Jansen and Turner Signed


The Dodgers have signed both Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner to multiple year contracts.  Jansen has been signed for $80 million for five years.  Turner signed for $64 million for four years.

The Dodgers are still looking for a second baseman to round out the team, hopefully one who hits the heck out of left-handed pitchers.


33 thoughts on “Jansen and Turner Signed

  1. …pulling bear’s comment into the new thread:

    December 12, 2016 at 11:40 am Edit
    If Friedman and Zaidi are able to retain both Jansen and Turner, I’ll have to give them a couple of kudos, as uncharacteristic as that might be. Overpaid even for an outstanding closer? Yes, but then pretty much everybody who achieves the free agency state today is likely to become overpaid, at least in the final years of the typically long contracts. Hey, and the Guggenholes can afford it, and they’ll just raise the ticket and parking prices anyway. Besides, they’d just as likely overpay any other free agent coming in, and at least I feel like Jansen and Turner are really Dodgers, not just some mercenaries.

    So, well done!

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  2. Shocking. I especially like the Jansen signing because he’s truly one of ours. I read the luxury tax isn’t as bad as what people were reporting.

    If they’d be able to trade for Dozier and pick up a bully arm or two it would look like a pretty formidable team.

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  3. Good news. I don’t know as I would have been brave enough to sign Jansen to five, but I’m glad to keep him and Turner. They are our guys. As far as the money goes, it’s too much, but that’s what it takes in today’s game.


  4. Yeah, I’m surprised. Agree with the above. Shows me the the FAZ and owners are ready to go to battle. Now its up to Turner and Jansen to earn this pay day. Our SP cant compete on paper with Gnats, Cubs, Nats and don’t get me started with the Red Sox, if we meet in October; but there are lesser teams that have won the Ring. I dont think this is the end of the negotiations, still holes to fill, cue up Beatles ” fixing a hole”, and from the same album, now we will how many holes it takes to fill the Dodgers

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  5. I said before as much as we question the tactics or abilities of this ownership/management group, they always seem to come up with something we did not expect and the signing of both Turner and Jansen is certainly one of those situations. Both signings go against what we were told is the basic goal of the organization to not rely on free agents but as has already been said, there can be a big difference between signing an organizations’ own free agents as opposed to players from outside the organization. All of these signings have risks but given the alternatives available, I am glad to see both players still on the team. I do agree these signings still leave some important holes left to plug and it is possible these signings might hamper other moves. I am hoping there are still some good surprises waiting to happen.

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  6. What was the deal with Howie Kendrick? I know he was unhappy platooning. He also was reported to say he prefers playing left field.
    With second base open now, did he or the Dodgers feel that he could no longer field the position? Are the Dodgers looking for more home runs from the 2nd baseman? Howie hit for a pretty decent average with lots of doubles and clutch at bats. I wonder if there was something behind the scenes that we don’t know about?


  7. Why has there not been a confirmation of Turner signing, did Boston swoop in with offer? if 2nd base is our hole, then the kendrick trade is puzzling, with Utley going free Agent, Kendrick could be the 2nd B, but trade we did, and now what? dozier perhaps, kinzler, AAA Hmmm got to beat the snakes and gnats, and well lets do this!


    • I’d imagine Kendrick was part attitude and part he can’t move as a 2Bman anymore. Metrics had him well below average at 2B, and he didn’t like platooning and moving all over the place. Not to mention his hit tool fell off a cliff last year. They already have a better replacement in the OF in a Toles/Thompson platoon, and I can’t see why if they were forced to play Calhoun at second that he’d be any worse on O or D.

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  8. I finally caught a break…

    My grandson Bubba has been recalled by his parent club. I’m happy for him too. It’s been entertaining watching his mind and body give it 110% since being sent down. Truth-be-told, he wore this old-base-coach, PLUM-OUT!!


