Joc drives one deep!


10 thoughts on “JOC-JACK!!

  1. Lots of times established pitchers may have a chump outing because they’re experimenting with a new pitch….or trying a new sequence of pitches, etc. etc. Whatever. But Kazmir and Ethier are already showing their aging jockdom…

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  2. Other than Kershaw, whom you tend to take for granted, there’s not much to impress about the team for 2017. All of the early injuries might suggest that nobody is really conditioning in the off-season. Why not? Too many fat cats, maybe?

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  3. And the Gin & Tonic – Spring Training – All-Star at the Break, is…

    (Envelope please)

    Johendi Jiminian for getting a save without ever recording an out.

    Who will become the Boilermaker – Spring Training – Second Half-All-Star??

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