Game 4 of Spring


It’s not even March yet, but we’ve got our fourth game already today.  The Boys are 2-1 in the Cactus League, which means nada when it comes to moving towards the seventh World Championship.  What does count is that The Beav made his most optimistic comment in years, saying that this team is deep, and then going on to say he is already predicting a 97 win 2017 season.

Today’s game features a start by phenom Julio Urias.  The batting lineup for the Dodgers:

Ethier lf
Barnes c
Van Slyke 1b
Segedin 3b
Utley 2b
Eibner cf
Dickson dh
Taylor ss
Ramos rf

What is this, a split squad day? Where’s the rest of the team?


66 thoughts on “Game 4 of Spring

  1. Rock’Em Sock’Em Robot Radio

    The Pinch-Hitter Show

    I guess it was my device locking me out. I have use of another and have the Denver feed today.

    I’ll do what I can to inform those in need…


    • (16) chased an off-speed pitch for strike 3.
      I think Barnes walked, then Scotty walked on a wild pitch that Barnes scored on?
      Segedin hit into a double-play…
      Add in a throwing error…

      Blackmon leads off…grounder past Utley for a single.
      LeMahieu grounds out to Utley (bobbled).
      Urias K’s Cargo, 2 outs…
      Arenado drives in Blackmon with a single
      Desmond K’s.
      1-1 after 1

      Utley grounds out to LeMahieu, who threw him out from his knees. 1 out.
      Eibner (Stoney Brownie-Butter) called him Eiber. K’s for out #2.
      Dickson’s jersey was glazed…free bag.
      Taylor lines to center…1st and 2nd…
      Ramos homers…4-3
      (16) Fly’s-out to Blackmon for out #3.

      (Rhame is pitching)
      Barnes never found a pop up, ball drops, in foul territory behind the plate, then a walk was issued.
      Story fly-ball to Dre, 1 out.
      Walk issued… runners on 1st and 2nd.
      *Parades warming up
      Fly ball by Murphy, Dre makes the catch for the 2nd out.
      Rhame goes for a little stroll
      (Parades) comes in…
      Blackmon singles, runner scores, runner on 3rd.
      LeMahieu base-hit to center, runner on 3rd scores, Blackmon advances. 4-3
      Cargo K’s to end the inning.

      Barnes singles…
      The Ump faked Scotty out, then had to un-wring him…Van Slyke walks…
      (Double steal)
      Segedin hits a grounder to 3B, Barnes scores, VS out at 3rd.
      Utley hits into a fielders choice, then a throwing error on Desmond, everyone safe.
      Arenado on the front end of a double play to end the inning.

      (Sierra pitching)
      Arenado walks…
      Double play 4-6-3
      Reynolds makes out #3

      Dickson K’s
      Taylor K’s
      Ramos fly-ball to Blackmon for the 3rd out.

      Be right back after this brief message from our sponsors
      Rock’Em Sock’Em Roasters…
      5-3 Dodgers

      (Sierra on the mound)
      Pizza delivery at ‘da door
      K for out #2 – Denver guys raving about Sierra…
      Strike 3 to end the inning…

      I shall return…

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    • The one broadcaster sounds like he has brownie-butter sticking to the roof of his mouth when he slowly speaks…

      He keeps saying Dabey Roberts…


  2. …from TBLA…Ethier HR!…Sierra pitching 95+mph…with movement..,Bulldog equates Walker Buehler’s armspeed to that of Pedro Martinez…

    talk about depth! this team is going far.

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  3. Dodgers won the Series like fourteen hundred and fifty two years ago

    Years Ago

    I had a hand me down cleats, old leather to run in
    Pops 56 MacGregors, that stretched like tin
    Dreamin’ Koufax-Campanella-Williams
    Drysdale-Reese-Robinson, duke’n it out along-side Snider…
    Let’s Get ‘Em Tonight Boys!!


  4. It’s good to know that most of the experts feel that the Dodgers are a better fantasy team than the Giants, whatever that means. Well we’ll see when the dice is rolled. I hope they’re right.

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    • Bang-bang back-to-back singles driving in Bellinger…

      Through the gap, and to the wall…Ramos clears all runners-fore with a triple.


  5. Alanna’s interview’s have been cool and at length…she should have tiki torches and a margarita maker in the backdrop though…Joc looked like he was being interviewed by the HS Principle about a string of vandalism…


  6. There doesn’t seem to be enough participation to warrant changing the thread these days. Thinking about shutting our show down folks.


  7. Dodgers need to beat up this gnats team now, and all year long, count on it they are the enemy.
    Does Joc look a bit heavier than last year, no roblem, if smacks the ball and runs down the CF flys.


  8. We’re 4 games into Spring training…there is more to talk about as far as the team goes…than ever before. The upcoming youth movement is promising. The prime-time guys are pulling their weight. The front office is doing an outstanding job. The ranks are deeper than we’ve seen in a while. Vinny’s gone, but the show goes on. Joe Davis took the mic with Hersh last night. Nomar was absent, I think they’ve switched to a 2 man team now, with Nomar and Orel alternating? They made a smart trade again yesterday acquiring two young players from the M’s. Who just a couple of years ago were stockpiling talent.

    Crash put in the work to find Erics/our old DodgerLyric songs…Many here have cranked tunes out in this regard.

    There’s been plenty to discuss…


    • Ping Pong tourney is heating up…

      Puig is in great shape
      Yaz is in great shape
      Kershaw cursed his change-up as he quitley shut down the 3 batters he faced.
      Ralston Cash last night displayed an abilty to kinda of take control of the game.
      Utley is talking baseball to those who can benifit from Utley talking baseball.
      Kids coming up have an idea of how to perform and what all is included in a performance this level.


  9. Charley Steiner is batting .999 this season on homerun calls.

    Birk made it through the first game without critiquing Hershisers delivery…



    • I’d brew y’all a cup if I thought it would help.

      Every morning I try to pour the foam so I can make it look like a baseball…unsuccessfully, I might add. I’m unskilled.

      With a touch of food coloring I could pull off Kahlis avatar though.


  10. It’s been a heckuva spring training so far. Keep it moving, but keep these boys healthy. Trayce Thompson wants to play too! Imagine him in the outfield all year with his athleticism.


  11. Did I catch that correctly? Uncle Ned is an advisor working in the front office and he has no clue who these kids are?


  12. Wynston Sawyer, named MVP of Game 6 in Spring Training (by crash) for his stunning base hit in the seventh inning.

    Dodgers are checking all the boxes and have a 5-1 record in early Spring Training. Both Clayton Kershaw and Chris Hatcher live up to expectations.

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  13. Thinking of guys like Segio Romo. Guys that grow up rooting for one team and than pitch for their opponents. And do a good job, as Sergio did for the Giants. It’s good to see him a Dodger.

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