Trade Kershaw You Say?


Can the Dodgers really afford to trade Clayton Kershaw?

What type of return could they expect to obtain from a guy who not only had back issues in 2016, but can opt out of his contract after 2018?

It’s been said that 2017 will present itself as a less than stellar year for pitchers on the free-agent market.

Who would assume a leadership role on the mound if this were to happen?








What would trading Kershaw do for team chemistry/team morale?

They finally began making strides in this area during 2016.

Would you really jeopardize these gains for whatever return you could acquire by sending your best player packing?

Could you then keep morale and good vibes in the clubhouse and upon the playing field without a dominate force backing them up every 5 days?

I do realize that I said, I didn’t care what happens this off-season…So, I suppose I’m just a little worn down.

162 game season is a long for us fans as well.

Vinny was absolutely marvelous!

67 years and he didn’t skip a beat…

The team was one that surprised us.

They began slower than anticipated then regrouped and you might say overachieved. Although, I believe giving credit where it is due and by claiming over-achievement, well, that would be further souring their hard fought efforts.

2016 was an extremely fun season. Considering…

Notch another year up without a parade!

I’d ask you about your favorite moment in 2016…

But, I’m sure you’d all say that Charlie Culberson is your favorite player and that he was the MAN, for walking it off on Vinny’s last day!


Another reason I’m not too concerned with what goes on this winter. Is that I’m on-board with what this front office has been trying to achieve. I like what I’m seeing. I like the fact that they try each day to put the best statistical line-up on the field. Someday…I would hope the roster is set up in such a way that in doing this you play the same 8 guys more often.  The object here is to field the best baseball team possible.

I believe this is one of the catalyst in keeping the focus upon the field. That and being competitive.

You either produce, or you sit. Maybe worse…

Last, but certainly not least. Let me just say…

How about the effort and performance

Dave (Doc) Roberts gave us…

Wasn’t that something!


46 thoughts on “Trade Kershaw You Say?

  1. One more thing…

    It would be nice if someone would step up from time to time and create a thread. Birk for instance could just move his very informative and thoughtful comments to the marquee, Koufax could energize us by posting a thread with a song vibe…OBF could rehash some of the old days… Wally could just post an Unacceptable thread, maybe collaborate that with the Beav. Kahli could inform us of how easy it is to watch the Kings play, Messagebear could just growl. I cant speak for Crash, but this becomes taxing after a while…If you need help navigating your way around the controls…we can help. As I’ve said before, I believe I’ve tracked down the source that was deleting our comments in the past. So adding editors again shouldn’t be a problem? A while back we were trying to figure out ways in which we could create more camaraderie. I think this might be the best way to make that happen…you know without tracking Phan down and putting him on the payroll.

    As our fellow Dodger fan Toby Keith sings…

    Now concerning my inane characters…

    The Rally Mummy shall be retired going forward…

    I do have another idea though…

    I’m thinking 2017 will be the year of the Rally Blogger.

    I shall create a character of each us this winter.



  2. Since Griz and Birk share the same avater…

    They will become Rally Twins

    I shall title them…

    The Birken Grizzly’s

    I’m off to the Library to check-out.

    How to Draw a Muppet for Dummies!!


  3. I’ve always believed that simple is better.

    So me liking the way the line-ups are now created kinda runs against my thought grain. At some point though, they should have higher quality players across the board…

    I know Beav will probably claim that in order to accomplish this…you need to tank and get better draft picks.

    But I’ll say this…Friedman and crew are a lot more educated than I. They have plenty of old school baseball scholars in with which to draw from as well… Once a Dodger always a Dodger.

    This years team ran out of gas…they also played fundamentally poor baseball in the NLCS.

    After putting so much effort into sweeping Vins last series and clinching at home. They became a little stagnant [for a lack of better words].

    Had Urias been a little more seasoned with his control…Things may have been different, hopefully we’ll see the benefits of this in the near future. Seems to me maybe DeLeon or Urias would bring back a fair return if traded. Which would keep Kershaw right where he belongs…hopefully for life.

    We’ve seen in the way of games 1, 3 and 4 of the World Series that it takes superb placement of a skillfully thrown baseball to shut down good young hitting. The amount of bat speed combined with enormous talent makes it unlikely you’ll be able to successfully sneak pitches past them.


  4. I want to say first that this is the first and only place I’ve read anything about trading Kershaw.. I’m sure this is the furthest thing from the FO’s minds. They got to be really desperate to even think about making a move like this.
    Right now, before letting Turner or Jansen go, this is one of the best teams the Dodgers have had in a very long time. If one or both of these guys go, I’m not too sure what kind of a team it will become.
    The FO will have their work cut out for them if they let that occur.
    Finally I’d like to say that hiring Dave Roberts as manager is one of the best things that has happened, so far.


