Conversation Piece

A smile only the Rally Mummy could love


Hey Batter-Batter!



10 thoughts on “Conversation Piece

  1. Other than my father.

    There were a few men I looked up to growing up.

    Here they are in chronological order.

    My Pops
    Bobs Big Boy
    Steve Garvey
    Don Drysdale
    Tommy Lasorda
    Orel Hershiser


  2. More speculation/news filtering through…

    Rosenthal Reports

    Dodgers have been searching under the couch cushions for a second baseman. They are currently 32 million over the allowed payroll threshold according to Cots Contracts. With a three tiered tax penalty on the horizon.


  3. Jeff Bagwell – retired in 2006 at 38.

    BA – .297
    HR – 449
    RBI – 1529
    H – 2314


    A-Gon – 34 in 2016 and counting…

    BA – .291
    HR – 308
    RBI – 1146
    H – 1954


    • 141 home runs shy – at current pace he’s looking at just under 8 more seasons.

      383 rbi shy – at current pace he’s looking at just over 4 more seasons.

      360 hits shy – at current pace he looking at just over 2 more seasons.


  4. Speaking of Steve Garvey, it doesn’t look like the Dodgers have had any HoFers in recent years. It truly makes it a very big honor to have your number retired by the team.


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