Puig Smacks Two

Doc was coaching 1B for the Padres during Puigs debut.

Remember the throw to Gonzo.

Dodgers & Angels

(What year did the California Angels change their name?)


38 thoughts on “Puig Smacks Two

  1. Sugar pie, honey bunch
    Salted peanuts & Cracker Jacks
    You know that I love you
    Gonna throw the heater high, Ryu
    I can’t help myself
    Ain’t no time to finesse
    I love you and nobody else
    Just let `er loose, go out & give `em Hell


  2. If (and only if) McCarthy is right he can be a powerful force in the playoffs. Think about a playoff rotation that includes:

    a blister-less Hill
    a good McCarthy

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  3. I read that a scout at the game last night made mention that Yasiels swing is shorter. It looks like he doesn’t cock it as much (basically just a small shoulder turn that raises his elbow before firing) and keeps his body better positioned.

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  4. The Baltimore Orioles were the St. Louis Browns, Dodger4Life.
    I’ll be around for today’s game. I hope the Dodgers can show as much spunk as they did last night.

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  5. Decided to stay at home again tonight. First though, I went to RedBox and then the convienence store where I bought a scratcher. It says match this “Huge Cash Number” and claim all 30 prizes. I knew it was gonna happen when I seen my number was (42).

    Free MLBtv in 2017.

    Thanks Jackie!

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  6. I get the feeling that this is a make or break year for Puig. I think that the powers that be are running out of patience with him… I know that I am. This guy is clogging up the progress. Should have traded him when his value was high…

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    • His value is rising again being he’s more refined in the box, in better shape, shows no teammate discrepancies, no arrest, no brawls…it’s been all puppy dogs and baseball until this tiff.

      Thanks to, as you mentioned, the Front Office handling it.

      I’m optimistically looking forward to his new journey…

      I sure hope this spin don’t land on a “Whammy” though!!!


  7. Boys be playing the Reds today.

    I used to dislike the Reds. I also used to dislike my Doctor. She took my bacon away. She’s a Reds fan and an Army Veteran. I like her a lot now. I just salute when bacon is mentioned.


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