Right Where We Belong


Dodger Baseball 2017 & Spring Training

 will soon be kicking things into gear…

Pitchers & Catchers report to camp on

February 15th

 The first full workout will take place on

February 21st


23 thoughts on “Right Where We Belong

  1. Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!

    For those who cannot make Fanfest

    DB@DBTB will be conducting “2017 Rally Bum” tryouts

    As well as searching for a new group…
    Cast in the likeness of “Charlies Angels”

    We shall call them…

    Mo’Jocs Warriors

    “Once upon a time there were a bunch of young girls aimlessly wandering the streets of LA…
    And they were crying uncontrollably.
    But I took them away from all that!
    And now they root for me!
    My name is Mo’Joc!”
    (cue theme music)
    (Show clip of girls)
    [phone rings]
    (Girls answer)
    “It’s Mo’Joc, Ladies, & It’s time to go to work!”


  2. It was 0° at sun-up.

    An hour later it was -2°.

    It has warmed all the way up to 11°.

    The 15 day forecast says 35° will be the high temp during this period. The ice and snow has yet to melt…

    My fucking nose is cold!

    Bring on Spring
    Bring on the Ring
    LA in 2017

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  3. Thanks for putting up with me today folks…

    I spent the weekend with Little Bubba and he has recently learned how to negotiate the stairs…which really gave me a workout, as I’m his side-kick and go where he does.

    I can’t wait to teach the little guy about baseball, and basketball too.

    I put my baseball room remodel on hold, due to having 2 feet of snow surrounding the house.

    Not to mention the sub freezing temps…

    I need to dismantle or demo two walls. Then build a small pony wall to fasten the couch/bed I am building for Bubba in it’s place. This becomes three times as hard out in that much snow…

    Bubba loves the baseball room.


    • According to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register, Seager has affectionately been given a Rookie of the Year nickname: Listen closely this spring and you’ll occasionally hear Seager referred to by his new nickname – “Roy,” as in Rookie of the Year. “I guess I get to take that one over from Joc (Pederson) last year.Mar 8, 2016


      • I grew up in Roy…


        Right next to What I called

        Big D Park

        That old arena was the most enjoyable place I ever played a game of baseball. The only time any of those kids hit me, they had a whisky bottle in their hand. Second base was 3 feet short of the wall and the outfielders roamed the bleachers, also overing the bleachers was a Pavilion style tin roof…Hit it just right and you could crack it over that out into my pasture. I also mowed a short par three along that stretch of grass.

        That place was home to some tough ole cowboys…I’m telling ya’!


        • This is the sign that hangs at the entrance to what was my driveway…

          Back in the late 70’s, early 80’s all the contestants would sleep along this road. Not to mention out in that field behind the sign.

          (Kinda looks like Corey riding that Bull…Wouldn’t ya’ say?)

          Just beyond those trees in the backdrop sat Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


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