Election Day Is Upon Us


Thought I’d see if I could successfully post something.  So, for your viewing pleasure, I present the candidates, each with, what I believe are, their greatest accomplishments. So, in this year of extreme political negativity and acrimony, and in honor of my two negative allies, bear and beaver, please cast your vote for WORST owner in LA Dodger history.


47 thoughts on “Election Day Is Upon Us

  1. Giving a franchise to the Guggenholes is worse than exporting all of our jobs to China and Mexico. If I had a vote, I’d bomb the shit out of them in whatever tower they occupy in New York City.

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  2. Walter F. O’Malley because he decided to take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn. Although they say he tried to keep them there, unfortunately he didn’t try hard enough.Yes, Moses was the culprit, but O’Malley made the move. At least it means a lot to me, personally and to others.

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    • I disagree. O’Malley brought baseball to the West. He was a visionary. As you said, he only did this when his peers weren’t interested in becoming the visionary that he was.

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      • I understand OBF’s perspective. If I were born and raised in Brooklyn, followed the Dodgers from an early age, witnessed them finally beating the hated Yankees in the World Series, and then Walter O’Malley steals the team away from me, then I too would vote him as the worst ever.


  3. Stealing the land that surrounds Dodger Stadium will amount to the greatest loss the organization will ever endure. It’s an enormous amount of revenue that is now in the hands of unscrupulous individuals vs the team.


  4. Is there anyone here that isn’t of the impression, that the above said unscrupulous individuals don’t wake up everyday trying to find a way to move the club to a newer location so they can develop thier new found land.

    Don’t you think Frank wants to see this happen during his lifetime?

    Or did you believe him when he said he was doing all this for his children.


  5. Let’s not forget Fox, which was the initial try at the devastating idea of corporate ownership. That’s the point where baseball became unabashedly business, and the fans have been on a slippery slope ever since. Fox, McCourt, the Guggenheims, all miserable cocks****** bastards right in line, with Bud Selig the great enabler.

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    • Well said Messagebear.

      The patrons of MLB allow these things to happen.

      Just as the patrons of our great nation allow our elected leadership to corrupt us…


  6. How do you choose? Depends on your mood and the day. The guge’s are not such a big deal to me as I’m not in the neglected tv market and O’malley (sorry OBF) brought them west, or I’d probably still be a Hollywood Stars fan.That leaves Fox and McCourt. I’d have to give McCourt the nod as the worse. Milked the team, bought real estate in Malibu, and still got off with the land. Has anyone shot him yet?


  7. I was born and raised in SoCal, so both of the O’Malley’s get a pass. I’m not there anymore to have a dog in the fight regarding TV, nor a problem with stadium pricing, nor that I couldn’t hear Vinny – I gave all that up sometime around ’95 in favor of fishing in the Sierras. Ergo the Gugs get a resounding meh.

    That leaves it a two horse race (sounds familiar) between Fox and McCourt. If I recall, Fox was supposed to infuse money into the team that O’Malley couldn’t and build a winner based on Fox or Murdoch or whomever already having a winning soccer franchise and it was going to emulate that. It didn’t. Then they traded Piazza, who was the best damn hitter I ever saw. They also had some miserable rosters and helped the 28 year streak well on its way.

    But my vote has to go to McCourt, though it could just as easily go to write-in candidate Bud Selig. McCourt though knew absolutely nothing about baseball, which led to his hiring of his crown (or should I say clown?)prince GM, Ned. Had McCourt had even one iota of baseball knowledge he’d have had at least another quarter billion in his pocket for all the money Ned wasted. Even worse, McCourt raped his own team of multi-millions, virtually got rid of international scouts and signees, and had virtually no pipeline of high-end minor league talent, which led to years of endless PVLs.

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  8. First, I am still upset with Peter O’Malley for selling the team in the first place although I fully understand why he wanted to sell. I had a good business and sold it because I did not want to deal with it anymore. I think he had the same reason.

    That being said, Fox led to McCourt. Fox had no long term interest in owning the Dodgers and wanted to solidify broadcasting rights. Fox mismanaged the baseball side for reasons already mentioned but for all we know Fox did not bleed the Dodgers financially. We all know the history of the McCourt era and I too blame Bud Selig and MLB for allowing this to happen. It is too early in the Guggenheim era to really judge but it is ironic that the driving force behind Fox (broadcasting rights, primarily TV) and McCourt’s inability to hang on long enough to get his own deal can also be linked to why Guggenheim was willing to overpay for the team, namely the chance to create its own cable network. And just as ironic is Walter O’Malley’s desire to keep the Dodgers off free TV when the team came west in order to drive more people to buy tickets. Does anyone remember the Dodgers on pay TV in the early 60’s? I never had the channel but I had a cousin that did.

    I would still have to go with McCourt as the worst owner and yet he came out ok. The fans? Not so much.


  9. Fox. They opened the flood gates. Had no interest except making money. Couldn’t make a quick buck and bailed. Selig for approving an undeserving owner like McCourt. He did not have the means to own a major league baseball team… The jury is still out on the Guggenholes, but, I am not impressed so far.


  10. Just wanted to thank Kahli for stepping up to the plate and cracking a post (in pure Bison style) over the centerfield wall. I hope you’ll create more in the future.

    To those who prefer to ride the bench and channel thier inner Juanpy. We love you too.

    If no one else would like to script a thread. Perhaps you could participate by suggesting topics that would spur activity.

    Otherwise…I may just make the 2016-2017 hot stove season the year of the Mega-Blue-Rally-Boob.


    • If I have to research topics myself…I’m going with Jugs, Cans, Knockers, Bongos, Bumpers, Twins, Gazongas, Kahunas, Flabbergasters, Double Lattes, Golden Globes, Head-lamps and my personal favorite The Smothers Brothers…

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    • I actually loved creating the post. As a graphic designer and art teacher I have more than enough software programs at my disposal–and time. I just don’t want to start stepping on on you, D4, or Crash, in monopolizing the blog with continuos posts. But I’m more than willing to allow my semi-negative self to continue doing it. Like you said, if anyone had a weird idea, throw it out there!! I notice the Dodgers are pondering the Chapman/Jansen/Melancon question….

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      • Kahli. We do need a system to alert others of an impending post to keep from double exposing the Marquee. I cant speak for Crash, but I’m easy to please. If you have a thought, announce it and post it I guess.


  11. We all know how this blog came about and I figured I had the time regardless of tools or talent. Since then my life has become a little busier with the addition of my grandson.

    Plus, I’ve been learning how to cook and recently have been experimenting with the stutterless-funny-butter. So as I’ve mentioned before…some of my ideas are somewhat off topic and well, just plain/not-so-plain goofy.


  12. Now that the funny-butter is legal in a few more states. I wonder if I can purchase a slightly used K-9? I keep forgetting where I put my ingredients…I end up trashing the house then reorganizing the place which is really cutting into my cooking time. If y’all see anything in the Penny Saver? Please be sure and let me know…


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