Spring Training Game #1


Replica Heaven, Arizona, Blue Side Of Camelback, Just Beyond The River
Quest For 7 Begins Here, A Vision You Can See, Younger Than The Mountains, Blowing Like A Breeze.

Heart Of A Dodger, Gonna Bring It Home, To The Place It Belongs.
Magic Castle, Chavez Ravine, Take Me Home, Vin Scully Road.

All Our Memories Gather Round Wins…


35 thoughts on “Spring Training Game #1

  1. Kershaw retired them in order

    Turner drew a walk
    Grandal just muscled one out of the infield for a single
    Gutierrez was punched out to end the rally and 1st inning

    Wood gives up a single to begin inning #2
    Wood gives up another single…
    Wild pitch, runners advance to second and third…
    Fielders choice, 1 out, runner on 3B scores – 1-0
    Fly-ball to LF, 2 outs, runner on 3B scores – 2-0
    Wood K’s Liriano to get out of the inning, just before the mound turns to ashes…

    Pederson with a full-count…swings and misses at a pitch inside and waist high, 1 out
    Puigs timing wasn’t quite there…strike 3, 2 outs
    Toles hits a crisp liner to the SS, 3 outs

    Wood returns wearing fire-retardant cleats…
    Dribbler to Seager, 1 out
    High fly-ball drops just in front of Puig for a double.
    Ground-ball to Logan, runner advances to 3B, 2 outs.
    Great play on a sharp liner over the bag by Logan, to end the inning.

    Segedin grounds out weakly, 1 out.
    Logan hits a fly-ball to the base of the wall, just pass a bewildered RF for a double.
    Seagerman using his x-rays eyes, draws a walk, 1st and 2nd.
    Turner ground ball through the infield, ball was misplayed, Logan scores, 1st and 3rd, 2-1
    Yaz with a sharply hit ball to the wall in RC for a double, Seagerman scores, 2-2
    Gutierrez hits a grounder to the SS, fielders choice at 1st, Turner scores, 3-2
    Pederson just got under one, 3 outs

    Ravin – Sweeney (2B) and Hernandez (SS) enter…
    Ravin with a K, 1 out
    Fly-ball drops in front of a charging Puig then bounces into the stands for a 2 bagger
    Fly-ball to Tolsey in LF, runner tags and advances to third.
    Single to RF, runner scores, 3-3
    Runner thrown out trying to steal 2B, then was overruled (bobbled) and runner is safe.
    Wild pitch, runner advances to 3B.
    K, 3 outs.

    D4 consumed 2 hot-dogs and failed to return…


  2. Watching the game (sorry Kahli) and thinking how interesting it is to see so many regulars in the starting lineup. As I type this the changes have already begun but there is little drama as far as what minor league players might have a chance to make the club. There is little chance that will happen unless some unfortunate mishaps occur. Those players will get their chances to show what they can do and we certainly know to expect the unexpected as the season unfolds.

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  3. A couple of Major League pick off attempts there baby…safe again at first.

    It appears if you reach first base, Doc’s gonna stretch out your legs.


  4. Game #3 today will begin at 12:05 pm against Colorado and is a radio only broadcast.

    Forsthye 2B
    Seager SS
    Grandal C
    Gutierrez DH
    Pederson CF
    Puig RF
    Toles LF
    Belinger 1B
    Culberson 3B
    Maeda P


  5. Bellingers swing is impressive.

    The vortex he creates through swinging, alone, is bound to send hurlers flying off into Munchkinland and the Land of Oz. Gonna be a lotta lost Toto’s when he finally arrives in the show!

    I read that he has added a little more loft to it recently.

    Ravin is a big dude with a heater and a change-up/breaking ball that he tries to fool hitters with by starting it out on the outside part of the plate. He needs work locating this pitch more consistantly.

    Forsthye has impressed me so far. He looks sharp out there.

    Grandal too.


    • Charley and Rick have been doing a great job calling these early games as well.

      Charley’s 1st homerun call of 2017 was smooth, so smooth. Majestic stuff I’m telling ya’! Of course it came courtesy of the opposing team and Mr. Hatcher, but I’m proud of the accomplishment anyways.

      Way to go, guys…


    • Y’all know how many games I usually go with. I’m gonna add 11 post-season wins on top of my paltry “100 win” regular season prediction.


  6. Regarding the Woo-Hoo/Win Streak photo.

    The Rally Mummy has moved further on down the coast-line, but Tommy can now be seen celebrating on Da’ Bums outside patio…

    Be sure and say hello. Maybe sample one of our delicious Grandal Meatballs, or just enjoy a glass of vino while your visiting.

    Todays Special – A hearty bowl of Pasta Fagioli, Yazmani, served with an unlimited supply of oven baked bread and a draft beer from one of our 42 (count-em) taps. $9


    • I’m leaning not towards the typical Hokey Pokey, kind’a, Cubano Slide, where you put the left foot out and shake all about, but more along the lines of a Cupid, just crossed home plate, pop up, hop up, move-it-to-the-right, lookng good tonight! Cubano Slide…Baby!!

      Right after I make my afternoon cup of Carmel Craziness and spark another Biscotti…


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