The Journey



2005 – 2016

5 Division Championships


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  1. Imagine a train of youth leaving the Dodgers Complex in Vero Beach, (circ. 2005 – Present Day).

    Imagine all the dreams that have embarked upon this journey during the time-span.

    Soon this time-span will duly-notate the train arriving at Camelback Ranch – Glendale, with 40 men aboard.

    Each of them with a vision…


    • Totally overrated and not worth what we paid to get him. It was a bad deal from the start. Except for Boston… If you see it otherwise, I think you are delusional……


      • How do you propose to replace his 90 runs batted in?

        Not to mention doing it without messing up the chemistry part. He is well liked and a leader in the clubhouse.


        • Just kidding Wally. I belong to no affiliated political party…I believe in simplifying things through common sense…not complicating them through added agendas.

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  2. I read the article…the creator makes some good points. Points that have been made by at least Beav and most likely others as far as him being akin to a Clydesdale pulling a beer truck.

    In my opinion he is still a key componet towards winning. Not only does he run as if he has an anchor attached. He is the anchor that steady’s the line-up. He battles through adversity year after year…like I said slumps happen to everyone…not everyone can pull through them successfully. A-Gon always does.

    As far as the trade to acquire him…can you say for sure that Crawford being attached is the reason the Dodgers have won exactly zero World Series since then? Cause that was the idea behind the trade. I’m under the impression that not strenthening the pitching staff heading into September was a bigger factor.

    As far as the money goes…there has been plenty of cash squandered along the path during this time.


  3. 9 am and it’s already 16° outside.

    I might have to move some snow and get a game of pepper going out by the barn.


  4. So rumors are suggesting Kinsler is getting some attention from Friedman and crew. The Tigers are said to want Bellinger, plus Kinsler wants an extension to come to the Dodgers.

    If the price for Dozier and Kinsler are comparable…who would you prefer?


    • If you can’t land Dozier without giving up Bellinger, then forget trying to get poor substitutes and make do with what you have in the farm system. If the price for Dozier and Kinsler is comparable, somebody is doing a real snow job on behalf of Kinsler, especially with pushing an extension. If Friedman and crew can’t recognize that, the best answer is to trade Friedman and crew.

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    • Bellinger is a keeper. He will play two or three months in Oklahoma City this season, then move on up to LA, playing in the outfield and at first base. He will take A-Gon’s job in 2018.

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  5. This is a segment I shall call…

    Re-hashing the Good-Ole-Days!

    Remember when Puiggy was estatic about breakfast at Denny’s.


  6. Who do you think would be best equipped to pull off a filibuster as a member of the United States Senate.

    a) Steiner
    b) Bulldog
    c) Nomar
    d) Davis


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