How about DeLeon and a DeLorean for Dozier?

The Dodgers will agree to wrap the All-Terrain DeLorean to the Twins liking.

 Allow 48 hours for delivery of DeLeon and the newly wrapped all terrain vehicle.


The Dodgers will take delivery of Dozier as is…


59 thoughts on “How about DeLeon and a DeLorean for Dozier?

  1. My Granddad is from Texas!

    Last season we had a few of them, ya’ know, supposed Texas boy’s…

    I’m just wonderin’ if any of them know the secret recipe to my grand-daddy’s fabulous chili?

    He began with “Tabasco-Stew-It-Ground-Chuck”

    You got the hook-up…
    come on through…


  2. I’ll do a flat out back-flop, off a painters roll-away…
    into 24 inches of freshly frozen snow
    in sub-zero weather

    for a



  3. Unfortunately, the twins want good young prospects. I don’t blame them.. It would be great if we could sweeten the deal with Kazmir or McCarthy. Obviously paying part of their salaries…. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out…

    Happy New Year Everyone.. I hope you all had a good one.

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  4. How about DeLeon and we eat one of your bad contracts…. We’re very good at it.. Can you say Carl Crawford.
    We basically ate the Crawford contract to get AGon. I guess they thought they would get some positive WAR from Crawford…. Not a very good decision. Oh well, it’s their money. Waste it how you will.

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      • We do have a penchant for picking comeback players – unfortunately recent results have shown that to be unsuccessful strategy. I would rather bet on guys that are developing and still reaching for their peak performance. Then, if our scouting people are on the ball, we’re more likely to see some people achieving their potential rather than recapturing something they lost.

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    • I agree. Dodgers look like they’re willing to settle instead for Kinsler, clearly second choice and getting past his prime, or the guy from the Rays who’s a proven .250 hitter over several seasons and without much power. There’s a huge difference here between getting Dozier or second or third choice. As for that second or third choice, WHY BOTHER?

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  5. The temps here in Boise rose above 32°, barely. It stopped snowing, but kept on raining. Which froze, so everything is one huge sheet of ice…roofs have been collapsing on carports and greenhouses. They even shut the majority of our Walmarts down due to cave-in scares.

    Crazy cold ass weather.


  6. I would prefer Cutch to Braun. Cutch is younger (30) than Braun (33). Cutch has better character than the cheater Braun. Although Cutch had a poor season last year, I think he can bounce back and produce in the middle of the lineup.

    Puig rf
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Cutch lf
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf
    somebody somebody 2b

    Still a hole at 2b.

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