Hello Bums…

Nice to see ya’

We’ve been blogging a long time

Hello Bums

Nice to see ya’

Been dreaming a long time

Don’t it mean something

 To hold a World Series Ring

To be continued…


30 thoughts on “Hello Bums…

  1. I’d be lying if I said this season didn’t mean anything to me…

    I’ve been on this blue planet since right after the Series in 65. I’ve been able to witness 2 Dodger World Series wins.

    Tommy has seen all 6. He began his journey in what? Forty Nine?

    I feel like Times A Wastin’…


  2. I noticed the game today @ Salt River Fields against the Rockies, again, is radio only and only from the Denver feed.

    Our beloved glove at 1B #nodaysoff23 is said to be getting a couple of plate appearances today.

    I have to run an errand or two…but if I make back in time…I will try to keep y’all informed.
    Enjoy your Monday folks…


  3. Dre opens up the game with a single to the shortstop.
    Utley lines into a double-play. Dre was running on the 3-2 pitch.
    JT walks
    Adrian grounds out for the 3rd out.

    (Bottom of 1)
    Charlie Blackmon with the count full, strikes out.
    LeMahieu base-hit, ball dropped in front of Dre.
    Cargo hits into a double-play. Utley-Kike-Scotty. End of 1

    (Top of 2)
    Yaz grounds out to SS for out #1
    Scotty grounds out for out #2.
    Pederson puts the Dodgers on the board with a home-run down the LF line. 1-0
    Kike strikes out for out #3.

    (Bottom 2)
    Desmond steps in the box.
    Trainer meeting on the mound with Kazmir? Kazmir leaves the game.
    (Ralston Cash Pitching)
    Desmond steps into the box again…Cash strikes-out Desmond for out #1.
    Reynolds clubs a ball off of the top of the wall in CF for a triple. (Bud Black asking for help from the umps – No dice still a 3 bagger.)
    Parra bangs a 2 run homer. 1-2, 1 out.
    Valaika hits a dinger. 1-3, 1 out.
    Armarista strikes-out. 2 away.
    Garneau strikes-out to end the inning. 1-3 Rockies.

    (Top of 3)
    Ramos grounds-out. 1 away.
    (Dre was called back and Eibner takes over.)
    Eibner hits a ball to the wall past Blackmon, for a double.
    Utley flied-out to the track in RC. Eibner tags and advances to 3B. 2 away.
    Turner grounds-out to SS. 3 outs. 1-3 Rockies.

    (Bottom of 3) (Schuster Pitching.) (Eibner LF)
    Charlie Blackmon draws a walk.
    LeMahieu liner down the LF line for a double, Blackmon scores. No-outs. 1-4 Colorado
    Trainer meeting with Ramos in RF. (Stetson Allie playing RF.)
    Cargo pops-up to Scotty at 1B. 1 away.
    Desmond strikes out. 2 away.
    (Doc conference on the mound)
    (Scott Griggs Pitching.)
    (PB on Grandal, runner advances.)
    Reynolds hits a comebacker to Grigs. End of 3. 1-4 Rockies

    (Top of 4) (Musgraves Pitching.)
    Adrian flied-out to Parra. 1 out.
    Grandal singles.
    Pederson goes the opposite way for a single.
    Scotty broken-bat double play (6-4-3). 3 outs.

    (Bottom of 4) (Hatcher Pitching)
    Parra grounds-out to Scotty. 1 away.
    Valaika hits a bomb. 1 away. 1-5 Rockies
    Amarista doubles to Eibner. 1 away.
    Garneau hits a bomb. 1-7 Rockies. 1 away.
    Blackmon singles. 2 away.
    (Blackmon picked off) 3 outs.
    LeMahieu flied-out to Allie. 3 outs. 1-7 Rockies.

    (Top of 5) (Sweeney 2B)
    Kike hits one over the outfielders head for a double.
    Allie strikes-out. 1 away.
    Eibner wind-blown-fly-ball to Parra that drops for a triple. Kike scores. 2-7 Rockies.
    Utley hits a wind-blown-fly-ball that Cargo couldn’t catch, foul-ball…
    Utley strikes out. 2 away.
    Turner fly-ball that was caught for out #3. 2-7 Rockies

    (Bottom of 5) (Calhoun 2B) (Sweeney moved from 2B to RF) (Morrow Pitching)
    Cargo doubles to Sweeney.
    Desmond doubles, Cargo scores. (Herrera running for Desmond) 2-8 Rockies.
    Reynolds strikes-out. 1 away
    Parra flied-out. Herrera tags. 2 away.
    Valaika grounds-out to end the inning.

    (Top of 6) (Ottavino Pitching)
    Farmer bats for Adrian…
    Farmer grounds-out.
    Grandal strikes-out. 2 away.
    Pederson strikes-out for out #3. 2-8 Rockies.

    (Bottom of 6) (Bellinger 1B) (Rhame Pitching)
    Castro grounds-out for out #1.
    Garneau walks. 1 away.
    McMahon flied-out to Sweeney. 2 away.
    Tauchman flied-out to end the inning. 2-8 Rockies.

    (Kazmir hip tightness – Either back tightness)

    (Top of 7) (Oberg Pitching)
    Hometown (Scottsdale) boy – Bellinger grounds out to 1B.
    Kike singles to CF. 1 away.
    Allie with a 2 bagger. Kike advances to 3B. 1 away.
    Eibner walks to load-em-up. 1 away.
    Calhoun pops-up to Ynoa. Kike thrown out at the plate 3 outs. 2-8 Rockies.

    (Bottom 7) (Dickson RF – Wilson C – Eibner to CF – Taylor SS) (Colt Hynes Pitching)
    Adames lines-out for out #1.
    Herrera singles. 1 away.
    Patterson makes out #2.
    Ynoa strikes-out to end the inning.

    (Top of 8) (Miguel Castro Pitching)
    (Castro was picked up in the tool-a-whisky trade)
    Sweeney singles.
    Farmer strikes-out. 1 away.
    (Sweeney steals 2B)
    Wilson walks.
    Dickson flied-out to RF. 2 away.
    (WP) Sweeney scores. 3-8
    Bellinger walks (WP), Farmer scores. 4-8 Rockies
    (Pitchers meeting)
    (Bellinger steals 2B)
    Taylor walks. 2 away.
    (Pitching change – Carle pitching)
    Allie singles, Bellinger scores, Taylor advances to 3B. 2 away.
    Eibner smacks the ball to the wall, Taylor scores, Allie advances to 2B. 2 away.
    Calhoun grounds-out to end the inning. 7-8 Rockies.

    (Bottom of 8) (Somebody’s Pitching)
    Somebody else walked.
    Sweeney makes a great play at 3B, then throws to get the out at 1B.
    (Wilson meeting with Hermeling)
    (That didn’t work)
    Bemboom went boom, two runs score. 7-10 Rockies.
    McMahon grounds out. 2 away.
    Tauchman strikes-out to end the inning. 7-10 Rockies.

    (Top of 9)
    Sweeney beats-out a grounder for an infield hit.
    Farmer pops-up to Patterson.
    Wilson walks. 1 away
    (Pitchers meeting)
    Dickson line-drive off of the glove of McMahon at 3B, Sweeney scores, Wilson advances to 2B. 8-10 Rockies.
    Bellinger flied-out shallow LF. 2 away.
    Taylor singles, Wilson scores, Dickson advances to 3B. 2 away. 9-10 Rockies
    (Pitching Change) (Johendi Jiminian)
    (Taylor runs…throw to second…Dickson runs and is thrown out at the plate)
    Game over


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