    • I think I wanted to trade Kershaw when the team wasn’t clicking earlier this season. Since they’ve demonstrated an ability to gel…I’ve changed my position on the matter.

      I would add that even know he is the best pitcher currently on the planet. He has to be in tip-top shape to claim this title. If he doesn’t bestow a feel for the strike zone or an abilty to manipulate the spin of a baseball with ease. Just as with everyone else. His pitches become hittable. This is something to ponder as he grows with age.

      I’m under the impression that God willing…he has many good years still ahead of him.

      He demonstrated an ability to overcome the compressed nerve. I’d wager that even if we discover he needs surgery…He’ll bounce back. It’s just a matter of how long it will take to heal.

      Just my thoughts…


      • I also don’t know if it’s a great idea to trade a future member of the Hall of Fame.

        Other than adhering to protocol they might as well just hang his number up in the Pavilion now…


  5. Another thing I’d like to say is that losing Scully, may be like losing a big chunk of Dodger history. Especially the Brooklyn end. I’m truly going to miss his stories of bygone days.
    Who’s going to tell us about Branca, Barney, Preacher Roe, Furillo, Billy Cox and the rest?

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  6. Welcome to the Reservoir at Chavez Ravine.

    Where Beaver Ball is the name of the game…

    Our boys in blue are ready to bang the lumber today.

    So grab ya’ a cold one and pull up a canoe folks. Play Ball will commence right after this message from Wally and Union 76.

    (Cue theme song)

    Per Ward and June – Beaver Ball is strictly rated PG…


    • I’ve never been Griz. I tried to get a buddy to go before I started a family…I couldn’t talk him into it though. I also tried to get him to start a band with me and become country rappers.

      Before there were actually country stars rapping.

      He wouldnt go for that either…

      Someday maybe…

      Have fun…


  7. How does one create a new thread?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Does anything look different?

    If it does you’ll see the admin bar at the top. Click on the W with a circle then click on Blog post/add.

    You’re smart enough to figure the rest out…if not just ask. You need to add photos to the library before you can post them. Click on media…add new.

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  8. As I said before…at least for I. Trying to come up with stuff to talk about then find time to research and create a post becomes overwhelming at times. Especially when I’m on one of my brownie binges…after a few bites of the gooey goodness I just want to listen to music and chill out.

    We all owe a lot of gratitude to Crash this season as he has done the heavy lifting around here. This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to let Crash script the thread on most of the bigger series. Crash deserves the limelight for all his hard work.

    I’m happy to see Kahli join the ranks in vowing to create a future thread or possibly more…

    It’s fairly simple to create a post.

    We really don’t have any rules other than civilty and happiness.

    If you can spin a dandilion growing in the desert into a thread about our beloved team. By all means do it.

    My hope is that more of you will sign up and join/rejoin the ranks…


  9. As we enter the off-season my only message is that the Guggenheims, the Front Office, Magic, and by all means Time Warner can all GO F*** THEMSELVES!

    How’s that for growling?

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  10. I have another idea for a future post.

    Perhaps we can title it…

    If you want in the game…you’ll need an entrance song.

    Then each of us name the song that motivates our presence and represents our character.

    Mine would be probably have Afro-man written all over it.

    I was trying to make sense, until I got high. Until I got high. Until I got high…

    La da da da da da La, da daaa
    Got high,
    Rally Mummy and I La, da daaa


  11. Whoa!
    Slow down there folks!
    Don’t rush to judgement on todays blockbuster deals.

    The 2017 Ruiz option was picked up by Seattle in some sort of a trade.

    And Kazmir as expected passed on becoming a free-agent.


  12. I think the Dodgers made a good decision here. Although Ruiz was a fine pickup this passed season to help with right handed hitting offense, I think the Dodgers with a switch hitting catcher and a versatile backup catcher will be a very good thing to have.
    It’s not Campy or Piazza but it’s not bad.


  13. Dodgers want Austin Barnes to be the back-up…he’s ten years young than Ruiz. They also extended qualifying offers to both Turner and Jansen, which they will obviously turn down, but ensures the Dodgers receive compensation should they sign elsewhere. There’s an article on-line asking which of the two you would sign, if you could only sign one. It was split 50-50. That’s a tough, tough choice. 3rd base has been such a black hole for so long–Turner has been the one real bright spot since Cey and Beltre…and he’s been a standout in the postseason the past two years. Jansen is a top-notch, elite closer who shut down the Cubs this year, and the Mets last year, in the playoffs.


