Pop a Top Again, Again, Again & Again





50 thoughts on “Pop a Top Again, Again, Again & Again

  1. Happy and healthy New Year to all and a big thanks for keeping this blog alive.

    The article Dodger4life posted above gives a little insight to the Dodger’s continued reluctance to part with minor league talent to get major league talent. Some might argue this reluctance has cost the team a chance to get into the World Series by refusing to fill an obvious hole in the lineup or rotation while others feel the smart move is to build from within. We all know in order to get value a team has to give up value. the question is how that value is assessed. On that we might never agree.

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  2. Why would the Dodgers expect to get Dozier in a one-for-one deal for DeLeon? Does that make sense to anybody, other than a negotiating ploy? I wouldn’t throw in Bellinger, but we ought to have another one or even two reasonable additional prospects we can throw in – after all, DeLeon hasn’t even been to the big leagues yet, so how does he match up one for one with Dozier. Now, if the Front Office really doesn’t want or need Dozier, that another story. Of course, I’ve never agreed much with this Front Office anyway.

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      • The article also stated no one else was willing to give up anything of DeLeons caliber. So why should the Dodgers up the ante?

        Plus Dozier will have a tough time surpassing 40 home-runs again in 2017. No second baseman has ever hit 40 back to back. If the Twins don’t capitilze this season his value only goes down next season.

        Maybe they hold him back and trade him at the deadline? But DeLeon is an MLB ready prospect. Add another pitch to his arsenal and he’s a damn good MLB pitcher.


  3. happy New Year my friends, true blue devoted fans like yourselves, This blog is cool, so thank you to those that support it, i think between us we have the stats, perspectives and opinions that drive the Dodgers to the world series! A shot of tequila ? Thank you for being You, Dodgers Fans!

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  4. Justin Turner seems to be a great guy. I had a brief encounter with him a couple of years ago during the off season when he was signing autographs at a local shopping center. We showed him some photos of my then 5 year old grandson who had dressed up like Turner for Halloween (they both have long red hair). Turner seemed to get a kick out of the photos and showed them to Kourtney, who was sitting behind him. She smiled and Turner never stopped smiling. He is the real deal and I am glad to have him in a Dodger uniform. He plays hard but he looks as if he is having fun. It is easy to see why he is a fan favorite.

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  5. It’s 24° and snowing…I’m grilling jalapeno, bacon, cheddar burgers drinking tequila chased by beer…in a t-shirt. I really do like the cold as long as the wind is mellow…I shoveled snow earlier…gettin my cardio in.


    • I’ve lived in the Boise area since 1991. This is the most accumulation at one time, I believe, I’ve ever experienced! I’m gonna take a measurment in a few.


  6. I’m a Sooners fan but I’ve lived in Utah for half my life. The Sooners will always come first, though I’d like to see Utah do better in the Pac12. They need to keep their home grown talent in the state instead of heading off to SC and other places. I hope Troy can recruit and lift the program a little bit. Utah has been a good team, they just need a little extra.

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  7. He’s lived in Sacramento most of his life.

    Cleaned out my safe and found this.

    I’m happy for him.

    Welp, I’m back outside cause the snow shovel calls again…


  8. I like the Boise State Broncos in football as well. I’ve ran into so many of the kids…I kinda haft’a. I bumped into a ballcarrier at the Christmas parade. He was a nice young man. From So. Cal too.


  9. I consumed two shots of tequila, followed by 3 beers, all indoors. I think the heat may be getting to me, my heads a little woozy. I’m gonna take the tequila and beer outside and watch the snow cover up my days work.


  10. Whenever I make up a Dodgers all-time greats team, these two are on it. In all actuality it’s just the LA Dodgers. They didn’t actually become my team until ’72, but there was plenty of input from the LA media and I knew what was going on with the team. I’m sure oldbrooklyn would put a much different team out there with all the Brooklyn greats to draw from. As far as Hershiser and Valezuela go, it’s a wash for me. I wouldn’t pick one over the other.

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  11. 2017…and still no TV deal…just in case you forgot. So if the Dodgers settle for yet another mediocre pitching staff…or a little league second baseman, just remember the zillions of dollars they’re reaping from the broken TV deal.

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    • I was reading how the Mariners make around $13M a year without their TV contract and around $38M with it or somewhere’s near… The M’s sell $1.5M fewer seats…


      • Hershiser began a streak of consecutive scoreless innings that threatened Drysdale’s 1968 mark. In his last regular season start at San Diego, he pitched nine more scoreless frames to fall two-thirds of an inning short of the record—but because the game remained scoreless after nine innings, he went back out for the tenth, allowing no runs and setting the mark by a single out, at 59.


  12. I haven’t began a new topic or thread yet.

    My ribs hurt today…just finished digging my truck and I out for the 3rd time!!

    I may actually go somewhere.


  13. I have another idea we might try first.

    It came to me as I forged my way through the slush and ice in order to retrieve necessary rehab equipment.

    Shorter thread is now up.


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