“You look at a guy that can dance like he can, and he doesn’t have that same rhythm in the batter’s box,” said Andrew Friedman. “You look at kind of what’s happened year over year over year, and there have been changes, and it becomes muscle memory and it’s a hard thing to untangle. We had some things that we wanted him to work on when he went down to Oklahoma City, and he started making progress on that. It’s hard in-season. What we saw in September was just kind of scratching the surface of that, because he didn’t have that much time in August to work on it. He’s been getting after it this winter, so we’ll see when we get to Spring Training how those changes have kind of taken hold.

“I think the upside is significant, and I think there’s a lot more awareness of kind of what’s expected. I definitely see some real maturation. In terms of how that translates on the field and success remains to be seen. But he’s capable of so much, and I know his teammates want to see him achieve that, we want to see him achieve that, and we’ll do everything we can to put him in a position to do that.”


38 thoughts on “Yasiel

  1. Now that’s a come-back player that we need. An improved and consistent Puig could spell all the difference in our upcoming season, so let’s concentrate on that instead of going through a pile of early PVL’s for that elusive come-back potential.

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    • Hear-here.

      Puiggy’s potential looks to be within grasp once again.

      Just a reminder…Puig still has to produce in order to become a successful addition to the roster.

      I’m not against improving in other areas as well.


  2. Thanks for changing the thread, Kahli.

    I agree that it appears Puig has made some healthy changes.

    Both on and off of the field.


  3. I don’t expect Puig to ever again perform like he did when he first came up. But if he could somehow hit like he did in his second year with the Dodgers, he would be a real solid player for this team.

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    • If things were that bad. He wouldn’t/won’t have access to the big league clubhouse. He may understand this now.

      He was at Kenleys wedding, so he interacts with his peers as well?

      He hits the cut-off man now, so he has shown his ability to evolve, just as he has displayed his continued immaturity.


      • I don’t think he has any room to go backwards in his progression to obtain full potential. I’m not talking about a hitting slump. Everyone has those. I’m talking about staying on track to maximize your value through overall performance.


  4. Going against the grain again in saying…

    I’m rather pleased with the majority of work this front office has given the organization to this point. Everyone makes mistakes…but these guys seem to be on the right track.


  5. Always been a big Puig fan. Having played sports for a long time, there are always going to be teammates that get on your nerves or make bonehead mistakes. But when the chips are down, who performs? Even with all his “troubles” last season, Puig had the highest BA against lefties last season (not counting Culberson and Ruiz who both had minimal at-bats). Talk about a clubhouse cancer, would you rather have Puig or the rumored Braun? I’ll take Puig over Mr. Cheater and, even worse, Mr. Liar from now until doomsday!

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  6. I guess Micah Johnson will not be the Dodgers second baseman in 2017, since they have traded him to the Braves for a player to be named later or cash considerations.


    • Micah Johnson was removed from the 40-man roster a few days ago (designated for assignment on Tuesday…the kiss of death!!!) to make room for Jansen and Turner…that’s probably why the Dodgers waited so long to “officially” announce the two signings.


  7. Believe we have Jose Fernandez from Cuba signed to try to be our second baseman. I suppose the Dozier thing just burned up. Kinzler was another thought, but that is all it is, a thought.


    • Other guys trying to be our second baseman: Enrique Hernandez, Charlie Culberson, Chris Taylor, Willie Calhoun, and maybe Chase Utley (he’ll need to sign a free agent contract).


  8. It’s still a question mark on who’s going to be the Dodger’s regular second baseman, as I write this, but it seems, to me, that there are a lot of options.

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    • If you notice when you click on Carl…you go nowhere! You need to find another blue source to move forward…

      Here’s to moving forward!!


  9. Carl was the biggest loser for the Dodgers since Andruw Jones, except that Carl probably tried as hard as he was capable at the time – Jones was just an incompetent and uncaring asshole.

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  10. Jones WAS just an incompetent and uncaring asshole. The whole time with that stupid smile on his face.
    If there ever was a player I wanted to run out on the field and blindside, it would be him.
    Just back from Las Vegas to see Van Morrison. I don’t gamble but I did put $20 on the Dodgers to win it this year. 7-1 odds there at the sports books.

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  11. He did. For the most part he played some of his better known songs that had more of a jazzy, bluesy feel than the way they were originally recorded, but yeah, some blues.

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  12. Why
    Oh why
    Must I always explain…


    Yet to earn a ring…

    That bares the words..

    Hall of Fame…

    I’ll agree that my lyrics need help, but there could be a hit in the making…


  13. In my youth I was known to frequent the clubs…

    Skoochies was cool with the skating rink…

    Me and my roommate “Boonie-Boone Anderson” got lost one night as we were relocating to a new work site. We accidentally crossed over into San Francisco and decided to check-out a dance club we stumbled upon….

    I won’t say I was the only “Honky” stomping through the place…there were a couple of white-girls!
    I was so scared following “Boonie-Boone” through the Palladium that night that I kept knocking his shoes off by stepping on the heels. Boonie-Boone” turned around and said, “Look! I’m just as frightened one of these kids will shoot me, as you are!! Quit stepping on my shoes and let’s get out of here…

    We found our way back across the bridge to Walnut Creek and a safer environment.

    Which reminds me of my old buddy Gilley. We found him one morning sleeping in one of the units we were sheetrocking, so we put him to work…Gilley loved the clubs too…

    Gilley only had two teeth and mumbled like…


    • Gilley would always find a few girls at the bar and mumble (unintelligibly). I’d like to order you beautiful ladies a shot of Crown Royal!! Me and “Boonie-Boone” would have to assist the bartender in getting those poured and presented. The girls would look at Gilly’s smile and walk away laughing…Gilly would end up with 4 shots. Then he’d go find 3 or 4 more gals…Dude would pass out or get kicked out within an hour.


      • About 6 months later Gilley arrived at work with his new girlfriend…

        She only had three teeth and understood everything he said.

        We were all so happy for Ol’ Gilley!!


  14. Boonie-Boone Anderson had a scholarship to play baseball at San Deigo State. He got a little side-tracked and followed a crack rock down the wrong path…Sad too…He had speed like “Flash!”

    And a pretty darn good jab…

    We were like brothers…


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