It’s Time to Play “The Big Blue Grocery Game!”

Welcome to the [late] off-season edition of The Dodgers Price is Right. Hosted by Andrew Friedman and his Big Blue Production Crew. 



(Go ahead just sandwich yourself in there between Thad Levin and Paul Molitor, Joe, and let’s hear your bid on another lavish and fun-filled return to Sunny Chavez Ravine!)


Kinda quiet on the homefront these days. There hasn’t been much chatter in the way of acquisitions or in the manner of communication on the blog. So I figured I’d freshen the programming up a little bit.

Joe Blanton has been the latest topic of speculative rumors.

I myself haven’t given much thought as to bullpen make-up. Have you?

Does it even matter with Honeycutt in charge? Ole Honey seems to right the ship no matter what he’s given if you ask me…


35 thoughts on “It’s Time to Play “The Big Blue Grocery Game!”

  1. I have been giving some thought as to J.T. and how he claims making contact out in front of the plate is a big key to his swing and power source.

    I’m no Nomar when it comes to the subject of hitting by any means. It just seems to me that there are only two viable ways to get a jump on the ball in order to make contact out in front of homeplate. One would be to correctly speculate what pitch has just been thrown and the other would be through excellerating your bat speed. Maybe it has more to do with hip rotation or feet position? I have no clue. As of 2016 whatever the case may be? J.T. has it mastered! My thoughts are…Can he sustain both the physical and mental ability at age 32 and beyond to continue being so masterful in the batters box.

    I’m glad Justin is back in Dodger Blue…don’t get me wrong!

    It’s just a thought to break-up the monotony of winter…


  2. So other than Big #74…

    Whom are the other bullish arms currently residing out in the 2017 pen?

    And where do y’all think improvement should be made?

    I personally would like to see B-A-E-Z look more like Pedro and tighten his control up…

    If he can figure that small repetitive function out. It would be a big step towards obtaining the seventh championship.


  3. Question: #1

    Does Adrian Gonzalez aqcuire the numbers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

    Question #2

    What type of numbers does he need?


  4. Hey D4: A Happy New year ahead, 2nd base is the concern, where is Jeff Kent?. Probably the only ex giant in recent memory that I liked.(sans our skipper). many good thoughts on a world champion team. Jansen, Turner, check! 2008 Chase Utley type needed. whatever the the need , the gnats cant be relied on to trip at the AS break, nor will Greinke pitch part of the season, but we will have kershaw all season. Happy New Year all!

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    • Happy New Year Koufax.

      I’m just now beginning to think Spring!

      Tomorrow, I have big plans to clear the 12 inches of snow resting on top of the lid to my bbq off.

      I’m also remodeling the baseball room again. Bubba needs a bed and I still need to paint.

      Always good to see ya Koufax.


  5. Just thinking ahead for the upcoming winter season (which began on 12/21). Next month and February are usually the snowiest around here but March and April may have something to say. But it won’t stop all the baseball news that will continue to pour in.
    Just hope the Dodgers can continue to play post season baseball and maybe even go all the way.
    It looks like we may have a new second baseman. Well I’m looking forward to anything that will happen before spring training.


    • Here in Boise we’ve had several mild winters stacked together. This year the snow seems to of come early…and often. The average snowfall per season is around 14 inches. We usually get about 210 days of sunshine and very little wind. That’s only 70 less than Los Angeles…The temperature differance is enormous though…We usually begin to warm up around end of Febuary middle of March…albeit slowly.

      I seen an advertisment for Fanfest yesterday…so you’d think things would begin to take shape as far as 2017 goes.


  6. As far as Adrian goes. I like the guy. Say what you may about the trade (There was an enormous amount of risk involved especially with Crawford.) But he’s been a solid player for us. He’s a hard worker and even know his production has fallen from his early years. His numbers are still quite good. I wish him longevity and an induction.


  7. Puiggy breakin’ a sweat.

    I seen another article about the Dodgers lead-off options.

    I like Puiggy…and I’ll state my case. If he drops some weight and and becomes leaner as he was when he first came up, I believe it will help him hit better. Puiggy is the type that needs to be challenged. The brass has already laid down the law as far as keeping him focused. He has better overall tools than Tolesy…who is still in his infancy as far as proving he belongs. I think this will be a standout year for Yasiel.


