February’s Pitching Surplus

The futures so bright I gotta wear shades

Yeah, I’m doing alright, getting good grades.

The Dodgers have an abundance of quality arms whom will soon be assembling upon the Ranch.

Kershaw leads this group, just as he would with any group, as he has undoubtedly been the best pitcher in all of baseball for a few seasons now…So adding a World Series to his list of accolades has to be approaching the urgency stage.

The supporting cast if healthy at the closing of camp should include



Urias – albeit his youth has created some innings concerns that will need to be dealt with.

Even after successfully lubricating and adjusting the above mentioned arms. The Dodgers will need to find a 5th/6th/7th etc…

McCarthy, Ryu and Kazmir have experience.

Wood, Stripling and Stewart are cutting teeth so to speak.

Also invited to camp in an attempt to strengthen the troops will be a plethora of lesser known arms. 

Somehow and somewhere along the way…

 The Dodgers need to assemble a surplus of October Wizardry!!!

49 thoughts on “February’s Pitching Surplus

  1. I went to bed last evening trying to think of some good topics for early discussion as we embark upon the 2017 Dodger baseball season.

    So far…

    I’m liking what the front office has put forth… I still believe that having 3 world class gunslingers on the mound come October is the best way to propel your team to it’s goal, but in doing so bestowing prudence is probably wise.

    I also have no real clue as to how long “Friedman and his Zaidi” have to acquire “The Commissioners Trophy”?
    Is it possible they could bestow longevity without bringing a ring?

    Doc and his coaching crew did a fabulous job last season. The new aura showed an abundance on and off of the field. He directed his pitching staff to be among the league leaders in many categories.
    I really don’t know if you could ask him to do a better job, although obtaining better results would certainly be in order.


    • Last seasons success came about through the use of an abundance of unproven youth. That youthful abundance, will still be young and unproven heading into the Spring. Capable again, perhaps? We shall soon see…


  2. I exercise caution, with relying on 2016 performance. Yes Doc rallied the team, the team rallied around Doc, all with Kershaw on the shelf, it was amazing. Yet, don’t forget as well as Dodgers did at critical breaking point, the division was handed to us with the uncharacteristic breakdown with Bochy’s boys in Norcal. I dont think that will happen this year, and the snakes look like they might bite this year, so winning the division will require healthy, happy and productive Dodgers. Then if the Dodgers get to the post season, the usual suspects will be there also, Remember the Nationals, yea that Kershaw, had to perform his first save, to barely get past a game 5 Cardiac arrest, as Kenley was used like never before. and the Cubs will be there, along with Central divison rivals in St. Louis and Pittsburgh, and least not forget the Mets, and there pitching staff. So some real unknowns going into Spring Training, Ryu?, Rich Hill and No blisters, Urias and Meada pitching through the whole season, and what is to come before the closer in the late innings? The 8 men of the field seem to be set, but how will they perform, hopefully no slow start as Grandal and Turner will start healthy, I trust. Gonzo fresh through July, but what about after? Joc, Yasiel and Dre are they up for hitting, lets see. The only OF I dont have concerns over is Toles. I also imagine other teams will focus on how to get Seager out, and I hope they dont. Go Dodgers, all the talent is there, they just need to deliver!

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    • You’ve been with thought, Koufax. I love it!

      Is Toles the real deal?

      Bellinger can play the same spot. Not to say Bellinger is ready, just that he’s not bagging groceries.


      • The 21-year-old was an outfielder until his junior year at Hamilton High School in Chandler, when a growth spurt spurred a move to first, the position at which the Dodgers selected him in the fourth round of the 2013 Draft. For his part, Bellinger remains a little more confident in his abilities at his original position.

        “It’s honestly like riding a bike,” he said. “I feel like I could be a Major League outfielder right now. … I’m all for it, if it means I have a faster route to the big leagues.”

        Article in MiLB’s Toolshed


  3. It’s “nice” to have four consecutive division titles. But winning a division made out of three also rans and the Gnats doesn’t cut it. We need to get into the World Series. We need to win the World Series.

    The Cubs will be a difficult hurdle.

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  4. The expectations are high, as they should be for the Dodgers. The key to any season is keeping guys healthy. The Dodgers have some key players with health concerns but at this point, that is all they are; concerns. We cannot go into the season in fear of injuries and hopefully management has contingency plans. But as Vinny likes to say, Man plans and God laughs.

    The pitching situation will work itself out by the end of spring training. Unless the team makes some dramatic move, which seems unlikely, we will once again see both starting and relief pitching more or less by committee. Yes, there will be some familiar faces expected to carry the load but we all know these guys need help. Is there someone in the minor league system ready to step up when needed? Can Brock Stewart or Ross Stripling force management’s hand by pitching effectively enough this spring to earn and keep a spot in the rotation? Is Urias ready to take that step as well? We will see soon enough.


  5. I’m starting to get REALLY pissed off that another season beckons and the Dodgers, in their passive/aggressive way, remain silent on the TV situation, no doubt content to let it slide–again–as they count their millions. A curse upon the Guggenheim faux owners who don’t give a rat’s ass about the fans except when they buy tickets and hot dogs. Bear, I’m with you. F**K ’em!

