Bud Rhymes with “Mud” Elected to Wall of Shame


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30 thoughts on “Bud Rhymes with “Mud” Elected to Wall of Shame

  1. Selig is a hemoroid on the ass of the Hall… Totally underserving. Our grand old game is gone. Baseball as I grew up knowing it is gone. Baseball used to be my favorite sport. Now, it is college football.

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    • McCarthy 4 yrs. $48M. Kazmir 3 yrs. $48M. Hill 3 yrs. $48M. They’ve won a collective 18 games between them for the Dodgers.

      Exactly what is Ned’s roll with the team? Sure looks like he’s still making the deals.

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  2. Bud is illegal in Idaho.

    We fail to recognize the MLB version of the Devils Cabbage too.

    Speaking of cabbage…Hill was more disappointing last season than not.


  3. I spent last week. Buddy-sitting 1 year old Bubba. He spent the night too. Yesterday was a 17 hour marathon. Play the kids they say…play the kids.


  4. From the owner’s point of view, Bud is definitely HOF material. He put a lot of money in their pockets, especially the so called small market teams. He went along with the owners (or perhaps guided them) to overlook the steroid era until Congress pretty much forced MLB to take a tougher stance, then gave the excuse he did what he could. From a local point of view, he screwed Dodger fans by allowing Frank McCourt to buy the Dodgers and then use the team as his personal piggy bank, then took credit for finally getting rid of McCourt. Nothing we can do about it and I will still support the HOF as an institution.

    Mixed feelings about the Rich Hill deal. The Dodgers feel he is the best available free agent and we have to get used to the fact that a 5 or 6 inning pitcher is now the norm. Hopefully the Dodgers will resign Turner but that contract will also not look so good to many of us. Same thing about Jansen. We need those players and will have to pay for them.


    • If Rich Hill can give us six innings of 2-hit ball every five days then that is great. But if he can only start 20 times per year, that sucks. They should have paid him $7 M per year, then give him an additional $300K per start.

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  5. It would be good to get a surprise today in finding out that the Dodgers are close to signing either Turner or Jansen. It looks more like Turner if it happens during the Winter Meetings.


    • One out of two I wouldn’t consider too bad at this stage. If they lose both of them, I’ll be convinced that this FO doesn’t really care about improving the team.


      • I wouldn’t either. I just don’t know who else out there is capable of closing with the results we’ve learned to expect from Jansen. But then, I’d concentrate on signing Turner first; otherwise we won’t have enough offense to have anything to save.

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  6. Possible replacement for Jansen: David Robertson of the White Sox – he’s 32 yrs old, has two years of contract left at $12M and $13M ($25M total), is less effective than Jansen, yet is an accomplished closer. He would obviously be a step down from Jansen. My question is whether Jansen will still be effective in the fourth and fifth years of his next contract.



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