You Never Even Called Me By My Name – Game 3


Radio only again…because even know they love us…they don’t care enough to buy flowers.

It’s all – I could do – To keep from crying…


38 thoughts on “You Never Even Called Me By My Name – Game 3

  1. You know what I could go for right now?

    Bulldog, `Da Hittuh and the Young Physics Professor…what’s his name…Oh yeah, Joe Davis analyzing the dynamics of an eephus pitch!


  2. LA Times breaks down probable Dodgers bench…for what it’s worth. They figure five bench players with a pitching staff of 12 humans. One of five slots goes to Barnes as back-up catcher. Utley and Gutierrez seem shoe-ins. That leaves two spots. One goes to infield with either Kiki, Culberson or Chris Taylor. That leaves one bench spot. Times has Puig and Ethier starting on the corners. Figure Thompson starts the season on DL or in AAA. Down to Toles vs. Van Slyke. I believe both have options left…Van Slyke for sure.

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  3. Gonzo feeling his age? elbow tendinitis, looks like bellinger may get some playing time, unless segedin impresses.
    Culberson was outrighted to OK city, yes he had that big HR in the last home game, but is he 25 man roster worthy?

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