    • Puiggy can be Method Man…he don’t need to hit `em high (He can leave that up to Busta Justin and LL AGrey.)…Yasiel just needs to make solid contact like he did in his 1st season…back then it was as if he was playing softball. No matter the pitch Yasiel would place the ball in a spot that enabled him to reach base.

      The talent is there…


  8. I keep looking for Dodger news but so far this holiday season, other than confirming Turner’s signing, not much seems to be happening not just with the Dodgers but all over the league. Perhaps this is because there is not much out there in terms of high impact free agents and teams probably wanted to see how the new CBA might affect their plans.

    The Dodgers still need to settle second base and the pen. There seem to always be an arm out there but decent everyday second basemen are a bit more challenging to find. I would not be surprised to see Utley back for another year if nothing else is available, assuming Utley cannot find a better deal somewhere else. Did the Dodgers get all they could from him already? It would seem so.

    I still do not understand why people question the trade to get Gonzalez. Yes, the Dodgers had to take Crawford in the deal along with Adrian’s contract but Gonzo has earned every penny even if Crawford didn’t. Does Gonzo have enough for the Hall of Fame? I am not so sure about that but let’s see how he finishes his career. He works hard to stay in shape and hopefully can avoid serious injury.

    Puig is an interesting story. Who can forget his first few weeks in the big leagues and all the excitement? We have been waiting for him to replicate what he did and perhaps these expectations are unreasonable. He still generates a lot of excitement and anticipation. It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

    Wishing all a safe and healthy 2017!

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    • Its numbers Birk.

      Whether AGon has earned his $20M/yr. salary is somewhat debatable, but I’d give him the benefit of the doubt on it so far. Its the added baggage that makes the whole thing a bad trade. Even if you figure Crawford earned 1/3 of his salary, and Beckett earned 1/2 of his (Punto was a wash), then add in the luxury tax associated with the added salaries you have to look at it as: has AGon been worth $40M/yr. and unless he puts up numbers like Trout the answer has to be a resounding no.

      Another way of looking at is, even though they’re getting above league average at 1B, they got below league average in LF and P. That dragged the plus at 1B down closer to league average (or AGon pulled the other two up.) Either way, you can get league average or a tick better for a lot less than $40M/yr.

      There was a reason that Boston got rid of the 4 for so little return.

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  9. Walked to the mailbox this morning. Thought I’d share my view…

    It’s about a 40 yard dash to the mailbox and back…both Ellis and Gonzalez would have lapped me.

    I took a break to snack on some brownies while grooming…I couldn’t remember where I set the clippers after that…I’m sure it’ll come to me at some point.


    • The chain-link fence sits upon a 14 inch curb.

      It’s currently positive 2°. Tuesday, speculation has it dropping down as low as negative 9°.

      I’ll probably grill some shish-ka-bobs & chicken that evening…


  10. I think it is true Gonzalez will wind up in the Hall of the Very good. Someone stated on here the HOF was being diluted and that’s true to a large extent. As far as the trade that brought AGon to us I’ve already commented on. Crawford is what made it look bad and the other three held up their end of the deal. Agon has been a real plus for us.
    Not much lately on a reliever and second baseman. We’ll see.

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    • The whole month of December has been white pretty much…the wipers on my truck were buried under a 4 inch block of ice a few days ago. There is a stalagmite hanging from the roof that is about the size of a baseball bat.


        • Air-conditioning!
          Above water…

          Nana, na, na-naaah.
          Nana na, nana-naaah

          Lifes been good!

          (This is for JHall)

          My post about The Ohio State University & UCLA game wasn’t meant to mess with you and your team…it was just that I’ve been waiting a while for my Bruin basketball team to get-it-together.

          Unless they meet Washington, I’ll pull for your Buckeye football team.
          I hope this isn’t the reason you’ve been silent?

          My cousin coached the Washington QB all through high school. So…you know.

          Good Luck tomorrow…

          Again sorry!


  11. Nothing like a nice, warm, chicken pot pie to warm ya’ up…

    The recipie said to use cookie cutters to decorate the top. I don’t own those, so I had to improvise 😉


  12. New Years Thread.

    I know many of you have already sent greetings towards 2017.

    Feel free to do so again or perhaps just give your wishes for the upcoming season…


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