Winter Meetings – Last Day!


Today (December 8th) is the last day of the 2016 Winter Meetings.  The Dodgers still don’t have:

  1. A third baseman
  2. A second baseman
  3. A closer

49 thoughts on “Winter Meetings – Last Day!

  1. I think in the end I would try to somehow top the Marlins offer. I’m not sure what the Dodger organization could offer him to stay in LA other than money.
    After sitting here thinking about this, I wouldn’t offer him more than Miami. I’ve made the comment about monopoly money in the past, talking about having to take on Crawford’s contract, but I wouldn’t keep printing $500 bills to keep Jansen in LA. Too much for too long. Keep shaking the trees and look elsewhere.

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  2. Last year I felt Greinke would not resign with the Dodgers before the season ended and I kind of felt the same way about Jansen this year, especially with the Chapman deal last off season. What kind of message does that send a player, even if the team is just trying to protect itself from losing an important piece? In my simple mind closing a game (that is, coming into a game to get three outs with the bases empty) should not be all that difficult, given the odds favor the pitcher in almost every at bat. However, we know that is just not the case. Just ask the Giants. We also know the current Dodger management team tried to replace Zach with a bunch of lower priced alternatives and we know that did not work well. With the starters the Dodgers have, relief pitching is going to be important.

    All that being said, I do not expect the Dodgers to spend $80 million on a relief pitcher. I do expect them to spend money on Turner, an everyday player for whom they do not have a replacement.

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  3. I think the new CBA agreement effectively puts a $235M hard cap on every team, but because of the of the ill-advised salary acquisitions these last 4 years its particularly going to hamper our team in 2017, not to mention 2018 with the litany of high quality FAs coming available after next season that they may not be able to compete for. They have $56M in dead weight the next two years in McCarthy and Kazmir, and I’d be wiling to bet another $32M with Hill. They can’t afford Kenley and they really can’t afford Turner back either.

    That being the case, IMO in order to accelerate the rebuild AND be able to compete for game changing FAs after next season like Harper, I submit they ought to have a sell off this season, or more accurate, salary dumps. Most notable of the bunch would be Agon, whom could be replaced by either Bellinger, or some combination of Ruf, Dre and SVS for a year until Bellinger’s ready. As strictly a dump, I wouldn’t expect much if anything back for Agon either if the other team would take 3/4 of his remaining contract. They can piece 2B & 3B together, or there are low-priced FAs that could be had for the year. Hell, I’d make Hill available at the trade deadline in 2017 as well.

    Only big contract they’d have then would be Kersh. They pretty much tank this year, get a mid teens first round draft pick out of it in 2018; free up several million if they’ll accept nothing back for Agon, Hill, McCarthy, Kazmir; Andre and Crawford will be off the books; the young core will get a year of experience; and you’ll have 2 fairly decent picks next summer from JT and KJ signing elsewhere. That should free up enough cash to get a couple of good FAs for the 2018 season. At worst you compete in 2019 and beyond, and at best you compete in 2018.


    • I’d agree with all of that logic, provided they also trimmed at least half of the high-priced “talent” out of the Front Office. All of that accumulated brain trust is pure bullshit – a bunch of has-beens not worth a dime on the dollar for what they’re being paid for achieving nothing.

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  4. Kenley Jansen is asking for ridiculous money. No way I would sign him for 5 years or more. Hell, I’m not sure I’d sign Beav or Bear for that long?!?!?!?! I’ll bet the Dodgers could take a hard-throwing kid in the organization and make him a closer. Find me someone who isn’t afraid to throw fastballs for strikes and you’re half way there. Then get Tommy to psyche him up, you know, give him a nickname like Junkyard Dog or Beast. As for Kenley big money brings big expectations. Can’t remember the last free agent pitcher that lived up to huge demands. Remember a guy named Kevin Brown the Dodgers signed…or a guy named Greinke the D-Backs signed? Relief pitchers are even more iffy. Brian Wilson, anyone?

