than any team in
    baseball thus far, one ahead of the Cleveland Indians, tomorrow
    afternoon’s opponent. Los Angeles has been paced by Clayton
    Kershaw (17 Ks), who is tied for fourth among National League
    pitchers, while Kenta Maeda, Ross Stripling and Alex Wood
    all have whiffed 11 batters.

    Many Dodger players have a
    rooting interest with their schools in the NCAA tournament
    field. Rich Hill’s Michigan Wolverines, the seventh seed in the
    Midwest squared off against Louisville in the second round this
    morning. Dave Roberts and Chase Utley’s UCLA Bruins, the
    third seed in the South, will take on Cincinnati this afternoon
    while Logan Forsythe’s Arkansas Razorbacks, the eighth seed
    in the South take on No. 1 seed North Carolina later today.


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