16 in 2017…


How many times will Doc pencil in Andre as the games lead-off batter?

Make your prediction/predictions for Everyday Dre below…


27 thoughts on “16 in 2017…

  1. Should be 0. Especially if Toles is around. I won’t be surprised if he gets the nod to lead off a couple of times the way this team makes out lineups… I like Ethier batting 2nd against right handers. He has good bat control and if you recall, his best season was batting 2nd in front of Manny.

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  2. Reddick to the Astros for four years and too much money. I thought he would eventually do more for us, though he did keep a couple of rally’s going. I’d be pissed if the Dodgers had offered him something similar. This isn’t even news, really.

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  3. Andre with ZERO leadoff assignments if there’s any sense at all in this management scenario.
    IMHO Andre should be lucky to even be on the team – I just don’t see the value especially with his age and fading results. Let one of the younger guys get the playing time and see how far and fast he can develop, and yes, it could be a right hander, because I really don’t buy this righty/lefty BS.


  4. I agree that it would be a big surprise if Andre lead off again in his career let alone bat second. In fact, would it be safe to say many of us are still a bit surprised he is still a Dodger, at least as of today? Many of us expected him to be traded in 2015 or before that. I am ok with him staying on the team. I think he has the ability to pinch hit and still play some decent outfield. With Reddick gone and the fact Van Slyke never seemed to fit in as a starter, an outfield of Toles, Joc and Puig looks quite realistic when the season opens in 2017. Perhaps Trayce Thompson will have something to say about that.

    I too have never understood the righty-lefty thing but certainly this is not just a Dodger thing. Some pitchers do really well against batters from one side of the plate as do some hitters. One would think that getting to the major leagues as a hitter would require being able to hit lefties or righties just as getting there as a pitcher would require getting hitters out regardless as well. But we know that is just not the case and we see platooning or specialists coming in from the bullpen to face a specific hitter. It is not new and it is not going away.

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    • I consider the point you make here is very good. I’m surprised that I don’t recall anyone else making it. I would guess it’s hard to fine hitters that can hit lefty and righty pitchers well and the same goes for the pitchers.


  5. IMO, Andre’s not going to be any worse than Reddick if he plays against righties. Not that its a very lofty plateau to reach. Maybe you at least get some value out of the last year of his contract.

    I wouldn’t be surprised though to see them let Dre rehabilitate his numbers some, then flip him at the trade deadline when his contract is much more manageable for a contending team to take on, plus he does have a team option for the following year, albeit a rather large option. I’d assume if he was having a decent year they could even “buy” a prospect for him by paying the remainder of the year and only leave the buyout for his new team to cover.

    This talk about trading Bellinger is like what we had to live through with all the early trade talk of Kemp. Be a huge mistake to trade him IMO. I can see him, Joc and Seager annually hitting 25-35 HR each. They’ll be lucky if Agon doesn’t start breaking down rapidly now, and will rue the day if they don’t have Cody to fall back on.

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  6. It’s easy to see that Dre’s end as a Dodger is drawing near. I can’t forget he’s the only player I was able to get his autograph 4 times. At Shea Stadium, Camelback Ranch and Citi Field twice. He even claimed to have remembered me once.

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  7. Who will be the Dodgers second baseman on Opening Day 2017?

    A. Chase Utley
    B. Micah Johnson
    C. Kike Hernandez
    D. Chris Taylor
    E. Justin Turner
    F. Charlie Culberson
    G. Austin Barnes
    H. Ian Kinsler
    I. Logan Forsythe
    J. Other


  8. I hope they don’t trade Bellinger or Urias…Honestly i don’t see them doing anything big but they need to do something…Please no Hill

    Have a feeling Jansen is a goner

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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  9. I know y’all are chomping at the bit to give praise and thanks…

    Since I’m thankful for y’all…I scripted a new thread.

    Enjoy folks!


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