    RIP, Mr. Glenn.


  5. Winter meetings have come to an end. All the Dodgers did was to sign free agent Rich Hill. They could have done that in Los Angeles.


  6. The more I think about, signing Jansen for five years is not a good idea, Sure, I want him back, he’s our guy, but how many closers have you seen that are effective for five years?


    • One – Mariano Rivera. Two – Trevor Hoffman.

      Oh, there were others, but you gotta go back a ways – Lee Smith, Goose Gossage, Jeff Reardon, Rollie Fingers.

      Jansen has already had five good years. What are the chances of five more good years? Slim and none.


  7. Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas! I cannot believe he made it to 100 year old.

    His 1st wife pass away last year at 92 but was only married 1943-1951 and his current wife is 97 and has been married for 62 years. His 1st son Michael is 72 and his 2nd oldest Joel is 69.

    D4life can you delete that 1st post?


  8. New winter meetings, same results. We sit and watch other teams make deals with some very good players. There was an article about how the Red Sox philosophy is opposite to that of the Dodgers. They aren’t afraid to spend some of their human capital of prospects to obtain top major league talent with team friendly contracts. Chris Sale, a left-hander who turns 27 in March, was an All-Star in each of the last five seasons and has a contract that pays him $12 million next year and includes club options at $12.5 million for 2018 and $15 million for 2019. The Dodgers could have had a great pitcher that would perform and also help the salary cap, but that ship sailed. Of course starting pitching is not the biggest need right now.
    It’s not my money, but I can’t see giving 86 million to a closer.

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  9. I too am asking whether somebody can delete the now outdated post under the name VINNY which still comes up on top when you get to our blog site. I agree that he’s worth every tribute that one can find, but having that post continue on top of everything is disconcerting when you have to scroll down to get to the current one.
    Thank you.


  10. Thank you for the clean-cut blog. Does anybody know where that picture of the snow scene and park bench was taken? I’m not a great fan of snow and cold, but since much of the country seems now snow bound, that scene does inspire the calm of the season (or off-season for us fans), and I wouldn’t mind walking and sitting on something like that just to clear your mind and get the feel of the bigger perspective in life.


  11. Interesting comment about the Red Sox not being “afraid” to spend human capital for players with team friendly contracts. I am sure the Dodgers had many opportunities to trade some of their human capital, such as Joc, Corey, Urias, De Leon and others over the past few years but they resisted. I am ok with the team building up the minor leagues and developing home grown talent, which should result in lower payroll than trading away those players for higher priced proven players. I do understand sometimes a team has to give up something of value to get something of value, especially if the player received in such a deal puts the team into a better position to win now. All a matter of philosophy and the only difference between being right or wrong is winning.

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  12. Years ago before free agency, human capital is what the players were, like them or not, they were owned. you know I think Turner is a must made deal, kenley is a need to have deal, but If Im friedman Im not going past 3-4 years so forget five, kenley goes to the Nationals, now what? well Chris hatcher used to do that! Ha! me too


  13. Kenley Jansen’s deal with #Dodgers expected to be for 5 years, source says. @MLB…Per Jon Morosi

    JT looks close to…..12:06pm: Sherman reports that the two sides have been discussing a contract in the vicinity of $64MM in total, though there are some deferrals at play as well

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  14. If Friedman and Zaidi are able to retain both Jansen and Turner, I’ll have to give them a couple of kudos, as uncharacteristic as that might be. Overpaid even for an outstanding closer? Yes, but then pretty much everybody who achieves the free agency state today is likely to become overpaid, at least in the final years of the typically long contracts. Hey, and the Guggenholes can afford it, and they’ll just raise the ticket and parking prices anyway. Besides, they’d just as likely overpay any other free agent coming in, and at least I feel like Jansen and Turner are really Dodgers, not just some mercenaries.

    So, well done!


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