Holiday Shopping


OK, GMs, whip out your pocketbook and reshape the Dodgers.  I never pondered Cespedes, but a perfect “Cuban Triangle”of  Grandal at catcher, Cespedes in LF and Puig in RF intrigues me.  Maybe he’s the righty bat to replace Turner.  They’re both 31 years old.  But Cespedes may be a luxury, while Turner may be a necessity, based on their fielding positions.  I think I’d take a look at Romo as a set-up man (he had arm issues early but rebounded at the end…and if for no other reason than to tweak the Gnats), and, obviously, sign one of the closers, preferably Jansen.


44 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping

  1. I’ll begin…

    Beav made the comment that there isn’t much available in the way of top-notch front-line starters. What about next year? Are there any arms that oh, let’s say a small market team knows they can’t afford?

    It’s a pain to research anything on this small screen.


    • I believe this is the right list:

      Jake Arrieta (32)
      Clay Buchholz (33)
      Madison Bumgarner (28) — $12MM club option with a $1.5M buyout
      Matt Cain (33) — $21MM club option with a $7.5MM buyout
      Tyler Chatwood (28)
      Wei-Yin Chen (32) — Can opt out of the remaining three years, $52MM on his contract
      Alex Cobb (30)
      Johnny Cueto (32) — Can opt out of the remaining four years, $84MM on his contract
      Yu Darvish (31)
      R.A. Dickey (43) – option
      Danny Duffy (29)
      Nathan Eovaldi (28)
      Marco Estrada (34)
      Yovani Gallardo (32) — $13MM club option with a $2MM buyout
      Jaime Garcia (31)
      Matt Garza (34) — $13MM vesting option/$5MM club option (can become $1MM club option based on DL time)
      Gio Gonzalez (32) – $12MM club option, vests with 180 innings pitched in 2017
      Miguel Gonzalez (34)
      Matt Harrison (32) — $13.25MM club option with a $2MM buyout
      Ubaldo Jimenez (34)
      Ian Kennedy (33) — Can opt out of the remaining three years, $43MM on his contract
      John Lackey (39)
      Francisco Liriano (34)
      Jordan Lyles (27)
      Lance Lynn (31)
      Wade Miley (31) — $12MM club option with a $500K buyout
      Mike Minor (30) — $10MM mutual option with a $1.25MM buyout
      Matt Moore (29) — $9MM club option with a $1MM buyout
      Ricky Nolasco (35) — $13MM club option with a $1MM buyout
      Martin Perez (27) — $6MM club option with a $2.45MM buyout
      Michael Pineda (29)
      Tyson Ross (31)
      CC Sabathia (37)
      Anibal Sanchez (34) — $16MM club option with a $5MM buyout
      Hector Santiago (30)
      Chris Sale (29) — $12.5MM club option with a $1MM buyout
      Masahiro Tanaka (29) — Can opt out of the remaining three years, $67MM on his contract
      Chris Tillman (30)
      Josh Tomlin (33) — $3MM club option with a $750K buyout
      Jason Vargas (35)
      Chris Young (39) — $8MM mutual option with a $1.5MM buyout

      Plus keep in mind that Urias will be solidly in the rotation for 2018, and Alvarez and Buehler will be knocking on the door sometime that year.


  2. D4, Chapman got knocked around but Madden used him too much the last two games.
    I’d make a really strong effort to keep Jansen. He’s our guy and a known quantity. Same goes for Turner.

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  3. Interesting twist to whether or not the Dodgers sign Jansen: if they don’t, they get a draft pick. Of course, this only is a big benefit if they sign Chapman instead. My choice? Jansen, because we know exactly what we will get as a person and clubhouse presence.

    Interesting thing about Cespedes in that he has been moved a number of times during his career. I would rather stick with Turner.


  4. For what its worth, I think Turner and Jansen are musts. Turner’s a late bloomer, so I’d say he has at least 2, maybe 3 good productive years yet at a position the team can’t fill through its farm. Jansen is one of the 2-3 best relievers in the game, and becoming a pitcher late in life, has an arm that’s not as likely to break down the next 3-4 seasons.

    After that, I’d see if I could sign Holland to an incentive laden contract for a couple years that has nothing to do with saves. He could easily be a great set-up man to Jansen, and when he’s proved he’s completely over the TJ, he can become a free agent again.

    I’m not as high on Verdugo and Calhoun as some, nor JDL. I think there’s the start of a package that could land Archer or an Archer type arm to be a #2.

    Then there’s Puig. What do you do with him? At his current production level you could start Thompson ahead of him and not lose anything. The potential though is still a top 5 OFer in baseball. I’d still have shop him though to see if I could get anything back of equal or greater value.

    We could use a decent AAA catcher in case something happens to Grandal and Barnes tanks. 2B is also a position that needs to be addressed with something better than Kendricks.

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  5. So no one has any concerns about Kenleys size and his body breaking down?

    Just throwing it out there.

    Beav thanks for the list. I have no clue who most of them ate though…including the final two guys on our side.


