Halo! Hell No!

I incorrectly assumed the Dodgers were playing the Reds today…

Maeda moves up in the rotation and will face the Angels.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Kenta Maeda  (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

I think the front 5 should have 3  starts left before Opening Day. So if that last start is a short one? It’s just about that time to put it all together.


34 thoughts on “Halo! Hell No!

  1. Two miles east of the Chickamauga
    Just over the hill and across the holla
    Sent here fo` learnin’, become a Dodger baller

    End of the path leading from the water


  2. Was thinking it would be a good thing to start a righty after Kersh before Mr. soft tosser lefty again. I’m not impressed by Hill at all. I think by mid season, Urias will have replaced him as the #2-3 in the rotation.

    In fact, I’m not impressed by the rotation after Kersh at all. They’ll wina butt load of regular season games because of their depth, but I don’t see any more favorable outcome in the playoffs than usual.

    The bully doesn’t look so hot either.

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  3. Hello? Hello? Hello?
    Utley! Turner! Thompson!

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone at home?
    Come on now
    I hear you’re feeling down
    Well I can ease your pain
    Get you on your feet again
    I’ll need some information first
    Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts?


      • Wish You Were Here
        came on…

        Utley flies out to the red guy next to Trout
        For the first out.
        Ooooooo, ooooooooooooooo
        Turners out for a jog, to first and back
        2 away, here come brother of Clay
        Brick in the Wall
        Hey Teacher!!
        Trout be caught inning done

        [Guitar solo]


  4. Austin Barnes hits his second homer of Spring Training. A solid hitting backup catcher will afford Grandal some extra off days, which will help his performance in the long run.


  5. Has this been the most boring and uninteresting Dodger spring training in recent memory? The Dodgers have been all but handed the division title and WS appearance by many media type talking/blogging heads. Have the fans fallen into this trap? Is the fact there are almost no new faces save Forsythe made this spring almost an afterthought? I think the WBC has a lot to do with things by extending an already too long spring training. Also, we know most veteran players, especially non-pitchers, take it easy with regard to spring games and with the extra time, there is no sense of urgency to get ready. For the most part, those players are ready now or will be in another week or so. Clearly the pitchers need more time.

    However, I do think the Dodger “dilemma” about what to do with Urias is fascinating. I agree he will be an important part of the rotation, if not at the start then certainly by the last half of the season. How do you keep a young pitcher progressing by not allowing him to pitch? Do you limit his innings when he is allowed to pitch in meaningful games? And if you do this, how do you manage what will most certainly be an overused bullpen with or without Urias? Would other organizations handle things differently? Has the way Washington has handled Strasburg affected not just the Dodgers but other teams as well with regard to high level (or high value) young pitchers who project to superstar status?

    What would you do? I guess it makes sense to manage a young pitcher’s innings but doing so without hurting either the team or the player is a huge challenge. Certainly we can find instances in years past where a manager tried to ride a pitcher to a championship (Alston with Koufax, Lasorda with Fernando come to mind but I am sure there are many more), but isn’t winning the championship the goal for players and management? Glad I do not have to make these decisions.


    • Pair up Urias with a long reliever like Stripling. Let them both know their roles. For example, tell them that Urias will pitch four innings, then Stripling will pitch three innings. That way, they both know what they’re in for before they get started. Stripling knows when to start getting ready. Urias knows when he will be shut down.

      In this way, the Dodgers can avoid over-taxing the bullpen. As an added bonus, you start with a lefty, then bring in a righty in the fifth inning.

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  6. I don’t think that he will ever be an impact player again. He just just doesn’t have it upstairs to be a great major league player. I hope I am very wrong…….

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