    I’m also ecstatic to see that Justin and Kenley will be coming back. Both have played the game exceptionally well for us, and well, if anyone deserves more Monopoly money. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better duo…

    On the Hill signing…He is just the #1 guy in a long line of guys backing up Clayton and Julio…who knows, if these two can remain healthy all season, maybe they will finally get that all elusive 3rd guy come August?

    This team is just beginning to climb hurdles towards 2017 and their ultimate goal. I’d say they’ll be hard pressed to repeat last seasons performance in the way of battling through injuries. Things such as this, with the caliber of last seasons magnitude, just don’t go in your favor year after year. So getting the pieces in place to assist guys when they go down…will again be a key move.

    They’ve got some aging legs and arms in some key spots…It will be imperative for some of the younger players in other key spots to hold steady, if not grow…

    I’m gonna stick with my assessment that Utley will return and join a youngster, yet to be named? Dozier looks like a good choice to me though.

    As far as money goes…The Wizard in control of Chavez Ravine isn’t from Nebraska…He was once an analyst with Bear and Sterns…and on that note…I’m sure our Stern “Latvian” Bear…will have something to say about his omnivorous brethren…


        • I just read in my local paper…that Boise has finally sold the remaining surplus of homes.

          There is more building going on in my neck of the woods than at any time in the history of this place.

          Wood – Steel – Concrete

          It’s all being erected…everywhere you look.

          Out of state developers have been sitting on much of this land since the crises began. They gobbled up what they could as the ship was sinking.


    • I’m not sure what my grandsons full name is…It’s almost as long as our World Series drought. It has my last name in there somewhere though…for some reason my daughter nicknamed him Bubba.

      Bubba (something-something-something) Bustamante.

      He shoots a basketball left handed. Verdict is still out on which is the dominate arm though. I think it’s the right hand…but he sure don’t.

      We had to take the baseball bat away from him…he broke the TV!!

      I You-Tubed a video of Kerhsaw on the mound…he studied it for a second, then nailed me between the eyes with a golf-ball. Kid cracks me up!!

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  9. I think the organization should add one week to Spring Training. During this week each player will be assigned a fully functional, walking 1 year old. Just the player and the kid, no wives, no girlfriends and no grand-moms. 24/7 for a week…It will teach them how to regain momentum through constant hustle and determination.

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    • Bubba just keeps trying to get to the things I tell him he can’t have. Eventually he will go running by me with said no-no in his hand, laughing his ass off. He’s kinda dumb though…if he wouldn’t laugh, he’d sure get a lot farther. I guess he gets so excited he finally accomplished his goal…he’s just gotta celebrate.


  10. Twice now Bubbas golf ball has rolled between the fridge and the wall. There is just enough room for him to get in there. However once he gets the ball, there isn’t enough room for him to turn his head around and he hasn’t figured out how to walk backwards. So he freaks out. I mean end-of-the-world paranoia!!


    • I moved the fridge…cause taking his golf ball was not an option. I ain’t kidding…he has Cy Young stuff with his golf ball. I think he might be the worlds greatest binky hurler too. Of course he’ll only throw the binky for an M&M. Kids pretty darn strong.


  11. I keep looking to see if Turner’s deal has been finalized and if something is being done about second base and a reliever. Having Blanton and and Utley back wouldn’t be bad, though a right handed bat is the obvious preference at second. Blanton was good for us until the NLCS when he started throwing spinners.
    Maybe it was fatigue, maybe a bad night. I really don’t expect the FO to get another starter, but I didn’t think
    both Turner and Jansen would be back either. An honest to god #3 would be a tremendous boost, but Urias, Maeda and the rest will most likely be filling out the staff.


    • I agree Gritz, I’d like to see Blanton and Utley back. They were both sensational in their contribution to the Dodgers in 2016.


  12. Yimi Garcia had Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow on October 25th. Guess he won’t be in the 2017 bullpen. Don’t know why we’re just hearing about this now. Guess the Dodgers are shopping for more arms for the bullpen.


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