Dodgers Searching Outside the Box to Create Better Balance Inside the Box.


The rumor mill so far this late-fall has the Dodgers searching high and low in hopes of acquiring personell better equipped to handle left-handed pitching in 2017 and beyond. 

Some of the reported names include, Ian Kinzler, Brian Dozier, J.D. Martinez, Yoenis Cespedes, and even Evan Longoria.

(I’ll leave-this-be right here…and pass the evaluations onto you folks…what are your thoughts?)

Also in the news recently is the mandate that MLB requires new owners to become profitable within 5 years by keeping debt at or below 12 times their annual revenue.

Details can be found below

(The front office may have to become quite creative in order to add top-heavy contracts.)

We’re one week away from the Winter Meetings, which are being held this year in National Harbor, Maryland – December 4th thru the 8th.

There’s been zero response, so maybe it never happened?

I distinctly remember that not very long ago, someone had asked the Dodgers for permission to talk with Blank-Check Neddy Colletti about a spot within their organization.


55 thoughts on “Dodgers Searching Outside the Box to Create Better Balance Inside the Box.

  1. Guggeheims Dodgers have yet to turn a profit.

    Ask fans to pitch in more money thru rising ticket prices.

    While they shed payroll to appease Major League Baseball.


  2. Excellent interview with Vin this morning on Face the Nation.
    Revisiting the last post on the Top 12 Turkeys, I’d have to say trading away Pedro, the way it turned out got to be one of the worse anywhere.

    I still don’t think the trade that brought Gonzalez to LA was a bad one. Punto and Becket did a good job for us and Gonzalez has been the “butter and eggs man” for us. Of course I’ve got to look past the Crawford part of it. He only gave us a few glimpses of what he was and as far as his contract goes it’s just monopoly money. The pay scale for mlb is so different than my reality, what’s a million or two here and there. It will be interesting to see how much this new profitability mandate from mlb changes deals like that one.

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  3. Guggs haven’t dished out/guaranteed over $48 million to any one player.

    Without looking…I’m guessing that makes McCarthy the lone superstar in this era so far???


  4. I don’t believe the profitability is necessarily tied to contracts and won’t effect their ability to sign players. Not sure how they’d show a loss anyway with the TV contract they have.

    Be that as it may, the Guggs took on over $400M of McCourt’s debt when they bought the team, so I’m sure they’re dragging that with them as they go, and that amounts to a potful of their non-profitability these first few years. Just another fond memory to remember McCourt by.

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  5. When it comes to debt the Guggenholes are in a league of their own. They know how to use other peoples money and how to continue “business losses” indefinitely, so nobody ever pays any real taxes. Actually I think they all learned how to do it from the movie industry, where you can show millions of dollars in ticket receipts but wind up with a business loss year after year. That’s why I maintain that people like McCourt and the Guggenholes never deserved to be given a major sports franchise, but then when it comes to shooting them all, you’d have to start with Bud Selig who encouraged the current status to begin with.

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      • It wont be long until he’s back in the ring training…

        HEAR YE! HEAR YE!
        Wearing the Pantone 294 Dodger Blue trunks and fighting out of Old Codgers Gym in the Great Northwest. Give it up for Message (I’ll knock your damn lights out) Bearrrrrrrrr…


  6. And, I still say the trade with Boston was a complete and total idiotic move. You don’t take on a quarter of a billion dollars in salary to get a 1st baseman… Unless it is Stan Musial or Lou Gehrig. Good Grief. We took over all of Bostons bad contracts and are still paying thru the nose for it. And now we have an average 1st baseman that is clearly in decline… Totally stupid trade. AGon has been a good, not great player. Definately not a difference maker. He was totally overrated when we acquired him… One of the worst trades of all time…

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    • I bring it up because of the MLB mandate to get our payroll under control….. Without that trade, we would probably already be within the mandated limits……

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  7. I’m going to hate to lose Turner and Jansen but past experience shows that it’s a better than average chance of that happening.


    • Still think they’ll re-sign Turner. If they don’t end up with Jansen, Chapman or Melancon its going to be a long season.

      May still be a long season anyway if they don’t get some starters.

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  8. This time of year is always weird, especially when this current FO has made some pretty dang head-scratching trades. Rumors are just that, but today’s rumor control still has the Dodgers interested in Ryan Braun (gag me) and willing to trade Puig (no!!!!!!), though not necessarily connected. I’m willing to bet there aren’t many in here that would prefer Braun over Puig, however the dominos fall. But all this conjecture doesn’t even address their biggest weakness: pitching, pitching, pitching. Maybe Dodger batting stats wouldn’t be so shitty against lefties if these right-handed bats faced right-handed pitchers, as well. But don’t get me started with lame-o platoon baseball.

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  9. I was a bit surprised to see the article about Guggenheim’s debt and MLB’s concern. I find it hard to believe the Dodgers are not profitable in reality but understand the accounting practices that allow a business to deduct debt over a long period of time and avoid paying income taxes. Our President elect told us all how smart he was to lose money and therefore not pay taxes. In the meantime all the executives get big paychecks, the bills get paid and those to whom money is owed are happy with their investment. As a fan I am not at all interested except as it relates to how the team spends money on players. Guggenheim made it clear when they took over the goal was to cut payroll even if that process would take some time to accomplish.

