Dozier..or don’t you?


A lot of chatter about the Dodgers getting Brian Dozier to play 2nd base.  Pitcher Jose De Leon seems to be the sticking point.


37 thoughts on “Dozier..or don’t you?

  1. Don’t know why De Leon would be a sticking point. He’s not a Urias, and I would readily give him up for what I’ve been told about Dozier. I’m sure it would also take a couple of lesser names from our minors, but I understand that Dozier would also be under our control for a while.

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  2. I don’t have a problem with trading Deleon and a couple lesser prospects for Dozier. De Leon’s upside is a #3 starter, and that’s if he keeps developing the next 2 seasons. Dozier’s an immediate upgrade both offensively and defensively, plus he solves the RH bat situation for the next 2 seasons. With the new CBA I don’t know how it impacts compensatory draft picks, but when Dozier goes FA in 2 years, there’s a potential draft pick also that you could draft another pitcher. DeLeone effects what, 180-190 games the next 6 years? Dozier has an impact on a good 300 games the next two years. You put Doz in the line-up and the weakest link is going to be a Toles/Thompson platoon. That’s a pretty solid line-up that could bludgeon an opponent enough to make up for some less than stellar starters, and make for a more entertaining offense which this team could sure use.

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  3. Began my morning (after coffee and well let’s call it a biscotti) looking up RBIs. The old butter & egg man still managed to tie (Turner) for the most on the squad (90). Although in his younger days was consistantly over 100. Then I thought about 2nd base. Theoretically to match production we’de need to reproduce Utley’s (52)…as I’m not certain any other 2nd baseman drove in a run?

    A rather surprising stat was that in under 400 ab, Grandal drove in (72).

    I’ve gotta think if he’s healthy he’s playing. So that leaves Barnes a youngster, sitting a lot. Or platooning at 2nd base. The kid had (81) RBIs in AAA with a BA near .300.

    DeLeon is still growing…but has enough to crack a rotation.

    The additions in any impending trade might be the sticking point – per Beav…per Bear…

    In 16 it was
    Playing the bulk of the position.

    Here’s a list of potentially disposable 2nd baseman if Dozier is acquired.


    Dodgers have options…but Dozier probably adds the most run production. In an area that relies heavily on aging legs.

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  4. Thanks for the new thread Kahli, it’s a good one. I don’t know how Dozier got his power, but it’s been increasing every year since he was drafted at age 22, entered the majors at 25, now has 42 dingers at age 29. I don’t expect him to hit 42 dingers for the Dodgers, what with the marine layer and all, but he could do 30 HRs. His power with the Twins has been steady both home and away. He hits lefties better than righties, that’s a huge plus. He will play every day. His defense is very very good. He is definitely worth a De Leon plus a couple other lesser level prospects. Just don’t include Bellinger in the deal. Get ‘er done.

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    • Dozier can salute the Marine layer as he is crossing home-plate.

      How much friendlier could the Spring/Fall air in Minnesota be?

      I seen an article that matched up park dimensions…they didnt seem to think it was gonna matter much?


  5. It looks like, if not Utley, second base will be a surprise next season. Well it looks like Dozier or somebody else new. I just hope it’s somebody else ~~good~~~.What ever the cost.


  6. Has The Turner deal been finalized? I haven’t seen anywhere that he has actually signed.
    From what I’ve seen, Bellinger is not a kid you would trade away. You’d have to get something very big for any deal he’d be included in.


  7. Speaking of Cody Bellinger, here’s some comparative minor league stats for recent first basemen:

    James Loney hit 38 HRs in the minors up through age 22
    Adrian Gonzalez hit 69 HRs in the minors up through age 23
    Cody Bellinger hit 60 HRs in the minors up through age 20

    The kid has power!


    • MoJoc Warrior swings and misses too much.


      Puiggy has been asked to trim down. A slim and trim Puiggy would get the bat on the ball.


  8. Rumors to this point have both clubs agreeing to DeLeon as the focal point for Dozier. I’d speculate that neither team really needs to be in a hurry and the Dodgers have a wealth of GM capables working on other things. So maybe hold isn’t an entirely bad thing?


  9. Hope y’all had an outstanding Christmas…

    I got to see my grand-daughter for the third time when she came to retrieve her present. I bought her a karaoke machine.

    I asked her for a hug while she was here and she told me only if I could catch her…

    So I guess there’s gonna be some running involved with the young`n’s.

    Anyhow…what the heck was Brandon McCarthy thinking?



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