Youth is Wasted on the Young

Jackie Robinson Day Clinic

Will the Dodgers get younger in 2017?  How young are the World Champion Cubs?  Let’s explore some of these questions in this post.

When Bud Selig busted the PEDS users (probably the only good thing he did for baseball), that changed the dynamic of aging in baseball.  Time was when you could keep your body going quite some time after you learned the fine art of hitting a baseball.  I’m looking at you, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds.

In the post-PEDS environment, you need to (1) figure out your craft, whether it’s pitching or hitting, (2) play as much as you can, (3) have some long time off while you’re recuperating from a Tommy John surgery (think Walker Buehler), (4) try to get your six years of MLB in to earn your right to free agency, and (5) make some hay while the sun shines after you sign your free agent contract.  Not many players will be able to continue injury free through all of this.

Let’s take a look at the 2016 Chicago Cubs.  They had tons of young position players, including Kris Bryant (24 years old), Anthony Rizzo (26), Addison Russell (22), Jorge Soler (24), and Jason Heyward (26).  Their pitchers?  Not as much.  Their youngest starter was Kyle Hendricks (27).  Their bullpen featured four relievers under 30 – Hector Rondon (28), Trevor Cahill (28), Travis Wood (29), and Justin Grimm (27).

What about the 2017 Dodgers?  The old men we know – Chase Utley (38), Rich Hill (37), and Adrian Gonzalez (35).  Where are the young guys?  Okay, we’ve got some young guys – Julio Urias (20), Corey Seager (23), Joc Pederson (25), Yasiel Puig (26), and Yasmani Grandal (28).  That doesn’t even count the almost-30 crew:  Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Kenta Maeda, and Pedro Baez – all will be age 29 at mid-season.

Which other young players are ready to step up and contribute?  Cody Bellinger(21)?  Ross Stripling (27)?  Andrew Toles (25)? Alex Verdugo (20)?  Walker Buehler (22)?  Alex Wood (26)?

What say you?  Will 2017 see enough young quality Dodgers mixed with a few wily veterans that will propel the Dodgers to a World Championship?



38 thoughts on “Youth is Wasted on the Young

  1. Call Me Crazy
    Crash you have inspired me…

    I began to rhyme the second line as follows…

    Blame it all on my roots
    I just rolled a hoot.

    But that got me thinking about the Guggs and all that loot.

    So here is my attempt to re-write, a re-write…

    This one is for our

    Beloved Friends in Low Places

    Blame it all on blue roots
    Guggs got the fucking loot
    I think it’s time to call on the Bear
    He’ll throw a few blows
    Heads will begin to roll
    Growling motivations > than Magic’s tie-dyed hair
    OMalley said goodbye
    All Frank did was lie
    Count’em 8, unlike 88
    World Series dreams slowly die
    Bear and I bleed blue
    And we’ve got some news
    These early exits

    Our beloved friends in low places
    Sights set on that crown
    Down in our Dodger Oasis
    (Crowd hollers)
    Ready to prove you can fuckin’ play
    (Crowd hollers)
    Y’all can play can’t ya?
    Can’t ya’
    (Crowd sings)
    Maybe we all should just light up another J
    Cause we’re not hip to finishing second
    Play this one out
    Dodger Oasis – To the Ring
    Don’t make Bear beat ya’ with his damn bat
    Save face
    Oh, I’ve got friends in low places

    © Rock’em-Sock’em-Robot Records

    My version of the song sorta loses it’s country folk vibe from here on out, so here’s another version…

    I hope to finish this before the psychological effects of all this inspiration wears-off…

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        • I kinda lost momentum…

          This new espresso machine takes a bit to fire up…

          I did spark a brownie so I’m making progress…

          Although, the dog and I are house sitting, sorta…
          Every time I let him outside, he comes back to a different damn door.
          I try calling him, but I might as well just holler
          Cause he is non responsive to my commands…

          Not to mention I grilled ribs the other night, so now, he just stares at me like are you gonna fire that hibachi up again…

          Little fuckers pissing me off this morning…


        • Ahhhhhhh

          Walk the walk
          2nd inning and this joker’s a disaster
          Kashmir Katie’s straining
          Time for you ta cag’er
          Burning down the mound

          Rock’em and Sock’em, but don’t roll over
          That’s right
          McCarthy and Ravin are bound to be better
          Or Wood
          Jerry Reuss?
          Burning down the mound

          Hershiser snippets
          Man this is bad
          Time for jumping overboard
          No-Maahh ‘Da Hit-Taahh
          Has seen enough
          Rally Mummy shredding the guitar
          Hills blister
          Charley cries

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  2. I wonder if the “Baseball Boogie Bunch” ever get together at some strobe-lit dive , wearing the “Satin Colors” and have a Karaoke and Dance Off??

    Just by looking at Honeycutts moves…I’m guessing he could fight, three? Maybe four of dem bikers at once?


  3. Grandal has been in the news a bit this season. He came to camp a vegetarian and 20lbs lighter. There is an over-under going on about when he will eat meat (Doc has the under). He’s also been working on becoming a better hitter from the right side.


  4. I wonder if we’ll get to see an intention walk today, or shall I call it a non pitch automatic intentional walk or an EZ pass.
    Take your base.


    • Maybe Kershaw is gonna intentionally walk the first 3 batsman, before finishing the 1st inning off with 3 straight K’s?

      You know – Just to show Metropolis whose boss!!


  5. A look from the other side…


    On facing Kershaw today

    That’s awesome,” Fulmer said. “I’ve been watching him pitch since I was a little kid. I’m definitely pumped to see him out there. It’s going to be awesome.

    The White Sox also announced Friday they have signed 25 players to one-year contracts, including Fulmer. Carlos Rodon’s one-year deal for $600,000 is the highest of the bunch.

    What Renteria looks at in Spring games.


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