Hot Stove Heats Up

Seager and Roberts exchange high-fives over post-season awards:             Silver Slugger: Shortstop • NL Rookie of the Year • NL manager of the Year
seagerrobertsWith free agency and trade rumors heating up…we shall see in the next few months what this team will look like come Opening Day, 2017.

39 thoughts on “Hot Stove Heats Up

    • 2016 saw Gonzalez’ first full year in the majors with an OPS of less than .800. Adrian’s dingers dropped to 18 this year. Bellinger had 30 minor league dingers last year and 26 dingers this year. He still needs a full season in AAA, but will be fully ready to take over 1B in 2018.

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  1. Sale would be extremely helpful to this club. Frazier would give some help hitting against lefties, but his batting average is on the low side. Would be a good deal, but, of course, depending on which prospects we give up.


  2. As far as I’m concerned we have three untouchable prospects – Urias, Bellinger and Alvarez. After that, its all fair game. Still gives them a lot to deal from – Calhoun who’s all hit, no field. De Leon, Oaks, Stewart, Stripling, Cash, DeJong, Sborz, Beuhler. Verdugo – he’s an OFer. Who can’t replace an OFer? Barnes. Who can’t find another back-up catcher? Ruiz. Starling. Meeses. The cupboard is full. I just wouldn’t trade the top 3. Alvarez I think is the real deal and heir apparent to Kersh. Alvarez and Urias make a great 1-2. Bellinger will be a 25-35 HR a year guy, is cost controlled, elite fielder at 1B, and can run faster than a toaster. Of the non-untouchables my fav is Buehler. I can see a Alvarez/Urias/Buehler 1-2-3 rotation for many years.

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  3. Last week, rumors were talking Verlander and now it’s KInsler, both Tigers. Their combined salaries are about $40,000,000/yr ($28 mil for Verlander and $10 mil for KInsler)…basically the same as Gonzales and Ethier ($22 mil and 17mil, respectively). If the Dodgers take on both Tigers, they are going to need to shed salary, especially with free agency set to sting them in the pocket book. So how much nad would it take for the FO to trade Gonzales and his $22,000,000???? All the parties have two years remaining on their contracts, except Verlander, who has three years, plus an option. And, of course, any trade with the Tigers (especially if Verlander is involved) will include young, major-league-ready, front-line players.


  4. A lot to think about here. With Reddick gone, it seems Puig will live to see another opening day, although one thing I have learned from this FO is never to assume anything. Not sure I would trade Belinger for a 34 year old player with a big contract, no trade clauses, etc. As much as I like Gonzo and think he can play another few years, I have to believe management is watching this situation with an open mind. However, if getting some quality starting pitching means giving up a prospect, that is another story.


  5. Just curious – what did we give up to get Reddick for that short part of the season, where he really didn’t give us shit, nor help us advance in the playoffs. Another great job, Front Office, who also haven’t given us shit far as I can see.

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    • That would be Holmes, Montas and Cotton for Hill & Reddick.

      Holmes I think was overrated. Not in the Zach Lee mold of overrated, but overrated nonetheless. Montas could throw hard, but was injured and never really got to show his stuff. Cotton pitched a pretty good game or two in Sept. for the A’s, but projects as a back end starter or bullpen guy.

      Still, three decent prospects for two months of an injured pitcher and a guy that couldn’t hit shit if he was standing atop Bandini mountain the first month we had him, and then he only played against righties.


  6. lbirk, I feel your financial pain as the Guggs raise ticket prices and McCourt raises parking prices. Once my second home, Dodger stadium has effectively priced me out of any participatory pleasure.

    “We believe in the value of the game and the in-game experience,” Siegel, Vice President of Ticket Sales said. “That’s what we’re going to rest on.”

    Heidi Chambers, 33, said the price of her seats in the front row of the left-field pavilion has increased 74% in two years. “It’s not like where I sit has increased in any way,” she said. “I sit on a wooden plank in the outfield.”


  7. This is the most exciting or interesting, to say the least, part of the winter season, as we wait to see what changes will take place for the Dodgers and the rest of the teams.


  8. Kahli, I have not seen the exact prices for my tickets (I share seats in a partnership) but I did see the doublespeak about raising ticket prices. I seem to recall Stan Kasten saying something about all the confusing ticket pricing levels when he took over the Dodgers, implying something would be done to improve whatever it was that needed improving. However, as I read the article there are so many different levels of pricing it reminds me of a department store sale where no one knows for sure what is on sale or the price until you have the item scanned. So much confusion. If you need to raise prices, raise them. The reason really doesn’t make much difference to the consumer who has to decide to pay or not to pay regardless of the reason. When you have a stadium that officially holds 56,000 and you have 35,000 of those seats sold every game before the team packs up for spring training, and your announced attendance is for seats sold and not butts in the seats, you can pretty much do what you want with regard to pricing of tickets and all that goes with a game day experience.

    I still enjoy being at the games and 10-12 games a year is enough. And don’t let anyone tell you young folks don’t go to Dodger games as it is just not true. Perhaps because I am older everyone looks younger but I see lots of twenty and thirty somethings as well as lots of kids at the games. And look at all the people who travel to spring training. This game still has lots of appeal.


    • He also claims that #16 will have a good-enough year in 17, that he could be traded before the dead-line?

      (That and your next bucket of Kentucky Fried will include a leg with a blue-stirrup.)


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