Hammock Time

Off Day for Dodger Baseball


18 thoughts on “Hammock Time

  1. This team is slow…

    Hmm there she goes uh huh
    Hmm ain’t no go, nuh uh
    She movin fast
    Be Glued to the track
    Like a train
    Somebody say babe
    Somebody say hey!
    Where you going baby
    Where you going Adrian?
    She ran out of patience
    Thrown out trying to stretch-it
    Fed up with my lies uh huh
    Too slow, me no slide nuh uh

    Now she’s leaving with no luggage
    And a broken heart to the train station
    I want her to know
    If she come back home I’ll be waiting


  2. Puig is fast, but that doesn’t count ‘cuz he don’t know how to run no bases. Career: 30 stolen bases, 20 caught stealing – failure rate = 40%.

    Maybe Utley can teach him how to do it right. Career: 145 stolen bases, 20 caught stealing – failure rate = 12%

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    • Professor Utley’s base running class should be an occupied one this season…

      I hope they’re brighter than the pupil in the music class up above.

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  3. In my early youth. I worked along side of the big gentleman singing…only he sang between the stack-and-the-wall, and the wall-and-the-stack. #sheetrock’n

    Joey’s, pops, was our employer.
    Pops was the best I ever seen at getting from the stack to-the-wall and back. I’ve seen over 5000 guys in my career.

    Ahhhhh to be young again…


  4. Looks like Urias may be on the Opening Day roster after all. (1) He’s too good to leave in extended Spring Training and (2) he’s way better than the ne’er do wells.


  5. Future Rotation (2019?)

    Clayton Kershaw
    Julio Urias
    Walker Buehler
    Yadier Alvarez

    Geez, it almost wouldn’t matter who is the #5 guy.


  6. Not sure why but I am not too into Spring Training this year. Perhaps the signing of Turner and Jansen made me a bit less anxious about the coming season and the lack of games on TV or radio. I do agree the starting pitching still is an issue at the back of the rotation and the injuries to Seager and Gonzo concern me in spite of what I hear from Roberts. And hearing about Turner being treated for arthritis in his knee can’t make anyone feel good even though this treatment is preventative in nature. Still time to get all of this sorted out before opening day.

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  7. We got some snow here this morning but it doesn’t seem to be sticking to the pavement. It looks nice on the grass and trees and almost makes you forget baseball has started already.

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