Ryu for Comeback Pitcher of the Year


Can he, will he, could he possibly pitch like he did his first two years with the Dodgers?  His fastball is sitting 86-88 mph, but has touched 91 mph.  He showed a good first start a few days ago.  McCarthy didn’t show too much greatness yesterday, so today it is Ryu’s chance.  He’s going against the Cubs, so this will not be a gimme.



36 thoughts on “Ryu for Comeback Pitcher of the Year

  1. TBLA seems to think the starting rotation will be Kershaw, Maeda, Hill, McCarthy, and Wood. I guess they didn’t consult trublu4ever.


  2. Ryu was encouraging. Yea I read the article about SP for dodgers, seems Urias will be nursed in april / may.
    Kazmir still sore. There are openings for Stipling, but a couple more weeks left and a starting four is not solid.

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    • The starting two is solid – Kershaw and Maeda. Except that Maeda is more like a #4 than a #2. Rich Hill will not be solid until he can prove that he can start more than 15 games in a row without developing a blister. Hence the blister board.


  3. This team may be deep, but it still doesn’t have any pitching. One and a half starters and maybe 2 RPs.

    It would appear also that Puig never will get it. How do you get kicked out of a ST game?

    Agon(e). Really? So there was a mix-up in the tiebreaker. Get over it.

    I may have to revise that 97 wins.

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  4. Other than revamping the entire farm system, which is huge, and stretching the roster around the margins, which is good for another 3-4 wins during the season, this FO still makes an awful lot of Ned-like moves.

    No one can compete with Ned’s waste of a half billion dollars, but this FO has already wasted $96M on PVLs McCarthy and Kazmir, either one of which was a bad sign when it was made given their histories. I’m of the opinion that Hill will be added to that list as well.

    And ex-Gnat Romo was a very Nedesque pick-up, as was Gutierrez.

    But then if you look at the histories of Friedman and Zaidi, they have a knack for building farms and improving margins, but very little in dealings with top end talent.


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