“You look at a guy that can dance like he can, and he doesn’t have that same rhythm in the batter’s box,” said Andrew Friedman. “You look at kind of what’s happened year over year over year, and there have been changes, and it becomes muscle memory and it’s a hard thing to untangle. We had some things that we wanted him to work on when he went down to Oklahoma City, and he started making progress on that. It’s hard in-season. What we saw in September was just kind of scratching the surface of that, because he didn’t have that much time in August to work on it. He’s been getting after it this winter, so we’ll see when we get to Spring Training how those changes have kind of taken hold.

“I think the upside is significant, and I think there’s a lot more awareness of kind of what’s expected. I definitely see some real maturation. In terms of how that translates on the field and success remains to be seen. But he’s capable of so much, and I know his teammates want to see him achieve that, we want to see him achieve that, and we’ll do everything we can to put him in a position to do that.”