Fix The TV!!!!!!!!!!


You’re not fooling me, Dodgers.  I check the internet every day to see if you’re doing anything about it! So come on, Magic, let’s bring Dodger baseball back to those kids!!!


56 thoughts on “Fix The TV!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I agree, kahli. It is a sacrilege, plain un-American that a major league team in this age should not have regular availability on TV for its games, and the greedy have maintained that untenable position for too long. The Guggenheims are obviously not going to help by kicking back some of the millions they’ve stashed away. At this point I’d have to look to Charter to remedy the situation on behalf of the Los Angelinos. After all, they were willing to take over Time Warner’s position, and they must have clearly recognized the problem with the Dodgers’ lack of exposure in a very major market. Charter had the clear opportunity to adjust their paying price for Warner so as to allow a more reasonable price for Dodger games in the marketplace. You could say that it was almost their duty to do so, or else some regulatory agency should have insisted on it before they allowed the Warner take-over deal to proceed. After all, how many fans are being affected in the greater LA area, and is that not a valuable constituency for settling this persistent TV problem? So, let’s get it done before the season starts – eh, Charter?

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  2. Spectrum does not seem interested in altering anything and is more interested in broadband and internet. Time Warner used to be somewhat felxible with customers over threats to leave where from what I understand from friends who have tried, Spectrum does not. And to ask Majgic to get involved is almost laughable at this point in time. What dóe he do for the Dodgers or fans? Was it not him who said the Dodger brand had not been hurt by the TV issue when asked about it last year? In any event, I do agree this is still a big problem.

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  3. It’s strange, but it seems those of us out of town Dodger fans see more of the Dodgers on TV than those of you in the area. Albeit we pay more. It’s really a shame that this is lasting so long.


  4. Well, Forsythe is no Dozier, and I commented before what I thought of settling for the also-rans in the 2nd base chase. However, I’ll hold my fire on the typically .250 plus hitter until we see how he performs in the Dodger blue, especially if he’s adept at being a lead-off hitter. I’m thinking that the really cold weather of this winter must be getting to me – I feel kind of mellowed out. Can’t wait for Spring Training to begin to get the old blood boiling.


  5. Forsythe has career averages of a .255 hitter with decent power and RBIs. But as a leadoff hitter? He has never stolen more than 9 bases in any season and averages less than six. Funny, the Dodgers are getting away from base stealing–and their manager was a base stealer. Whatever. I guess if Deleon wins the Cy Young it’ll be a crummy trade. But for now, it is what it is: a serviceable second baseman on a team with its Kershaw window slowly, ever-so-slowly closing.


  6. Roberts and Friedman are familiar with him so I suppose I’ll be optimistic. He’s been labeled a grinder that plays the game the right way and he fills several needs. We’ll see. I hope there’s still a place for Utley.


  7. Forsythe does not have the eye-popping 42 HR stat that Dozier had in 2016. But Forsythe does have many redeeming qualities:
    (1) 37 HR over the past two seasons,
    (2) over his career he hits lefty pitchers well (.818 OPS),
    (3) good defender at 2B, and
    (4) versatile – has played all infield positions in the majors with good fielding percentage at all four positions.

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  8. Forsythe 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    Grandal c
    A-Gon 1b
    Puig rf
    Pederson cf
    Toles/Thompson lf

    That’ll get us some runs.

    ??Brock-em/Sock-em?? or Stripling??

    Now we need another reliever.


  9. Hyun Jin Ryu is pain free at the moment. Not sure what that means in terms of his ability to come back. Previous to today, I had written him off, so any positive news is a bonus.


  10. Forsythe seems like a decent player and comes at a reasonable price. Clearly Dozier would have cost the Dodgers more which would go against how Guggenheim wants to operate. These trades have to be understood by the situation that led to the trade, not what happens after. Hopefully this deal works for both clubs and the players.


  11. Carlos and Jose are no longer riding the train… The 40 man has been revised.

    Welcome aboard Eibner and Forsthye…

    Sounds like a new breed of muscle car…

    The 2017 Eibner-Forsythe RS

    Test drive one today at Dodger Stadium.


  12. I think I read that Logan has been a utilty infielder in the past. Playing third in his younger days.

    The addition of Eibner gives you another young guy who can play center.

    Who’s backing up Corey at SS. Plus Turner at 3rd?

    Sign Blanton…


  13. Seager started 155 games at SS.

    Turner started 144 at 3rd.

    Culberson’s no longer on the 40 man.

    Kike started 5 at 3B and 2 at SS.

      It’s fairly important to keep
      Turner and ROY

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  14. It looks like the Dodgers are doing all they can to combat their weakness against left handed pitching. Here hoping they can do it.


  15. Kike used to be a good hitter against left handed pitching. Let’s hope he remembers how to do that, and then he can be a bench jockey who mostly plays infield and only starts against lefties. The outfield is crowded, which is fine, since we have no outfield superstars. Each player will need to earn his spot on the 25 man roster during spring training.


  16. Bellinger is 6-for-11 with three home runs in three games since joining Triple-A Oklahoma City for its playoff run.

    This would seem to point toward Bellinger opening 2017 in Triple-A and potentially making his big league debut next year. Overall for the year, he’s batting .271/.365/.507 with 26 home runs and eight stolen bases. Bellinger just turned 21 in July, but he’s already looking like the team’s first baseman of the future. Adrian Gonzalez is signed through 2018.


    • We’ll see Bellinger in LA sometime around July or August of 2017, playing in left field. He will win the 1B job during Spring Training of 2018.


        • I was at the Christmas Parade (wearing my LA cap) this year when a black guy walks up to me (I only say this because living in Idaho, rarely does this happen) speaking French. (Again, rarely does this happen.) Ivan was the French mans name. Ivan said, I was “cool”, so I offered him a seat. We sat and chatted for about 2 hours. He claimed to work for the semi-conductor place just outside of town. Drove a Porshe old Ivan did. The more we drank, the better Old Ivans English became…until he whispered his real name to me softly so no one else could hear…

          I was drunk so the next day I was trying to remember his last name….

          Turns out Ivan was a local ballplayer whom was underage. A really good ballplayer from Cali. He spoke pretty good French too…


    • I watched him and Belinger on YouTube yesterday. Calhoun has a stocky frame with agility and bat speed.

      Belinger is a tall, lean kid who has a tight, powerful swing…kinda like Joc.


    • I’m looking forward to Calhoun as well. I don’t think he’s ranked very highly by the experts, but I note that each year he seems to exceed their expectations. Seems to me that kind of attitude and self-improvement is what we need on the ballclub, so I hope he surprises and continues to exceed everyone’s expectations.


  17. The snow hasn’t melted away yet. It’s still below freezing…

    I’m baking brownies…and researching baseball again today.


  18. I’m gonna see what I can find out about


    Yesterday, I watched that skinny kid who can “hum the rawhide” over 100mph…

    He had a nice off-speed pitch too.



    • One of the coaches has been working with him…

      It’ll be interesting to see him in the Spring. The more fluid he can become, the sooner he will be in good throwing position. He’s a portly brew…


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