    • In my mind its easier to replace a bat than a pitcher in his prime with low mileage (2016 playoffs not withstanding) on his arm.

      There is absolutely no reason though why this franchise can’t sign both.


  14. Let me just say first of all…I like Turner. I think he has been a great addition to the ballclub.

    If my memory serves me correctly today?

    Past history on this blog indicates that it would be unproductive to sign a 31 year old with a slight history of injuries to a new multi-year contract.

    Turner was a wonderfully excecuted addition. If we can replace him in the same manner that we acquired him. I say we move on. Unless he is willing to sign a contract that is severely team friendly.

    I’m just saying I’d check my scouting department pretty thoroughly before proceeding in this area.


  15. I would try to sign them both, BUT…

    It would be only a three year deal – willing to overpay the norm, but not get stuck on an extra long contract. Therefore, Turner for $75 million; Jansen for $60. If that’s not enough, BYE, BYE.

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  16. Thanks for the confidence in me posting new threads. I do appreciate the “heavy” lifting that has been done to keep this thing going even if we have lost a lot of folks. I wish there were a way to get some of them back.

    Interesting question about trading the one superstar. Of course, I doubt the Dodgers could get value even if such a trade were being considered. So called small market teams routinely traded their better players because they knew they would not be able to afford signing them when the player became eligible for arbitration or free agency. Revenue sharing has changed that. We all know how the Cubs, Astros, Pirates and a few other teams improved their ball clubs. They endured losing, hired smarter front office people who fundamentally changed the way those clubs did business, and started to keep their better younger talent. They embraced the analytics side and were able to convince the fans that better times were coming.

    The Dodgers operate in a much different environment. We saw what happened when they tried to operate as if they were a small market team when McCourt was in charge. We blamed Ned but he was trying to stay within the budget and still win. The current front office has the same challenge: build while still winning. For the most part, the Dodgers have done reasonably well even with all the problems and players they have signed over the past few years. Even though we all believe Guggenheim has deep pockets, we also know money is not always the answer. In the past it seemed as if the Cubs ownership didn’t really need to win to be successful and I think that may still be true. However, who wants a front office where winning is not a priority? I may not always agree with what our front office does but if I believe they do it to help the team win, then I am all in. Sometimes things happen.

    There is another factor to the off season that could determine what happens. I felt the Dodgers were reluctant to part with Puig after the 2015 season because they had a lot invested in him for marketing purposes. Who do the Dodgers have that a marketing person can promote? Clearly Kershaw is one and Turner is as well. Jansen? No fault of his but he does not have the personality to do the silly promos we saw them do with Turner and Puig. Gonzo? Perhaps since he is such a good guy. Who else? I think Joc and Seager have the personality and maybe that will happen as they develop. Kike clearly has the personality but not the production value. Anyone else?

    So no, I would not trade Kershaw. I am willing to risk it all on him to come back and be strong in 2017. I would love to sign Turner and would be willing to pay him more money for a shorter deal if he would take it. I also would try to sign Jansen if the price and term is reasonable. The problem is the Dodgers do not have alternatives for Jansen or Turner already under contract on the big league club. I would probably not pursue Utley. He was great for most of 2016 but are we willing to roll the dice on that again? Still undecided about Puig but I am inclined to keep him. I think Andre would be good coming off the bench. I hope Andrew Toles has a hot spring and is the gritty type of player the Dodgers need. His arm is suspect but so is almost every other left fielder in the league. He does have speed and maybe can be the lead off hitter. We will see.


  17. Birk. The thing about having more help changing threads. Is it would give us a different perspective from time to time. We’ve recently picked up a few new followers, albiet anonymously. Each of us on the blog have different personalities. By having more people script threads we become more colorful so to speak. It doesn’t require much more time or talent than we already give to the blog to grab the Marquee once in a while.

    Doing so everyday (the more post you make the more activity you create) as Crash and I have been doing recently. Becomes somewhat of a chore. A fun chore nonetheless.

    We can benifit better as a blog and improve team chemistry through excellerated participation.


  18. By the way…

    You made a comment during the season about Hershisers broadcasting performance. I can’t say for sure he read it. But both him and Nomar have referenced stuff off of our blog.

    They mentioned the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot when that was the headliner…

    Just thought you’d all like to know.

    I think they are big fans of the Rally Mummy too…

    Rumor has it he was once, one of Nomars hitting instructors.

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