Waiting for the Sun


31 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun

  1. Reflecting on Neil Young’s Old Man song – now that Logan Forsythe is our second baseman, there’s no need to sign up Chase Utley for another season. With Utley gone, who’s the old man on the team? Rich Hill – he will be 37 years old on Opening Day.

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  2. Utley will be missed as a teammate and Corey Seager certainly benefited by being around Chase. However, Utley’s bat disappeared late in the season and the Dodgers need an additional right handed bat in the lineup so Forsythe seems like a good move.

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    • I agree whole heartedly. Chase may be back, but only if he can accept a lesser role. He was a team leader last year, and really helped by showing Seager the ropes around second base.


  3. It looks like, according to most of my reading, the Dodgers are thinking of bringing Utley and Blanton back, but I don’t see anything said about Howell.


  4. Sun Valley, Idaho

    This has been the longest, snowiest winter of my life…more snow tomorrow. Then the local barometer will peak above 40° for a while. I’ve had one broken pipe so far, plus some standing water in the basement?

    Gonna try and post a new thread again soon…


  5. It is very clear that to win a WS you need a great bullpen…. Bullpens have been the difference the last few years… If I recall correctly, the 1988 Dodgers had one hell of a bullpen…. Think about it….


  6. GM School 101

    First lesson.

    Don’t make a stupid trade like the Dodgers did with the Red Sox and take on tons of salary to get a first baseman. There were plenty of them out there…


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