Greedy Guggs Want Cash


The Guggenheim Partners and other Dodger owners have decided that it’s time for them to take some cash out of the Dodgers.  They are looking to sell a minority ownership of the Dodgers franchise, but not sell any of the controlling interest.  Sounds like certain tech companies that invent a new type of stock which has no voting rights.

The Guggs think that the Dodgers are now worth $2.5 billion, as opposed to the $2.1 billion that they paid.

I can’t imagine what this board thinks of this prospect.  In the past, we’ve joked about buying a piece of the Dodgers.  But that was back when the Dodgers were going bankrupt.  Now is your chance to invest in this bloated baseball baby, and get nothing in return.

More pictures:  (1) here are all of the owners:


(2) Here is the Cash they are looking for:



44 thoughts on “Greedy Guggs Want Cash

  1. The Guggenholes are greedy business-people assholes, not BASEBALL people. They ought to be blown up, not rewarded with more cash out of their enterprise and the fans’ pockets.
    FUCK the bastards forever!

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    • The Guggs aren’t here for the fans, they are in it for the money. They are not baseball people. They are business people. They will be fine if the Dodgers never win another WS. Just put a decent team on the field and keep the stadium full.

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  2. Jamie McCourt might be interested, but only if she could buy inyo Frank’s share of the parking. As for me, nothing this current regime does would surprise me when it comes to finances. Wake me when the people of Los Angeles, who’ve been rabid supporters since 1959, can watch the team on TV.


  3. Doesn’t much matter what any of us think about this. All that matters to me right now is can the Dodgers win another division championship and get to the WS.

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  4. The truck is heading out of Dodger Stadium on its way to Camelback Ranch with the team gear. Pitchers and Catchers Report in six days!


  5. Well, looks like the blog is asleep. Dodgers re-sign Utley and right-handed outfield bat Franklin Gutierrez. Says a lot about the Dodgers’ concerns for the health of Van Slyke and Thompson. Deals cost the Dodgers nothing but contracts, and hey, they’re selling shares of the franchise to get pocket money, anyway. Next order of business? But of course, FIX THE TV!!!!!


  6. I like the fact that the Dodgers are using a lot of (re-signing). When you have a team that keeps flirting with going all the way every year I think it’s a good idea of sticking to your guns.


  7. These two signings indicate that the Dodgers are swinging for the fences, they want to go all the way. Gutierrez has hit lefties well all his career. Utley is a team leader and can continue in that role coming off the bench.


  8. Let me see if I’ve got this right…

    We re-signed Turner. Re-signed Hill. Re-signed Jansen. Re-signed Utley. Swapped out Romo for Blanton, and Forsythe for Kendrick.

    So essentially we have the same team this year that failed to take the next step [again] as last year.


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  9. Beav, such lack of faith. Did you really expect the team to make wholesale changes? If they had minor league prospects to play second or third perhaps Turner goes elsewhere and Forsythe never signs. But the Dodgers did not have better options, at least not yet. Are they taking a chance with both these players, as well as Utley and Gutierrez? Every signing is taking a chance. That is the job of the GM/front office: take calculated risks. We will have to wait and see if the risks pay off. As a fan, I am hopeful.


    • Pitching Birk. Pitching.

      Bullpen’s the same, meaning Jansen and not much else, and unless you have faith Hill can give you a full season at 37/38 at the level he’s pitched at the last couple years, the staff is nothing but a bunch of injury prone types and rookies. Urias will be OK, but expecting much more than a good #4 starter from him at only 20 is setting the bar rather high. Stewart can be a innings eater, but himself is at best a #4 or 5. McCarthy exactly what everyone thought he was – an injury waiting to happen. Kazmir is nothing but a sheep in Wolff’s [old] clothing [or uniform.] Ryu’s toast. Wood’s intriguing, but is a #4 at best.

      I’ll grant the position players/bench is better, but without pitching it’ll be the same old tired shat assuming they make the playoffs.


  10. At the beginning of ST last season. Kazmir was penciled in as the hier apparent to follow Kershaw with Maeda as #3.

    This season Hill is the heir apparent to follow Kershaw, with Maeda #3.