    On another subject, I found it interesting that the CBA was till up in the air. One of the issues I found most intriguing was the objection of the players to include foreign players in the draft. I thought it was unfair that foreign players could get a better deal than non-foreign players and the draft might also help stop exploiting the foreign players. The players’ union argues that non-foreign players often have some leverage with major league clubs by way of college scholarships while foreign players seldom if ever have this option. In reality, players will be hard pressed to agree to anything that could reduce salaries.


  10. jhallWally says:
    November 14, 2016 at 6:31 am
    Good to see/read you Shad… We miss you here. Where’ve ya been?

    I just recently seen this message Wally. lol been hiding and spending way less on the computer.

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    • Don’t be a stranger here my friend. We all love to hear your input. Happy Holidays. I hope you and yours are all safe and having a nice holiday…


  11. I see where the Mets made a big move in resigning Cespedes. I wish the Dodger would come to their senses and do some resigning too. Turner and Jansen come to mind.

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    • Yep, now that the Mets have gotten business taken care of, the Dodgers have no excuse to not sign Turner and Jansen. Don’t use the CBA negotiation as a reason not to sign these two all important players.


  12. Top Dodger prospects:

    Cody Bellinger – hits 30 HR per year, plays 1B (or OF), will be ready in 2018

    Yadier Alvarez – 20 yrs old, RHP, strikes out 12 every nine IP, will be ready in 2019

    Don’t trade these two.

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  13. I have not seen all the details about the new CBA and always find it fascinating these things go to the last moment but I too am glad to see the decision to make the All Star game change. It was a bad decision right from the start and should have been rescinded a long time ago.

    It would not surprise me to learn the Dodgers (and other teams) wanted to wait until a new CBA was approved before making any deals. We all know they all say everything is about winning while the bean counters keep their clutches on the pocketbook.


  14. Looks like what he league’s 5-year profitability rule wasn’t going to do, the new CBA agreement will – force the team to dramatically cut payroll. Think for certain now you can kiss one of Jansen and Turner (if not both) good-bye.

    But when you’re paying Crawford $20.3M, Guerrero $7M, Sierra $5M, and Kemp $3.5M for absolutely nothing, that’s pretty much what you get. If I were the FO, I’d be looking to dump the salaries of Dre and Agon for a bucket of balls and a rosin bag if it meant I could sign both Turner and Jansen. I sure as hell don’t want to see Hernandez at third, nor Baez, Hatcher and Fields try to close.

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      • Definitely. I’d trade both for a single A minor leaguer each if the other team would take a majority of their contracts. We’ve already got a replacement 1B in Bellinger (though true he should have another year in the minors), and Dre is a 4th OFer nowadays.


  15. Crawford, 20.3M. Really, just so we can have AGon, Any one out there that thinks that was a good trade is dillusional… And, way out of touch with reality.


    • Yup. Let’s be generous and say we got $10M worth of production from Crawford in his tenure here. Anyone think Agon is worth $38M a year?

      Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


  16. I know there’s been a lot of talk about Puig and trades, but given his team-friendly contract, and his natural talent, these stats (for all of us stat geeks) tell an interesting tale, as well:

    Lifetime postseason batting average (as in, who is clutch come crunch time):
    Turner — .357
    Gonzalez — .266
    Puig — .263
    Utley — .241
    Ethier — .239
    Pedersen — .225
    Kendrick — .214
    Seager — .200
    Kiki — .190
    Grandal — .105

    So I’d be shocked if this FO pulls a bone-head move and trades Puig. It also speaks volumes for re-signing Turner.

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      • Have you noticed that this FO does pretty well with marginal acquisitions, but has no clue with everyday talent, especially pitching? I mean who gives 3 years to the likes of Kazmir and 4 to McCarthy given their injury history and talent level? Now you give 3 to a guy that’ll be 37 when the season starts and we’ll be lucky to get 125-130 innings out of him in 2017, and I doubt he even sees 100 innings in his age 38 & 39 years. So IMO just with those 3 guys they’re wasting $44M on replacement level pitchers.


    • Yeah, like what? The FO is in a money saving mode, and they’ve already spent too much on an aging guy like Hill. Not a chance that they keep Turner or Jansen, and it’s not like they can afford Chapman. The season will be all down the drain for the fans, but Dodger Stadium will be filled, so you think the Guggenheims give a shit?

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  17. Bud Selig belongs in the Hall of Fame like steroids belong in a healthy diet.
    What a disgrace in professional sports.
    Is Frank McCourt going to be the team’s official Santa Claus next?

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  18. Bear, I hope Guggenheim’s give a shit but it looks to me as if they were already in a 5 year plan to reduce payroll while developing cheaper minor league and/or foreign talent. The new CBA probably does not affect the Dodgers all that much with regard to the plan and the debt situation seems like a non issue after all the trouble and time it took to get rid of McCourt. We will just have to wait and see.

    And I must add my objection to Bud Selig’s selection to the Hall of Fame. He did put a lot of money into the owner’s pockets but I can never forgive him and the other owners for allowing McCourt to buy the Dodgers knowing he did not have the finances or business background to successfully run a major league franchise. Of course, McCourt got the last laugh as he was rewarded for running the franchise into the ground by getting Guggenheim to pay over 2 billion for the team.


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