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  6. It is very clear that to win a WS you need a great bullpen…. Bullpens have been the difference the last few years… If I recall correctly, the 1988 Dodgers had one hell of a bullpen…. Think about it….


  7. Back from Kauai and it’s a pisser I have to wear shoes now.
    Nothing new on the acquisition front since the Forsythe deal. I had hoped to see Utley back, but I don’t really see him as being essential, but the long season will no doubt have the usual twists and turns and he would come in handy more than once. We’ve got the usual questions about pitching and that’s been accurately covered by lbirk and koufax.
    The TV situation really does puzzle me. Though it doesn’t really effect me, I really can’t understand why the management cannot use some leverage to bring this to a good conclusion.

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  8. Relievers on the current 40 man roster (alphabetical order) – who’s going to step up?

    Louis Avilan
    Pedro Baez
    Grant Dayton
    Josh Fields
    Yimi Garcia
    Chris Hatcher
    Kenley Jansen
    Adam Liberatore
    Vidal Nuno
    Josh Ravin
    Jacob Rhame


    • Avilan – inconsistent
      Baez – enigma
      Dayton – overrated
      Fields – sucks
      Garcia – out for the year
      Hatcher – Brandon League
      Jansen – All World
      Liberatore – fades
      Nuno – sucks
      Ravin – intriguing
      Rhame – unknown

      Quite a bullpen.

      There, I’ve said it.

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  9. I still like the idea of Sergio Romo as set-up man. He’s been a closer, has a wicked slider, and, as a bonus, Dodgers could flip their collective fingers at the Gnats by stealing him away.


  10. I really like you Khali, but that reference to romo irks me. He lost his star position with the gnats for good reason, he sucked. and he laughed after getting bombed,and smirked as bochy pulled him, and up with the praise to the sky as he went to the dugout. Sorry the only gnat I would consider is Posey, but to have zero former gnats is fine with me.
    TV deal, Yeah I dont get either, perhaps it is the cable companies.? The Dodgers lost any control over broadcast rights and price when they made their deal.? so I am not sure that barking at guggs gets dodgers games in your homes in LA. It is a terrible tragedy.

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  11. I’ve seen Romo a number of times on MLB Network. Aside from his talent, good or bad, he seems to have a very likeable personality. I know his personality won’t help much but I have a good feeling about this.


  12. Meant to mention this, but I do like Kershaw’s picture at the top – WITHOUT the beard. At best I think his beard looked scraggly; at worst it was a piece of shit. So, I hope he keeps it off. Of course, the way he pitches, it obviously doesn’t matter either way.


  13. Looks as though Romo will be wearing Blue this year. He’ll look funny at first, like Kent did, but I imagine I’ll get used to it. Kent did a good job for us and Wilson gave us one good year, so I’m thinking we could get the same from Romo. Anyway, he’s ours now. I wonder if the FO will lose interest in Blanton now. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they signed him too.


  14. Romo is an intriguing signing, one that makes sense on paper given his success against right handed hitting. I am sure we have all seen his remarks about how a change of scenery might help him and who knows, he might be right. Remember, players are loyal to whichever team pays them. And fans quickly forget what happened in the past when a player who was formerly despised comes in and helps the home team.

    I am still not sure what role the Dodgers had or still might have with regards to the TV situation. It does seem within reason the Dodgers could do something but one problem is the people with whom they made the deal are no longer in charge. In any event, the money keeps flowing into the Dodgers while Charter/Spectrum and its rivals seem to have little interest in changing the status quo. Any of us who have cable or satellite TV should know that a good portion of our bill goes to pay for sports programming. Those of us who watch sports probably get our money’s worth but those who don’t have a legitimate complaint about paying for something they do not want.


  15. I’m finally understanding, at least I hope I’m right. That Romo is waiting to sign with a team, AFTER he finishes playing with the Mexican team.


  16. Boy! I turn my phone off for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose. These were the most entertaining comments the blog has seen in quite sometime…

    I hear they may replace Nomar and Orel with Kuiper and Steiner next.


    • Honey cannot cure the ex-Gnat ailment. So the question is, which ex-Gnat will Romo be like? Jason Schmidt, Juan Marichal, Jeff Kent, Juan Uribe, or Brian Wilson?


  17. Given Beav’s review of the bullpen, I wouldn’t mind adding Blanton in addition to Romo. That would give us at least two reliable(?) set up men for Jansen. Add in Grant Dayton and Alex Wood as the lefties, then we’ve got a decent five-man bullpen that can be supplemented by Ravin, Baez, and Liberatore. Without Blanton, the pen looks quite a bit weaker.


  18. hey if this romo cat pitches well, great, I support those in the dodgers blue, but only for so long, I think he will look much better in the new uniform, but oh my god , I will still have images of halloween colors. AT $3M one year, that is incentive to pitch well with a team with kershaw and WS aspirations!


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