    Better – Yes or No?


  11. The Dodgers came very close to getting to the World Series last year and were not to far back the year before. I can’t think of anything better to do than to bring back, just about, the same team this year. This just might be the year.


  12. Crowded outfield again, The gutierrez signing is a puzzle to me. Sounds like some trade bait in the conjuring.
    Lets put it this way if Puig, Toles, Dre, SVS or Joc get on the DL, a replacement is ready. Pitching is a patch work, really no solid pitcher after kershaw, at least not in the grienke mold, Rich Hill can do great until the blister comes or worse, Maeda was the most impressive pitcher last year as he went the distance without injury, Urias will have his chance now, both concern me as July goes to August, and still more of a season to get through. Grandal is a wildcard to me, I hope he stays healthy, and when healthy is productive. And really sergio romo in Blue, Im sure his dad is happy, for me I will wait and see, If he impresses me than he is doing good, You all know my prejudice about those washed up gnat players.


    • To own the Dodgers and NOT have games available to the public on TV is a breach in ownership, in my humble, proletariate opinion. But like Magic said, it’s not hurting their brand. Horrid, horrid owners and I don’t care if they win a thousand championships. As I’ve said a billion times on this blog, winning a championship lasts maybe a day or two, complete with some bogus little parade. But baseball is a fine liqueur that is sipped daily for six long months…it’s the journey, not the destination. Sad, pathetic, greedy, non-empathetic, dismissive, haughty, condescending…any other adjectives out there fill the bill?


  13. I think the TV is out of the Dodgers hands. They took all the money(go figure) and it is now in the hands of TimeWarner or whomever paid all the money to get the rights…


  14. Sounds like our old buddy Sands can hit lefties…. Why isn’t he a non roster invitee?

    Outfielder Jerry Sands has signed on with the indy ball Somerset Patriots, per a club announcement. While plenty of former big leaguers land in the independent leagues — with a fair number making it back — it’s quite a surprise to see Sands take that route at this stage of his career. The 29-year-old Sands has seen action in five MLB campaigns, including last year with the White Sox, compiling a pedestrian .238/.303/.367 batting line in less than 500 total plate appearances. But he has handled lefties at a productive .285/.335/.477 clip in the majors and has been rather productive during his six seasons of action at Triple-A (.266/.351/.478). Sands did fall well shy of that mark during his time at the highest level of the minors in 2016, though, which may explain why he failed to attract a strong enough opportunity to land with an affiliated club.


  15. While the news (or really, no news) about the TV deal continues to be a big disappointment, I am still not convinced the Dodgers could not have done something in the early days of this situation when they realized other systems would not pay the price. Perhaps at this late stage there is not much they can do and that is too bad. I also don’t think Charter/Spectrum really much cares; they didn’t make the deal and probably used the losses from the deal when the price for the purchase from Time Warner was negotiated. Still seems reasonable to negotiate some sort of compromise to put some of the games on regular broadcast TV but there does not seem any interest in that either.


  16. I think the Dodgers could do something to get the games on TV, exert leverage of some sort. T/W has bought the rights and the team has no real legal standing as far as I know, but you’d think they would come up with something. This just aint right, and it certainly does leave kind of a sour smell coming from ownership. Like I’ve said earlier, it doesn’t effect me one way or the other, but this is wrong.


  17. Knowledgeable Dodger fans have been streaming the games online, almost from the out-set.
    I’m certain the Guggs and their lackeys have knowledge of this…i.e. “It’s not hurting the Dodger brand!”
    It’s somewhat just an annoying inconvenience at this juncture.
    An inconvenience that will eventually force the one losing the most, to break…


    Then report to (Field 59 & 1/2)

    It’s time to play a little catch…

    Kahli – Magic wants to see you in his office!


  18. Rest assured the Guggs have weighed the legal and collateral costs of forcing the TV issue vs. the extra revenue it would bring them in merchandise, etc.. Obviously it isn’t worth it to them.


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