    • Alvarez is a Cuban import. 20 years old. Throws upper 90s and can hit triple digits effortlessly as a starter. Finished in Lo-A last year. Will probably start out in RC next season, but I think they’ll fast track him and he’ll end the year in Tulsa’s rotation.

      Buehler was the #1 pick in 2015 who immediately had a TJ after he signed. Pitched very well tail end of last season when he came back. Was a workhorse at Vanderbilt and pretty polished (4 pitches), so once he builds back up arm strength and endurance, I think he’ll be fast tracked also.


  6. I will say this. The front office will probably find guys that aren’t even on our radar…

    I seen Verlander led the league in K’s last season.


  7. I think some changes have to be made to this team and most likely, like always, always will happen. But I think the more players from the ’16 team that they can return, will be better to get back to the postseason in ’17. This is an experienced postseason team and the chances of winning should get better.


    • Unfortunately, playoff experience hasn’t mattered with this team. They’ve been there 4 years in a row and they still can’t get over the hump.


  8. Goodbye Howie Kendrick and hello to Darin Ruf and (again) to Darnell Sweeney, at least for now. Both players seem like good minor league players who can probably play at the major league level in spot roles. As Ken Gurnick suggested, a cost cutting move that allows more money for Turner and/or Jansen or replacements?


  9. I’ll be satisfied if they get rid of all the veterans not named Kershaw, Turner, Jansen, and Seager. The key, of course, is getting reasonable value for them, and I’m not sure this FO knows the definition of value.

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    • I’m afraid there’s not much value in our veterans save Kershaw. Agon is probably the most valuable of the bunch, but not with his contract. For them to get anything for Kendrick was a plus. It does free up some extra money and a roster spot though, so there is some value in that. Ruf and Sweeney are margin players in the SVS/Taylor mode.


  10. I was surprised to see Kendrick get traded, I thought he would move back to 2B now that Utley is an FA. But it looks like a good move, both for him and the team and I welcome Ruf and happy to see that Sweeney is back with the team.


  11. I think this FO does have an understanding of value and I base that on why Puig and Ethier are still on the roster. That is, if we believe all the reports we have seen that alluded to attempts by the FO to move these two players. We may not agree on how the FO values players based on some of the recent pitching signings where the FO was willing to gamble on oft injured pitchers.


  12. 108-year-old Cubs fan died six days after celebrating second World Series win

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  13. As a newborn I doubt that Mabel Ball celebrated the Cubs’ world championship 108 years ago, but it’s good to know she was around at the time. It must’ve been a very long journey to suffer all those 108 losing years that followed. It will be 29 years since the Dodgers last won and that seems like a long time ago.


  14. Jackie Robinson, 1947
    Don Newcombe, 1949
    Joe Black, 1952
    Jim Gilliam, 1953
    Frank Howard, 1960
    Jim Lefebvre, 1965
    Ted Sizemore, 1969
    Rick Sutcliffe, 1979
    Steve Howe, 1980
    Fernando Valenzuela, 1981
    Steve Sax, 1982
    Eric Karros, 1992
    Mike Piazza, 1993
    Raul Mondesi, 1994
    Hideo Nomo, 1995
    Todd Hollandsworth, 1996
    Corey Seager, 2016


  15. Congrats to Corey! Well deserved and hopefully a trend that will continue with The Dodgers. I took down my mickey hatcher and orel hershisher baseball cards from the mantle where i watch the games, it was my spirit of 88 mojo, but it is what it is. Good Grief! If Turner and Jansen dont want to help The Dodgers to a WS ring, then fuck them! Hope all of you Dem Bums are doing fine, Im recovering, Great season!


  16. It was great to see another Dodger win the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year award. It was quite a while since the last time. Hoping Roberts will win MGR of the Year.


  17. Congratulations to all the Roberts fans. I’m delighted to have someone other than the two ex-Yankees managing the team, but I think the only so-called manager of the year ought to be someone who wins it all, period.


  18. I think Roberts did a great job in his rookie season considering the pitching staff he had and the constant churning of the roster. My guess is the folks who decide this award felt the same way. I do see Bear’s point about the manager of the year should actually win something but even if we consider Joe Maddon a great manager, he certainly had a lot more to work with than Roberts did.

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  19. Congrats to Doc Roberts, he dealt with much adversity, He knew what to do with what was given him, as a result division winner, I also applaud the upper management , yes FAZ, for providing such talent as toles, urias, thompson, segedin, to fill those gaps, yes the gnats fell, but the Dodgers held on, with a shaky bullpen, that became nails when needed.


  20. It’s been a hectic week as my mother had a heart attack. She’s better now and back resting at home.

    Thought I’d pop in and congratulate both Corey and Doc.

    Well done gents.


  21. May I wish a “Get Well Soon” to your mother, D4Life.

    91 days until pitchers and catchers report (Feb 15th). May we get some better starting pitchers before then.


  22. Dodgers are in trade discussions with the Tigers to get Ian Kinsler, a second baseman, good hitter, good fielder, more HR pop than Kendrick. But the guy is 34 years old. Contracted in 2017 for $11M, 2018 for $12M (team option in 2018). Would be in the lineup everyday as a right-handed hitter, hits lefties well.


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