McCarthy Makes His Pitch


Brandon McCarthy will make his pitch to be included in the starting rotation.  McCarthy is pitching today against the Seattle Mariners.  This is the same guy who has pitched a grand total of 63 innings for the Dodgers over the past two years.  If he pitches well in Spring Training, does that mean he will be able to hold it together for twenty to thirty starts during the regular season?


32 thoughts on “McCarthy Makes His Pitch

    • McCarthy doesn’t have to pitch 30 games. He just has to pitch well in the games he enters.

      The team needs consistency, even if they have to mix and match to get it.

      I didn’t have the umph this morning…to get up early and go fishing.


      • McCarthy was spinning the baseball well, just before his elbow gave out. He was putting wins up when they were hard to come by.





        These guys are expected to pitch like they belong in the big leagues.

        If they can’t.

        Go find a hot hand elsewhere?

        Different guys should peak at different times…find the optimum time to use them to your advantage.

        Why not just treat Urias as if he’s on the DL/getting married/on a honeymoon/underwater exploring in search of Atlantis/whatever? Rest him when your staff is at it’s strongest.


  1. Today’s Lineup

    Utley 2B
    Toles LF
    Turner 3B
    Thompson CF
    Bellinger 1B
    Wilson C
    Barnes DH
    Culberson SS
    Eibner RF
    (McCarthy p)

    Urias is also slated to pitch today.


        • Good points. The Dodgers are being a little too coy and quiet about Seager’s health. At first, it was a minor back muscle soreness. Now it’s an oblique? But “he will be ready on Opening Day”. So far all he can do is hold a bat and stand in the batter’s box. Then today he took a “personal day”.

          Then I guess the answer will be fluid, as you suggested.

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          • Personal day?

            I consider cribbage in the pro-shop, acceptable rehab for an oblique injury.

            Or do you think that’s over-doing it?
            [It gets fairly active moving all ‘dem pegs]

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  2. Ryu’s going today, I’m sort of finding an interest in how he makes out this spring.
    All the shoveling has been done around here and the getting around is so much better.

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